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OPI 50 Shades of Grey

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Hi everyone. Happy New Year to all!  The mani I have to show you today was created with polishes from the OPI 50 Shades of Grey collection. When my friend Leebeesa popped back into South Africa for an unexpected visit she brought me a mini set of the collection as a gift. Although I’m not a fan of the books so much, I did enjoy the movie. I didn’t love their choice of leading man for the role of Christian Grey, but I don’t really care enough about it to complain. Let me show you the mani I did using these polishes.OPI 50 Shades of Grey Nail ArtOPI 50 Shades of Grey Nail ArtI started off with Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener as a base coat to protect my nails. I painted 2 coats of Romantically Involved on all of my nails. The formula on this was great, but since I have mini bottles the application was a little more tricky than it would have been with a full sized bottle. I used a fan brush and My Silk Tie (silver), Dark Side of the Mood (dark grey) and Cement the Deal (light grey) to brush across my nails. I placed a rectangular silver stud on my ring nail for accent. I sealed it all in with a coat of Seche Vite.

I was quite pleased with how this turned out. I haven’t done a fan brush mani for such a long time. I would love to hear your thoughts on the mani as well as the book and the movie!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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OPI Chic From Ears to Tail

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Hi everyone! For my birthday this year Leebeesa who has moved to Ireland with her new husband sent me some gifts from across the ocean. One of the polishes she gifted me was OPI Chic From Ears to Tail. I was in the mood to wear a pink polish again. She also brought me some nail stickers. Let me show you what I came up with 🙂OPI Chic From Ears to Tail Zoya MonetOPI Chic From Ears to Tail Zoya MonetOPI Chic From Ears to Tail Zoya MonetI started off with Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener as a base coat to protect my nails. I painted 3 coats of OPI Chic From Ears to Tail on all of my nails. I wasn’t super impressed with the formula on this one. It was opaque in 2 coats, but was still uneven. The colour sure is pretty though. On my ring nail I used 2 of the stickers that Leebeesa gave me. On the rest of my nails I painted 1 coat of Zoya Monet (gift from Pish Posh Polish) over Chic From Ears to Tail. Zoya Monet is a glitter topper with iridescent hexes of the same size. They are so pretty when you turn your nails! I sealed everything in with a coat of Seche Vite.

I’d love to hear what you think of this mani in the comments below 🙂 If you’ve used this polish I would also be interested to know what you thought of the formula. OPI normally knocks it out of the park formula wise, maybe it’s just me?

Thanks for reading!

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Sadness and Confirmation

Since last week Thursday I have carried Angel‘s family in my thoughts and prayers. Her nephew, Nathan, tragically passed away in a car accident last week. He was not yet 8 years old. Nathan was a special boy and he was very close to Angel. His passing hit me a lot harder than I would expect. I had never met Nathan, but Angel had told me about him. She described his lust for life and what a wonderful light he was to everyone that met him. I remember hearing him on the radio one day. The radio station gave him tickets to see his favourite rugby team with his father (Angel’s brother) and he asked them to play his favourite song at the time, De La Rey. Nathan also represented something special to me in my own life and his passing stirred emotions in me that I did not expect and I found myself crying at my desk at work on Friday morning. Nathan represented to me what Jamie could have possibly been. I know that they are vastly different and that Jamie likely would not have survived to term or long after birth, but when I think of her, I picture her to be like Nathan. A bright spark in a dark world. Now they are together in the same place and I hope that they find each other. This morning we received more sad news at work. A friend and colleague’s father passed away this morning. I hope that this is the last of the sadness and that everyone currently grieving are supported by their loved ones.


On Friday Leebeesa came to babysit for us so that Rudi and I could go and watch Titanic in 3D. We went for a pizza before the movie and I was so full I couldn’t even finish my popcorn 3 hours later.  There were quite a few added scenes at the end after the ship started sinking. 3D for 3 hours gave Rudi and myself a headache though. I also realized how your priorities change in life as you get older. I was a teenager when the movie was released and at that time losing the love of your life was the most tragic thing that could happen to you. I bawled my eyes out when she ‘let go’. On Friday, however, the tears were conjured by the children that suffered and the families that were split up. It really was a terrible tragedy.


