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Despite the fact that I was working our weekend turned out to have a few nice surprises.


On Thursday when we got home we found a man standing on top of a ladder in front of our front door. He was removing the light bulb from our outside light. We were puzzled since we had not reported any fault with the light. It turned out that he was an Eskom employee and he had come to replace ALL our old light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs – free of charge! None of the light bulbs in the house were energy saving and he replaced every single bulb. We had never bothered doing it since we rent and do not own the place. The light in the house is very different now. Unlike the older ‘big’ energy savers, these don’t switch on dim and brighten as they ‘heat up’. They switch on almost like a fluorescent light. It looks like day light when the lights are switched on now. It is actually pretty nice. The best part is that the bulbs were not only free, but we benefit now too because we will be saving electricity. We were lucky to catch the gentleman before he abandoned hope of anyone coming home and headed out.


Saturday was a very frustrating work day for me. The application we work on was fried and responding painfully slowly while trying to do anything. At one point I got so frustrated I broke my keyboard! Luckily we didn’t have a lot of work to do and we managed to head out after 11:00. We had a lunch scheduled with an old school friend of mine. Even though he lives in town and I live in the northern suburbs we only seem to get to each other about once a year. When we arrived he had laid a beautiful table for us and he made us the most DELICIOUS Thai Green Curry. The vegetables were still nice and crispy and the basmati rice was perfectly cooked. We had some fruit for starters. Not long after we arrived Elijah spotted the pool in the complex. Luckily I had a swimming nappy in his bag and they decided to take him for a swim. I got drenched in the process. Do not underestimate the size bomb a small person can make in a swimming pool! My friend jumped in, with ample warning, but I really thought he wouldn’t make much of a splash. I spent the next hour sunning my dress dry. It was a lovely afternoon. Some pics:




Thai Green Curry Cooking


Fruit Starter


Thai Green Curry


Fun in the pool

Fun In The Pool


Lie Low 😛


Sunning Myself


I was very lucky to get that last photo. He was lying there for all of 5 seconds before he was on the move again. After the lunch we went to a kiddies party, which was already over by the time we got there. The party was moved from a Wednesday cake and tea to a proper party on Saturday, but we already had the lunch planned in advance so just popped by to drop off the gift we had gotten for the birthday girl.


Sunday was a much better day at work. No application issues and little work to do meant that I was only at work for just over 2 hours when I was able to leave. I went home and had a nap with Babyice. After an hour of trying to get him to sleep, Rudi took him for a drive and came to put him down next to me. I really wish he would get over this nonsense now and take his afternoon naps. On Sunday evening Lindor called and asked Rudi to come out with him for a beer. They haven’t seen each other in a long time, so I didn’t object. Lindor recently moved to Somerset West, which is a fair distance away. Since then he has been going through a divorce. I’ve never had much time for Lindor and he has received nothing but lip from me for a long time. I saw a different side to him last night. He said he thought having to deal with me to see his friend was one of his biggest problems, but now he knows what big problems are really like. I honestly don’t wish divorce on anybody. It is something I never, ever want to go through. Last night I really felt bad for him. He has lost a lot of weight. He wasn’t much overweight to begin with and the difference is noticeable. When he spoke of not being able to see his children whenever he wants to he cried. Not a sobbing, ugly cry, but he wiped away a tear. I could not imagine not being able to see my baby whenever I choose or whenever he wants to see me. I said to him last night that he is a lot less arrogant, he disagreed and said he still felt arrogant, but he realizes now that there are some things that money can’t buy. He had been doing really well for himself financially of late, but obviously this wasn’t enough. Last night he was giving Rudi some good advice for a change. He said things like ‘Don’t take for granted what you have now, because once it’s gone it might be too late’. I have no idea what was said when they were alone, but it was nice to see some sense come out of him.


Considering I had to work and I am totally exhausted, not a bad weekend.


It’s birthday week! Babyice will be turning 2 on Thursday! 😀


P.S. I’m supposed to be going back to gym today. My knee is practically 100%, but Rudi is working late, so I doubt it will happen. I can still feel my knee hurt a little bit every now and then, but I’m sure I will be able to train soon.


