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First day back

My first day back at work has not been too bad. Nothing unpleasant has gone on (other than my nose being stuffy). Rudi didn’t go to work today. He injured his back last week Thursday and was booked off till this week Thursday. This means I had to drop Babyice off at his day mother

No show

My cycle is still a no show. It’s officially 3 full days late. If it is late. I really don’t know what to think. Leebeesa recommended that I drink water (something I loathe to do) as this could assist in kicking in my cycle if it is meant to come. I HATE drinking water, but

And another Monday

I received a call from the sonar specialist yesterday afternoon. She has made an appointment for me at Tygerberg Hospital next Monday. They have a special clinic on Mondays and she asked them to urgently fit me in. I will be seeing more than one doctor and they will collectively be looking at the scans