On Saturday I wasn’t feeling very well. I did as little as possible, but was obliged to bake cupcakes for the following day. I had a runny tummy with tummy cramps and later nausea. Usually we do housework on a Saturday, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. Luckily I started feeling better by Sunday.


Yesterday my counsin was confirmed in our faith. My grandmother asked me to bake cupcakes for the tea after the confirmation. I could not think what had possessed her to do such a thing. If you ask me, my attempts at baking and icing have been tremendous failures, but I complied to try and contribute to the event which my aunt was very excited about:


Confirmation Cupcakes


I ASTOUNDED myself! These didn’t turn out too badly AT ALL! 😀 My grandmother purchased the plastic icing decorations, but I baked and iced them all by myself 😀 I guess I have no excuse but to bake for Babyice’s birthday next year 🙂 The confirmation went well and my cousin’s father made a very moving speech at his tea afterwards. My grandmother was sad that my grandfather was not there to witness his only grandson get confirmed, but I knew that he was there. Near the end of the service we sang a hymn which has always been a sign for me. The lyrics of the hymn at the chorus say ‘It is well with my soul’. It is a beautiful, touching piece of music and when that hymn was the chosen one I knew that my grandfather had come to see. It was a wonderful moment.


Potty training went okay this weekend. We’re still having no joy with the poo. Saturday was accident free and on Sunday Babyice insisted on not wearing a nappy when we went to church. We carted his toilet seat ring around with us and took him to the toilet every now and then. Everything was going very well until we left the confirmation tea and stopped at the shop. Rudi found him standing with pee dripping down his leg in the Spar. That was the only accident we had on Sunday though. The day mother says he made a poo in the potty this morning. I hope that he starts getting the hang of it this week. That would be awesome. Babyice also skipped both his naps this weekend. We had quite a miserable toddler on our hands last night and getting him to sleep was no easy task, but Rudi eventually managed to get him sleeping by lying down next to him for a while.



I broke up with my Blackberry over the weekend. I took Rudi’s upgrade phone (A Samsung Galaxy Ace) and am now living in a world of Android and charged data. It is taking some getting used to and I am chowing through data at an alarming rate, but I am sure that I will start managing my data better when I’ve had the phone for longer. Rudi is happy since he now has his grubby paws on my coveted Blackberry and he doesn’t have to constantly monitor his data. Win win.

Birthday Cake

I am yet to order Babyice’s birthday cake. I’ve been looking for a picture to put on it. I found a picture, but it needed some editing. I remember that Leebeesa edited some pictures for her nephews birthday and she was happy to oblige 🙂


This is what she has come up with. I think it is AWESOME!


Cake Print


She did an awesome job! The original picture looks like this:




She did a great job editing it and minimizing the white space that would have been all over the cake. I am super impressed!



Thanks a million Leebeesa!

Lovely leave

I had a glorius, lazy week of leave. It was lovely. I was actually on leave from the 13th of October, but Rudi and I had had a fight and I wasn’t in a great mood. He then came home early from work and we carted him and Babyice off to the doctor as they were both not well. The doctor diagnosed them both with bronchitis. I had a viral throat infection as well, but I had no other symptoms so I just popped painkillers and sprayed my throat. R900 later we had a replenished pharmacy in our house and two sick boys. They both stayed home on Friday.