Although I have enough information to write a whole blog post and vilify Rudi again…I’m just not in the mood.  His behaviour is despicable and I am totally over it. Not really. People don’t change. If anything is going to change I guess I’ll have to be the one to change them. Yes, this has everything to do with another ‘outing’ to Lindor.


Babyice is so cute at the moment. Despite him teething and cutting his canines (apparently the hardest of the bunch, except for the 2 year molars that still lie in store for us), he is okay.  His sleeping patterns have gone a bit wonky with the teething and he has been waking us up. That is all I’m willing to tempt Murphy with right now.


I wasn’t 100% sure that he was teething. He has his hands in his mouth constantly and had been moody. He also had a little rash around his mouth. I still wasn’t 100% sure. Then a snot nose, cough, slight fever and bum rash showed up and I knew he was definitely teething. We bought him some biltong to chew on and have some ice lollies handy too. He doesn’t seem to like the ice lollies all that much. I suspect this is because they are too cold to hold in his hands comfortably. He does love the biltong though.


When he sees something that isn’t quite right or knocks over a tower of block he says ‘Broken’ (say bro as in ‘Hi bro!’  and Ken as in Barbie’s boyfriend). It’s so cute, especially when he is the one that caused the brokenness. He is also starting to string words together in pairs. He’ll say ‘My daddy’ or ‘My Ambah’ or ‘Where Ambah?’. It’s so bloody adorable.


Since I have decided not to rant about Rudi, this post is very short. Perhaps I’ll decide to tell the tale another day.



Sleep please

We have been having sleep issues with Babyice that have become progressively worse of late. He is waking up constantly and was drinking up to two extra bottles a night, which he does not need. Around Sunday, Rudi had reached his limit and became very impatient with him (in the middle of the night). This resulted in some swearing and eventually with him bringing Babyice to bed to sleep with us. I then offered to take over baby duty as I have a lot more patience than Rudi does. The very next night I reached the same point. I too brought Babyice to bed to sleep with us.


I have nothing against co-sleeping and do not have a problem with parents that do so. In fact, when Babyice is sick I encourage it. It is, however, not for us. Despite us having a king size bed, it is not comfortable having Babyice in bed with us and at times I feel like there is literally a wall between Rudi and I. Since Babyice sleeps in the middle to ensure he does not roll off there is no snuggling or cuddling with Rudi, something we both enjoy. The fact that Rudi and I were at a point where neither of had any sense of humour or patience left was a very scary thought for me. We love Babyice more than anything in the world, there is no question…when you get to this point though, it will be easy to forget that even for a fraction of a second. Babyice had already been sworn at and I didn’t like the way we were acting towards him.


We were at our wits end. I tweeted a cry for help and @Gnat_J and @pauljacobson came to the rescue. They said that they had had similiar problems with their son and that their paediatrician had prescribed medication to help him sleep and to reset his sleeping patterns. I’m not the type of person who will call a doctor (especially for something we should supposedly be able to cope with on our own), but I was desperate enough to call our paeditrician. He said that he could hear how tired I was and prescribed the same medication (schedule 5!) Gina and Paul had referred to. He told me that we should use it for 5 nights or so to allow Rudi and myself to get some rest before we start sleep training again. The pediatrician said his wife used to lay her head on the pillow next to their daughter and sit with her until she went to sleep for the first while. This method of sleep training worked for them. He confirmed that Babyice’s sleep issues sounded behavioural and that we should not give him any bottles after 23:00.


Sleep training. Fark. We had Babyice sleep trained around 13 months. We could put him down in his cot and he would put himself to sleep and would sleep through most nights. Rudi then started rocking him to sleep again, despite my objections. Lindor had spoken some crap into his head about how you don’t love your child if you don’t let him sleep with you, etc or something to that effect. Please drive straight over him if you see him in the street.  Rocking him to sleep takes one of us between 30 and 45 minutes every night. Ridiculous. Now we are in a situation where Babyice is quite a lot older and a lot better at manipulating us. If he cries and we do not come to him, he starts upsetting himself to the point where he will vomit. That means we have to bath him again and change his bedding. Not an option.


