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When Life Gets Tough

In the last two months or so my day to day life has changed dramatically. I have a very hands on and involved husband. He helps me tremendously with the kids and running the household. He has been stuck in a dead end job for many years. He didn’t earn a bad salary for the line of work he was in, but there is just no room for growth or any opportunity for promotion or even doing something different in the company. I have always been the breadwinner in the household and he has done his best, but if the things I hear are true this kind of thing bruises a man’s ego. Apparently men have a primal instinct to provide. I don’t really know, I’m not a dude. So just over 2 years ago he decided to try and do something to get himself into a better position.

His father is a truck driver. Has been for over 30 years. He had spoken about wanting to drive trucks before, but I didn’t know how serious he was about it. Before I knew it he was writing his learners and we were booking driving lessons. He only had 3 and aced his code 14 or EC. He applied for and obtained his PrDP (Professional Driving Permit) and the job hunting began. For 18 months he hounded company after company. I would send out his applications to firms on a daily basis using details he had collected by browsing career websites and cold calling numbers on trucks. He never let up. He was turned down time and time again because he had no experience. Then he decided that his license clearly wasn’t enough and he went to get certification to transport dangerous goods and again aced the test. Rinse, repeat. He would often bring up the job hunt over a beer with whoever and not too long ago he mentioned it to someone in our complex who works for a trucking company. This guy put a good word in for him with the boss and they let him come in to drive and show what he is made of.  The week that he spent training/driving was really rough. He left the house at 5:15 in the morning and came home after 19:00/20:00 and one night after 21:00. After 4 days of driving they put him alone on the truck and even got him to come in on the Saturday and gave him a truck to complete deliveries with no co-driver. He worked from early the morning till after 17:00 that Saturday. He came home with stories about driving trucks and how scary/complicated/dangerous it is that left me cold. If there is one thing I can say about my husband it is that he is an excellent driver. I trust him with our lives. He is by far a better driver than anyone I know. So the fact that he was driving well didn’t surprise me at all, but I felt like I barely saw him all week. Some nights he made it home just in time to kiss the kids goodnight. He was informed that he could start working there and that he would be on probation for a few months. He finally got a job after all his hard work. It was hard for me and for the kids. We missed him so much.

This job never felt “right” to me. He explained to me that the truck he was driving had no working indicators and the speedometer also didn’t work. That just didn’t sit well with me considering he was driving over mountain passes! He would also only earn overtime after working for 10 hours. The company is 35 km away from home in one direction. I had to pick him up a twice late at night with the kids in the car. Not ideal. The guy that put a good word in for him also told him that he always gets his pay on time, but hadn’t seen a payslip for the 8 years he had worked there. That kind of “under the table” thing doesn’t sit well with me. I’m a stickler for rules. I shut up and sucked it up, because I knew he needed the experience and that he is chasing a dream. I knew how hard he had fought just to get a chance.

On one of his days off that he took to sort out paperwork and resign from his old job, he took a chance and drove to a huge distribution center close to home. At first they wanted to turn him away, but one of the guys there told him to come in and take a driving test. It was scheduled for a Friday, but they moved it up to the Thursday. I happened to be on leave on the same day to get my hair done and run some errands. I took him to the distribution center early in the morning and went off to go about my day. He was the only one that passed the driving test. The next thing he knew they were taking his fingerprints and making him an access disk. He had landed the job! I was ecstatic! It is only 8 km from home and is a big retail chain, so much more stability and structure than a fly by night tax evader, no? He had to start the very next day at 2:30 AM! We immediately went out and bought a him a scooter (motorcycle) so that he could get to and from work independently. We don’t even know what his new salary will be, but I’m pretty sure he is going to be earning enough overtime to bridge any gap there might be in what he is earning. I don’t know whether or not there will be more money coming in. I freaking hope so, considering how much less of him we see. Despite it not being about the money, fair is fair. Sacrifice should equal reward.

We are a little frustrated at the moment since he doesn’t get called in to work every day. He gets paid by the hour as he is not a permanent employee, so no work, no pay. He asks to work every day, but a lot of days there isn’t work for him. It looks like we’ll come up short in the budget again this month and it is really stressful. I work with the finances and I am a worrier by nature, so it really takes an emotional toll on me. Apparently they will be appointing permanent drivers really soon. We can just pray and keep the faith that he will be permanently appointed in which case he will get a basic salary plus overtime.