So, on Friday I baked a cake! At first I thought the cake had flopped because they seemed to come out really flat…but once the cake was iced it looked fine! It also tasted awesome! Yay me. I got a new piping bag to try and was messing around with the nozzles. I found the star nozzle quite easy to pipe with and I’m sure I can make some great cupcakes for Babyice’s next birthday. No help required from My Evil Mother! 😀


Cake 🙂


Yes, it’s not 100% neat and I couldn’t sell it…but it was just for us and we all loved it 🙂


On the Saturday Leebeesa came to look after Babyice as Rudi and I had planned a date night for him to make up for pissing me off the previous Saturday.  This does not include him pissing me off on Thursday! We went out to dinner to our usual favourite spot, Panarottis. We love their pizza and Rudi is gaga over their chillies. He usually bribes the waiter to bring him a take away container with extra chilli. We chatted about some of the issues we’ve been having lately. It has been really tense between us and Rudi misbehaving constantly hasn’t helped. This left me more and more resentful and frustrated and him not at all comprehending what I was upset about. We called a truce and went to see ‘Friends with benefits’. It was quite a cool movie and had a few funny moments. We had a good date. Even though we flared up at each other a few times in the following days, things are calmer now.


We had prepared some fish fingers for Babyice to eat while Leebeesa was watching him. While he was eating she said to him ‘Eat your fishy’. He looked at the fish fingers and said ‘Fishy. Nemo.’ and refused to eat any more! We suspect that he has made the connection between what he is eating and his favourite cartoon character…so when we feed him fish now we just tell him it’s chicken. He doesn’t seem to know the difference quite yet.


I spent practically the whole week doing as little as possible, catching up on series mostly. On Monday I did do all the washing, complete with carrying it up and down the stairs to hang it on the line. On Wednesday I went back to the dentist to replace the temporary filling he had put in for me the week before. It was painless, until the drugs wore off, but the next day everything was back to normal again.


On Saturday I returned to work. Taking leave before my working weekend might seem like a silly idea, but it really does have its benefits. Firstly it allows me to ease back into work since it’s not full day and instead of working 12 consecutive days, I only work 7 consecutive days. At least I *thought* I could ease into work…until I realized that my PC was stuffed. I had to sit at a different PC  both Saturday and Sunday. It really is inconvenient since all my applications and links, etc don’t work and I have to set up my profile on someone else’s machine. It took up a lot of my time. IT came to have a look on Monday and they will be coming to rebuild my machine tomorrow.


This week is slowly dragging by…and I have another Lindor weekend looming ahead of me. Rudi is going to be helping Lindor move his office (not just one office, the entire office) to Somerset West. Apparently his services (read: free labour) is required at 9AM on Saturday morning already. This means I won’t be seeing him AT ALL on Saturday. Heaven knows when he will make his way home >.<


I had plans with Sarah to go for a mani/pedi on Saturday, but we’ve postponed it anyway since she isn’t sure whether or not she would have been paid yet. Suits Rudi and Lindor just fine. We wouldn’t have had anyone to watch Babyice if we were both out. I guess I’ll just spend some quality time with him (and Nemo and Barney, no doubt).


I might also take my grandmother shopping since she has just had an op on her little finger and is finding it difficult to drive or do much for herself. They put a metal pin into her finger which has to stay in for 6 to 8 weeks. At least it will give us something to do and I’ll be helping her at the same time 🙂


Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and a toothache. My mouth had suddenly become very sensitive to heat or cold the night before. When I brushed my teeth it didn’t hurt, but as soon as I rinsed with cold water I felt a sharp pain.


I took some Echinaforce to help with the sore throat and hopefully it will sort that out. While sitting at work moping about my sore mouth I decided to go to the dentist. My medical aid is finished and I knew I would have to pay cash for it, which is why I was hesitant. I decided to bite the bullet. This couldn’t wait till next year.


Leebeesa recommended a dentist for me to go to. The last two dentists that I found and liked both moved away from their practices. The one resigned from dentistry completely!  I decided to give them a call and they were able to see me immediately. Thankfully I didn’t require x-rays or a root canal. The dentist saw that one of my fillings was cracked and another had aged. He proceeded to inject me and didn’t hurt me at all. He then removed the one filling and said that the other one was still okay to keep in. He put a temporary filling in with clove oil behind it to help for the pain. I have to see him next week Wednesday to replace the filling completely.