The first night we gave him the medication he went to sleep wonderfully. Rudi had gone to visit Lindor. 45 minutes after he had fallen asleep he woke up. He started screaming/kicking/writhing and nothing I did would calm him down or console him. He wouldn’t take his dummy and no amount of shushing or rocking calmed him. 26 minutes or so into this tantrum/terror Rudi finally arrived home (late) and took over. After 40 minutes of constant yelling, he finally went back to sleep. He slept through for the rest of the night. The 40 minutes was traumatic though. It is very hard. I suspect it might have been a night terror, so the no TV in the evenings rule was implemented (unfortunately this rule also applies to my soapie, 7de Laan, since it is on from 18:30 – 19:00).


The next night Rudi went to darts and I feared having to cope with another 40 minute screaming session, but everything went well and he slept through the entire night. Bliss! Last night he woke up once. He started screaming again and I thought he might launch into another tirade. Rudi rocked him to sleep again, but when he put him down he started crying. Instead of picking him up again, Rudi shushed him and patted him and he went back to sleep! Apparently the medication helps calm them and if they do wake, it is easier to put them back to sleep. Confirmed.


I chatted to Gina and she said they put their son into a bed around the same age as what Babyice is now. I suspect Babyice might be uncomfortable in his cot. He has a camp cot and he sleeps really restlessly and we often find him with his head in a corner. We think he might be banging against the sides of the cot and that this might be contributing to his frequent wakings. We have decided to buy a bed for him. We will then also be able to follow the pediatrician’s advice and can attempt their sleep training method. I have a feeling it might work. I really hope so. The pediatrician has told us more than once that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our child to sleep and to soothe himself. He reinforced this sentiment when I called him. It is all about teaching. Having sleep trained before, I know it is worth it. It really is. We just have to tough it out and be consistent. This is harder for Rudi than it is for me. He can’t handle the crying, whereas I can withstand it for longer periods. He thinks I’m heartless. *sigh*. It hurts me as much as it hurts him.


We are going to get his bed this weekend and will probably start sleep training towards the end of the weekend once we have everything set up. Wish us luck. We are going to NEED it!


I don’t think being clingy is a quality that is good to have, but somehow…I have this quality. I don’t like it. I don’t like being clingy, but I really cannot help myself. I’m not clingy with *everybody*. I can be very clingy when it comes to Rudi though. I make demands on his time and don’t want him to go anywhere without me.

Lately it’s been causing some strain on our relationship. *sigh*. Lindor recently moved house. It’s about bloody time. They’ve recently had their 3rd child and were squeezing 5 people into a very small space. Suddenly Lindor has to fix a million things around the house and apparently he cannot do any of this himself/alone. Rudi is quite handy with a welder/grinder/drill/whatever and he is Lindor’s only bitch friend, so he is constantly asked to come over and help. Rudi is a nice guy. He has a soft heart and will help anyone he can, if they ask. Lindor will literally snap his fingers and Rudi will go, immediately.

Last week Rudi was there for more than one evening and this weekend past he was there both Saturday and Sunday helping him finish a wash line he needed to weld or something. I feel like I haven’t seen him all weekend. I don’t deem the few hours we get to spend together during the week as quality time.

During the week we are busy with Babyice/cooking/cleaning/whatever and we don’t get to just relax together. Come weekend, Rudi wants some downtime and probably some time away from us and I don’t want to be left alone…it’s not so easy for me to just go out now with Babyice. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy either. If he doesn’t go to Lindor, he’ll want to go and play darts at the pub.

These things all come with their own set of problems. When he goes to Lindor’s house, he’ll say he will be home at a certain time and he is late (and tipsy/drunk). Every.Single.Time. I’ve even tried telling him not to give me a time so that he doesn’t create an expectation, but that just leads to him getting frustrated and angry because I have an ‘attitude’ (regardless of the tone I use). When he goes to the pub he usually sees someone there and either drags them home for a braai, or he arranges for us to go to them for a braai. He makes these plans and then calls me to ask, after practically telling the people they can come/we’ll be there…”if my wife says it’s okay” – and if I don’t? Who is the bitch in the fairytale? He will then proceed to nag me (literally) until I eventually cave. I HATE HATE HATE it.

I never go anywhere on my own. I don’t feel the need to. I don’t need to get away from Rudi or Babyice. I quite like spending time with them, so I don’t look for opportunities to go out alone with friends. Rudi is always telling me he ‘never objects when I want to go out with my friends’ – he can easily say that, because I don’t ever do it. I don’t just expect him to stay home and babysit while I go out and have a good time. If I want to go shopping or whatever I’m told to take Babyice with me; the other mothers do it.

This past weekend Rudi just got fed up with me being clingy and getting upset and angry because he was going out AGAIN. He just refuses to see my point. It feels like he constantly chooses being away from me rather than being with me.

I’m not sure how to explain it. I’m not completely wrong here. I know he needs time away from us, alone time…but there are limits. He can’t go out almost every night of the week/weekend, come home late/tipsy/drunk every single time and expect me to be okay with it. I should really start leaving him alone with the baby and see how he feels about it, but like I said I have no desire to do so.

I don’t know if I’m like this because I was an only child or because my perception of relationships/men is not right because of the abuse I suffered as a child/teenager. Maybe I’m like this because I spent a LOT of time alone at home as a child because my parents worked. I don’t know how to change. I don’t know how to be okay with it. I don’t know how to let go of him when he needs to be let go of. I’m tired of it putting strain on our relationship. I’m tired of fighting about it. He clearly doesn’t get it.

Hormonal much?

On Wednesday my grandfather called. My Evil Mother needs help moving out from her mother in law’s place. My uncle would apparently help. I said we have plans. He asked again. I told him again we had plans. He said he doesn’t want to go, he is not feeling well. I told him that he shouldn’t go because he is still weak. We didn’t really have plans to go out, but I wanted to spend my Heritage Day with Rudi. Some quality time, just the two of us. I’m working this weekend and all of next week, so I won’t be spending my weekend with him. I feel that we need to spend time together now, while it’s still just the two of us. Things are going to change once Babyice is here. So I said no. At some point yesterday I got a SMS from my aunt saying that my uncle was also not going to help her. She told my grandfather that her mother in law is hitting her and she needs to get out of there. Once again he felt sorry for her and tried to pull everyone in to help her. Even my grandfather is running out of places to turn for help for her. This should tell him something.


So Braai Day was off to a great start. Rudi and I predictably woke up at 7AM. I was hungry so I had something to eat and insisted that we go back to sleep. Rudi whined about it for a little while because he “wasn’t tired”, but we both managed to sleep till a much more respectable time. 10:30AM. Not bad.


We had our braai later in the afternoon:


Veggie Skewers

Veggie Skewers


Fire required to finish things off

Fire required to finish things off


Time to eat - nom nom nom

Time to eat - nom nom nom


The veggie skewers look awesome, right? They’re not really. I much prefer fruit skewers. Perhaps the fire was too hot, because the veggies were still half raw…but the rolls were lovely!


Then Lindor showed up *sigh*. His wife has gone away with the kids for the long weekend. Now he’s home alone and seemingly our problem. He doesn’t really have any other friends. Only Rudi. Does that surprise you? He was supposed to come over for a quick drink. Then he wanted to know if they could go out. Lindor’s wife would NEVER allow that, because she knows as well as I do that the two of them get up to all sorts of nonsense when left alone together. She doesn’t even allow them to go to the shop alone together. It’s that bad. So I said no. Then Lindor wanted to go and get meat and more beer…(our fire had died hours ago) and I said no (he didn’t want to go to the shop alone – I wonder why…these men insult my intelligence). So when Rudi tried to convince me I may have said something like ‘So he is going to be here all night now?’ and he might have been within earshot. So he left. Rudi was less than impressed with me. Pffft.