The best part is that the entire exercise is only costing me R650.00. That really is reasonable. He also noted that the rest of my mouth seems okay for now and I need not worry.


I’ll be on leave from Thursday and won’t be back at work till the 22nd of October. I plan to do as little as possible and relax and sleep a lot. Don’t expect too many blog posts. Unless something really important happens.

Sleep Training – Nights 11, 12 and 13

It looks like weekends are going to be wonky for sleep training, but Babyice needs to get used to that too, so I’m ok with it.


On Friday we went to my aunt’s birthday dinner. Babyice stayed with his grandparents and we only managed to get there around 20:30 (waaaay past his bedtime). He had falled asleep at their house without having a bottle and looked so peaceful. We took him home and he was semi-awake when we got there.  I gave him a bottle and he dozed off on it quite quickly. I can’t remember 100%, but I think he slept pretty well for the rest of the night.


On Saturday Leebeesa babysat for us as we were going to a braai. She has been reading my posts and I gave her a run down of the method in the madness. She let me know that he went to sleep with no hassles. She read to him while he drank his bottle and when he was done he rolled over onto his side, she turned out the light and sat there for a while. He was out like a light. I must mention that he had barely slept during the day at all. If he had a 20 minute nap it was a lot.  We got home around midnight and went to bed. She said she hadn’t heard a peep since he had gone down. At 3:00 he started crying. We left him, but after about 15 minutes we decided to see if there was anything wrong. As soon as you would sit down next to him/pick him up he would go back to sleep. As soon as you leave the room, the crying would start again and he repeatedly got out of bed. Rudi and I battled for an hour. Rudi left the door open after his last visit to the room and Babyice came to stand next to our bed. Rudi lifted him up and put him in our bed. I immediately got up, picked  Babyice up and took him back to his room. He started crying again. I looked around for his ducky and found that it wasn’t in his bed. I noticed that it was lying on the couch, so I grabbed it and put it next to him, covered him and walked out. He cried for a little longer, but stopped after a short while. Resolved! He never asked for his ducky and I really didn’t realize he was dependant on it. Perhaps it is a coincidence that he finally went to sleep after I put ducky with him, but I certainly won’t forget to put him in bed every night from now on! 


Yesterday we went out after church and only got home around 13:40. Babyice had fallen asleep in the car, so we put him down for a nap and I went to nap too. I was exhausted! Rudi let us sleep till 16:15! I was worried that him waking up so late would make bedtime a hassle, so we extended bedtime to 20:00 to make provision for it. Rudi put him to sleep as per our routine with ease (with ducky!). He cried a little at 04:20 and I said a little prayer that he wasn’t going to make me wake up at this hour on a Monday morning. Thankfully he went back to sleep and slept till 05:50 when the movement in the house woke him up.


I think we’ve progressed in leaps and bounds compared to where we were two weeks ago. I will continue to enforce the rules (on both Babyice and Rudi!) and I’m sure we’ll be happy, rested people soon 🙂

Looking back and reconnecting

I was reading back to my blog posts of a year ago. All I had on my mind then was that Babyice was coming…and wondering how on earth I was going to bring him into this world. I was filled with anticipation and fear. I remember telling myself at that point that the actual birth of Babyice would most likely only last for one day. Surely I could make it through one “bad/painful” day? Looking back now…I had such an amazing birth experience. I consider myself very lucky, knowing the other side of the coin all too well.

Babyice is doing so well, just yesterday Leebeesa came to babysit him for us and she put him in front of his walker and he scooted off with it! He walked! He is balancing for longer and longer on his own now, but still falls on his bum. It’s so cute! This heat wave we’re having in Cape Town is messing with his appetite and sleep though, so I’m hoping it will cool down soon.