For the last two days or so I’ve been feeling really down. One of the things that has been getting me down is that Rudi didn’t get me a birthday gift this year. He didn’t have money at the time (beginning of August) and said he would get me one at the end of this month. Now he doesn’t have money again and has told me I’ll get an awesome Christmas present. Glossing over my birthday does not fly with me. I am a Leo for pete’s sake! I was totally willing to let him wait a month…if he didn’t have money, fine…but don’t spend money on other crap and then say you don’t have money for me again! I don’t ask for much. I don’t really even expect an anniversary gift…but my birthday I need to be spoilt. Specifically by the man I love…if not everyone else (and thanks to everyone else that did spoil me! You know who you are!).


So yesterday after Rudi had a go at me about ‘chasing his friend away’ and again thinking about the birthday present thing I got very depressed and started crying. I’m sure these hormones have a lot to do with it…but sheesh. I have more than enough reason to be happy about my life…I don’t feel like I should be crying about anything right now. Not even chocolate cheered me up.


*sigh* I should chat to my gynae about this. Perhaps it’s normal.

My Sucky Weekend

On Friday night we went to my grandparents to have some soup. Whenever they want us to visit my grandfather phones with promises of soup. He knows food lures Rudi…and well I don’t really need luring. I’m blogging from home since I anticipate work is going to suck again tomorrow. Every day they take at least half our team to help out that portfolio I hate, saying we’re ‘overstaffed’. Meanwhile, this just puts more pressure on us to work harder and I feel like we’re working at a pace we cannot maintain without burning out.

On Saturday we drove all the way to Somerset West to have a braai with Lindor. It was his 41st birthday. Of course I was bored out of my mind the ENTIRE time and more than annoyed. I didn’t really want to go in the first place…but again didn’t want to be the bad guy. Of course everyone else got shitfaced and I stayed sober since it was a very long drive home on a road riddled with roadworks.

The whole day Rudi was threatening to throw people in the pool. Predictably, he got shoved into the pool. With his phone in his pocket. I was SO freaking angry! Such an expensive childish prank! PLUS all his clothes were drenched and it’s not like he brought extra clothes with him. He couldn’t understand why I was mad at him. If he had kept his trap shut, nobody would have considered throwing anyone in the pool, it is winter after all! Needless to say his phone is completely screwed. It also turns out he sold the spare phone he had. So now he has NO phone. No way for me to contact him. No way for him to contact me and tell me whether he will be on time or late to pick me up at work. In my panic to get his battery out of his phone (the first thing you should do if your phone falls into water) I walked into a thatch lapa. The specific corner of the thatch has chicken wire over it and I now have a lovely gash in my forehead. It’s not huge, but it’s there and very obvious. I was asked a million times today what happened to my head. Rudi thinks I’m completely irrational…whereas I feel I have good reason to be completely annoyed! To crown it all we got lost on the way home. I HATE being lost. I never drive out that way so I had no idea where we were and Rudi was very much so ‘under the weather’ so he wasn’t of much help. He directed us to Gordon’s Bay…luckily I picked it up before we got all the way there. So my Saturday sucked crack.

Next weekend will also suck crack since I’m working the entire weekend. Then I’m working alone on the public holiday on the 16th of June. No chance of getting out of work early like in the good old days.

Today wasn’t too bad. Rudi went with me to church (a miracle in itself) and we had lunch with his parents after. A relaxed day all in all. I can’t believe I had to go to work again tomorrow…and the day after that and the next 10 days after that. Farg.

I saw the sign

It was amazing. It was like a sign.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about and planning getting my tattoo. I worked out my budget, decided where I wanted it and how big I wanted it to be. I saved it on a memory stick and planned to get a quote for it as soon as possible. I even decided I’d have it done soon after we come back from George.

Yesterday around two the doctor called and advised me that I could pick up my prescription, he had left it at his practice for me. I was hoping they’d fax it to the pharmacy near my house, but they didn’t. Rudi picked Lindor up from work and we went on our way to fetch my sleeping tablets. Lindor usually insists on stopping at a bottle store very close to where I work so they can have a beer – yes, in the car. It irritates me to no end, but for some reason he didn’t say anything yesterday. It just annoys me that having a beer is *that* urgent. It can freaking wait as far as I’m concerned. It’s also not as if it only happens on a Friday. Any day we give him a lift home a stop at the first bottle store is mandatory. Anyway, since we had to go to the doctor’s office I suggested we stop at a small bottle store on the way there.

Low and behold, at the very same bottle store at the very same time was the guy who had re-done my current tattoo. I haven’t seen him since he re-inked me and that was at least 4 years ago. He had a look at my tattoo and said he wants to do the purple over. You can see the photo of my current tattoo here. Tristan added the flowing ‘tails’ to the wings as well. He gave me his number and said he’d be happy to do it for me. Suddenly I am super excited. I would have done it yesterday if I could!

Sherbet. I haven’t touched my work yet. I guess I better get going if I want to get out of here at a reasonable hour!


The weeked turned out to be pretty cool. On Friday we went to braai (BBQ) at Lindor’s house. I went to make a turn at Sarah’s house as they were also having a party to which were invited. After returning to Lindor and having a bite I convinced Rudi that we should go to Sarah’s house to their party too. We ended up being the last people there (that rarely happens) and only got home around 2am.

The next morning…not so much fun. Tequila is the devil. I am *really* one of those people that the following saying applies to: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, floor. I only had four shots of tequila and one bottle of wine stretched and shared over the entire evening, but that last Tequila…hit me between the eyes. I had a hangover of note on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thirsty in my life! For some daft reason we decided to go and do grocery shopping on Saturday. What a freaking nightmare! We stood in a queue at Checkers for almost an hour just to pay! I was really grumpy! We did, however, also go and cash in the vouchers I won from @Dulcecafe on Twitter. They have competitions once a week on Twitter, sort of like a viral campaign and I won a R50 meal voucher and a 25MB wi-fi voucher. Pretty cool.

On Sunday it was our anniversary. Married for 2 years, together for 8. To think I was worried about beating Rudi’s record of 2 years with his ex (yeah I don’t know why I’m like that). She can suck it. WA HA HA HA. Rudi wished me just after I got up and I made him some breakfast. After church we went shopping for some fruit and veg and Beauty Queen and SLK invited us for lunch. Rudi was going to take me out to lunch anyway, so we went with them. After that we went to camera_obscura’s house and chilled there for a while.

We had an Apostle service on Sunday morning and the strangest thing happened. I heard a message for Sarah. It was quite weird because I often hear messages for myself and for Nellie (because Nellie and I talk about our faith and often hear things for each other), but for Sarah? The company Sarah is working for are liquidating and she had to go in on Monday to find out if she still has a job. The Apostle prayed for those who were on the verge of losing their jobs. I called Sarah and told her about it. The outcome? She kept her job AND got an increase. Yay for her! Speaking of Sarah, we’re hopefully going to pick out my new hair colour this evening and make it happen. Don’t worry…I’ll post photos.

Yesterday was a day of complete relaxation. We didn’t even leave the house. We lay on the couch and watched movies ALL DAY. We tried to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies, but only managed two. Probably because we stopped to cook and watch our regular programming on a Monday. I’m watching the last one now.

How I managed to lose a kilo through all of this eating and vegging is beyond me, but I will not complain.

Oh. I’m not pregnant.

Weekend and Politics

Our weekend wasn’t too bad. Had a braai on Friday night. Everyone had a good time it seemed. I drank an entire bottle of red wine, but seemed to be the only sober person there.

On Saturday we had a nice lie in. Slept till 10am – something we’re almost incapable of doing under normal circumstances. I’m sure the late night on Saturday night contributed. Saturday was quite a relaxed day, until my grandfather called and asked us to come over. So we had to peel ourselves off the couch, shower, get dressed and everything. What a mission. Especially since winter seemed to arrive this weekend and it was quite chilly.