It was my grandmother’s 70th birthday yesterday. She took us all out to dinner at the Spur. We reserved a table and when we got there they had two bottles of complimentary chilled white wine on the table. While that was very cool, the actual restaurant was not. It was hot as hell’s kitchen yesterday! I ended up taking off layers of clothes to try and cool off (not too many though ;)). I bought my grandmother a rose bush called “Blue Moon” and a beautiful glazed pot. The nursery potted the rose bush for me and I bought a small frog statue to sit underneath the bush. My grandmother has green fingers and loves flowers. I thought giving her a living gift would be lovely. Something she could nurture and care for now that my grandfather isn’t around anymore.

Picture source:

Blue Moon Rose

Tomorrow I will be going for a braai with family I haven’t seen in almost 20 years. I tracked my biological father’s brother down on Facebook. I had looked for my father before, but had no luck finding him. I had a good relationship with his mother and remember going there for holidays when I was very young. It used to be easy to find her as she was always listed in the phone book, but my attempts reaching her also failed. I was very excited when I found my uncle! To my surprise they had moved to Cape Town since I last saw them. I immediately contacted him and he was happy to hear from me. He gave me my grandmother’s number and I called her up. She was SO surprised! We’ve been trying to arrange a get together since last year, but with the festive season and holiday madness tomorrow was the first date that suited everyone.

I’m a little nervous. I really haven’t seen them in a very long time. I just hope that I live up to their expectations, if you know what I mean? I don’t think there’s any reason for them to dislike me now or to be disappointed at how I turned out. I hope they are proud of me. I just *know* they’ll love Babyice 🙂 I asked them how my father is (he still resides in Bloemfontein) and it seems that they have not kept in regular contact with him. They weren’t really able to tell me how he is, but my grandmother did say that he had been through a really tough time (we all have, I suppose). I asked if My Evil Mother should come along as she probed me about it after finding out we’d reconnected, but my uncle thought it best that the initial meeting be without her as he remembered that there were ‘issues’ between her and that side of the family. Honestly, I’m not surprised.

My father and I never really had a close bond. My parents divorced when I was two years old and I only ever saw glimpses of him when I was staying with his mother. I do, however, have very fond memories of my grandmother and cannot wait to see her! I’ll blog all about it 🙂

I’m still here!

I hate it when I have such a big lapse of time between blog posts. It’s so easy to forget the tiny details of events (or even entire events) while you’re rushing through life. The whole point of blogging for me is to capture these moments in my life so that I can reflect on them again at a later stage.

Anyway, here I am. This past weekend Rudi and I flew to Johannesburg for his cousin’s wedding. We left Babyice at home with Leebeesa since we weren’t sure about him travelling by plane just yet. We also felt we probably wouldn’t get to enjoy the wedding if we had him to worry about constantly. So Leebeesa looked after him at our house, in his own environment, which is a comfort. Blighter barely noticed we were gone!

The wedding was small (around 50 people) and really lovely. We had a good time without over indulging. The couple that married have been together for 6 years and already have two kids. One of their children is just under two and he proved our point about having to run after a baby. The bride and groom could both be seen pushing the pram around at some point trying to get their son to sleep. He is teething and even though he had a nanny there, he just wanted mommy/daddy.

As we got to the wedding I was very disappointed to see that all the photos on my camera had somehow disappeared! We had gone through the photos the previous evening at the airport and the next afternoon they were gone! I had photos of Babyice, Angel’s wedding and others that I can never replace. I hadn’t downloaded them and I’m quite upset 🙁 I am positive that I never formatted the memory card. I don’t think I can save them…it seems they’re really gone.

Angelsmind and Glugster met us at Lanseria airport to catch a glimpse of us before we left. Unfortunately we could only fly up for the weekend, so we didn’t have time to socialize with our friends there. It was so awesome to see them. I dare say a visit to JHB/CT wouldn’t be complete without seeing each other.

Babyice is doing well. He had yet another chest infection towards the end of November and my GP decided that he should be sent for allergy test. I had asked the pediatrician about this at his 9 month check up, but the paed wanted to wait to see how he does in summer. It turns out that he is allergic to something – your IEG (I think) count shouldn’t be above 1.8 and his was 10.7. They tested for regular allergies such as dairy, gluten, wheat, pet hair and pollen, but found nothing. He has been put on anti-allergy medication and we have been advised to monitor. Should he fall ill again, we need to take into consideration what he ate in the previous two days and now follow a process of elimination. Not extremely helpful, but at least we have some direction. He hasn’t been sick since going onto the anti-allergy medication, but it’s a little early to celebrate. He usually gets a chest infection once a month and he has only been taking the medication since 25 November.