Sunday morning was church as usual. Rudi couldn’t be bothered and was still under the covers when I got home. I decided to take off my fancy clothes and creep in with him. What a pleasure. Yesterday was Rudi’s parents 40th wedding anniversary so we went to a restaurant called The Quarter Deck in Grand West Casino. The outside of the restaurant is shaped like the deck of a ship – hence the name. They have a buffet lunch for R150.00 a head. I don’t think it’s really worth the money for me, but Rudi makes up for it. He had quite a few plates of mussels and prawns. I cannot tell you whether or not the seafood is nice (as I don’t eat seafood), but you could definitely get your money’s worth. As we didn’t have any money to go Rudi’s parents paid for us. That was very sweet of them.

Turns out my overtime worked has not been approved since March. I have over 20 hours worth of overtime that I should have gotten the end of April. Fail. Now I’ll have to wait for it till the end of May. I was really looking forward to having some extra money at the end of this month, perhaps to have my hair done, but it seems that is not going to happen. May is a bonus month for us, so I will have over enough money next month anyway – and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get screwed on tax. Fortunately we receive our annual increase this month and that might just help a little bit (I hope).

Wednesday this week is election day in South Africa. I can’t wait to go and make my X. It’s the first time I have ever registered to vote (yeah, I’m bad, I know) and it’s going to be a very exciting election. I am normally apathetic towards politics, but South African citizens have an opportunity in this election to change the country. I certainly hope that the result of this election will be positive for South Africa and that a new era of politics will begin…

I can’t even pee in cups

So in case you were wondering, Rudi did come home on time on Saturday. Only problem is he came with Lindor and family in tow. He did what men usually do. Told his friends he is game for a braai and then said ‘I’ll just check with the wife’. Doesn’t leave me much choice does it? If I say no, I look like the bad guy. If I agree then everyone is happy but me. With much groaning I gave in. I knew he would not stop nagging until I said yes (he had already had enough beer to make him whiney). The condition was that he needed to clean up after they left.

The braai wasn’t too bad. Lindor and Rudi were sufficiently drunk leaving Lindor’s wife and I rolling our eyes and sighing at the idiotic conversations we were forced to listen to. Lindor was extremely unhappy that their fishing trip had yielded no fish. He is convinced Rudi jinxed him because he would not let him pee on his new Shimano reel. Wait. What?! Apparently it is tradition to initiate your new reel by peeing on it and if you don’t (or someone doesn’t) you will have bad luck fishing. Rudi says I may pee on his reel. He seems to forget that I’m a girl and I actually cannot aim when I pee. Um. I meant ewwww. Perhaps we can just tell Lindor that Rudi and I peed on the reel in some kinky way and he would no longer believe the reel is jinxed. Or we could pee on the reel.

I undressed, changed and dressed Lindor’s six month old baby before she was put to bed. Sjoe. It’s a lot harder than one would think. It didn’t help that she was kicking as if her life depended on it! I think I need a lot more practice! I’m pretty sure it’s something you get better at. Rudi also kept to his word and cleaned up on Sunday morning before I got home from church. Bless.

I think I’m feeling better this morning. I might just be imagining this slight nausea and random heartburn. Perhaps I’m just crazy. Still have to wait all the way to Saturday before anything is revealed. I spoke to Rudi about taking a blood test. He said he thinks we should wait till Saturday at least. If nothing happens on Saturday I’m going to go for a blood test on Monday. No doubt. Everyone keep your fingers crossed, OK?

Nellie is on maternity leave from today. Lucky cow! I’m going to miss talking to her. We’re kind of cut off from each other right now as my phone bill is already sky high and she doesn’t have funds to recharge either. We’ll manage though. I think I’ll type her a very long e-mail to keep her busy a bit later.

Oh. The finalists of the SA Blog Awards have been announced. Go vote here. Don’t worry about looking for my blog amongst them, it’s not there, but I would recommend you read some of the finalists as they definitely deserve their spots.

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