Other than that he is now pulling himself up against things and standing. He crawls very fast and is sometimes difficult to keep up with! He says a few “words” like “Dada” (his favourite it would seem), “Ambah” (Amber, our cat) and “Mama” (sometimes). He doesn’t direct these words toward anyone as yet though. He has an issue with his top teeth it would seem. There were four teeth bulging in his gum, we assumed they were ready to decend. Instead, the gum split open across the left front tooth (seemingly relieving the pressure on the gums) and you could see the tooth through the gum. We worried, but the paed said there isn’t really anything you can do but wait it out. Now the gum seems to be thinning around the edge of the tooth, yet the teeth haven’t decended OUT of the gum at the bottom yet. They seem to be pushing forward through the gum (without being skew) instead of pushing down through the brim of the gum (I hope this all makes sense!) So we’ll wait and hope his teeth come out okay. It seems to be bothering us a lot more than it is bothering him. He doesn’t moan or cry and eats normally.

I’m still missing my grandfather. It’s so weird not to be able to pick up the phone and call him to chat or ask for advice. I call my grandmother regularly to check if she is okay and we pop on there at least once a week to see her. When we were flying home from Johannesburg we saw the most beautiful cloud formations (from the air). My grandfather LOVED clouds and would often take photos of them. I find myself regularly saying things that begin with “My grandfather used to…”, showing me that his memory and legacy live on in my memory and life. The grieving process after losing my grandfather is quite different from what I went through when we lost Jamie. I want to say it is harder, but that isn’t really true. It’s different. I have a lifetime of memories with my grandfather. A lifetime. He taught me so much, instilled so many values in me and laid a foundation in my heart that will never disappear. So, it is harder in that way. I didn’t know Jamie, we had few memories together, but I grieved what her life could have been.

Work is stressful and sucks, but it shouldn’t for much longer. As of the 3rd of January I will be going back to my old team and things should be fine.

Should I get stuck in real life and work again, I would like to wish you all a safe, blessed festive season. May you create beautiful memories with your loved ones xxx

La la la la leave

So today is my last day at work before I go on leave for a week. Half of next week is practically Christmas anyway (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) so it’s not going to be extremely restful. I tried to take my leave as close to Christmas as possible so that Rudi and I could be on leave together for a little while, but it will not be so. His tit of a boss is making him work till Tuesday, possibly Wednesday next week. His boss is going away today already and making the staff work until the last possible freaking day.


On the other hand, I won’t have to see my boss again till the 10th of January. Then…10 working days later, I’ll be on maternity leave and I won’t have to see him for 6 months. SCORE!


As per tradition Christmas Eve will be spent with my family. Everyone will come over to our house for something to eat and the opening of presents. Christmas Day will be spent with Rudi’s family. They still haven’t decided what they would like to do for Christmas. Rudi usually starts bugging them around June/July to find out what we are doing, they usually decide around the 24th of December. This arrangement has worked perfectly well for us in the past. We both get to spend Christmas with our families and I do see my family at church on Christmas morning before going off to the in laws.


Rudi hasn’t bought Christmas presents for his family yet, so I still have some wrapping to do. I also still need to get a present for Leebeesa. I don’t usually exchange Christmas gifts with friends, but she insisted and set a R20.00 limit for the gift. She used to be hard to shop for, now she is nearly impossible to shop for. Now that she is a vegan you can’t just buy her a box of chocolates or something…and to find something for R20.00 is damn near impossible.


So I have some data left on my bundle and I’m at home alone on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ll pop online (or spend the whole day online) to pass the time. Maybe I won’t disappear off the radar completely 🙂

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