That aside, I now have to do the things he was doing plus whatever I did. I’ve always been against him doing long distance driving. I don’t care about the money. Money cannot buy your children’s childhood back. Money cannot buy missed events, missed memories. Money does, however, pay school fees/rent/child care/new winter clothes for the kids/groceries. Here’s hoping he will be permanently appointed very soon so that we can be guaranteed at least his basic salary as an income.

Cross all the bits please!



Housekeeping sucks!

So I spent the large majority of my weekend doing housework. Not only did we have to clear the backlog of ironing that had been created by the absence of our housekeeper, but I did a lot of the things she had been neglecting to do.


The kitchen is a daily battle. Even though I have the luxury of a dishwasher, not everything goes in there. I have an old school dishwasher (it’s already about 5 years old) and it doesn’t wash pots. Sometimes I try my luck and put them in there, but they usually don’t come out clean. I also don’t put Babyice’s bottles in the dishwasher since it turns the plastic milky and it makes them look dirty when they are not.


On Saturday morning we woke up and I started working. Over the weekend I did the following:


  • Unpacked/repacked the dishwasher 3 times
  • Washed dishes (more than once!)
  • Stripped all the bedding, washed it and hung it up
  • Did more washing and hung it up
  • Put new bedding on
  • Ironed (!)
  • Washed windows
  • Washed marks off the walls that have been bothering me forever
  • Cleaned the bath
  • Packed away ironing that Rudi had done
  • Packed Babyice’s drawers straight
  • Made a potato salad for a get together
  • Cleaned the washing machine


Rudi helped by:


  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Removing washing from the line
  • Taking out the rubbish 3 times (!)
  • Cleaning out the broom cupboard
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Ironing a lot of the back log (but not packing it away…I did that)


I’m really glad he helped. Even with him helping it was a fuckton of work and I am DONE FOR! It doesn’t seem like a lot of work when you write it down, but it WAS. So. Much. Work. Rudi did help quite a bit, especially with the huge pile of ironing on Saturday, but I still did the majority of the work. Unfortunately this housekeeper thing also co-incided with my PMS week. Rudi went to shower on Saturday and left his clothes on the floor. I nearly died. I decided that I was not doing a single thing further until he had picked up his clothes or that  I would leave them there until HE picked them up. I am not his mother. It’s one thing having to do the housework, having someone make it a  lot more difficult for you is quite another. Another thing he did was throwing empty wrappers down on the kitchen counter, walking past the bin while exiting the kitchen and just leaving them there. WHY? Our house seems to be more constantly tidy (since there is nobody other than ourselves to pick up after us), but I think we need to change our mindset and make less of a mess to begin with! This is much more challenging for Rudi than it is for me. I am always the one cleaning the kitchen, so instead of piling dishes into the sink, I pack them straight into the dishwasher.


Last night I managed to rope Babyice into picking up his toys. He doesn’t respond to ‘Pick up your toys!’, but he will follow a list of commands if you tell him ‘Put the monkey in your toy box, please’ and then ‘Put the car in your toy box, please’. He picked up all his toys by himself last night (while instructed to do so). I’m definitely going to keep that trend up!


I think I’m going to work out a roster for us and split the chores evenly. Hopefully we’ll get into a flow of doing things that will prevent us from spending our weekends doing housework. Otherwise I foresee many a fight over this!

Weekend in Swellendam

On Friday we rushed to get finished at home so that we could get on the road and not arrive in Swellendam too late. We managed start driving around 19:00 after filling up and buying some KFC for dinner. The ride there felt very long and I could not WAIT to arrive. The fact that I needed to go to the loo and was feeling really uncomfortable from sitting in the same position the whole time really didn’t help things much. Eventually we arrived at Boogaloo’s house. We stayed there for a short while, meeting and greeting his family and passing on our condolences. We stayed for a drink, but Babyice was sleeping in the car and I was eager to leave so that we could put him down for the night. Boogaloo took us to our lodgings.


We met Thys, a very sweet man. He lives alone in quite a large house and was expecting us. He had arranged a matress for Babyice right next to our king size bed. We put Babyice down with his own pillow, blanket and ducky that we had brought with. I thought it might help him sleep better if his bedding smelt “familiar”. We then joined Boogaloo and our host in the lounge. He poured us some wine and we sat around and chatted for a while. By that time it was almost midnight and I was tired, so I excused myself and went to bed. At first I struggled to fall asleep, but eventually did. Not long after that Rudi joined. Of course he woke me up in the process. I hate when he does that. I struggled to go back to sleep again. He hadn’t closed the door properly and it kept banging. Eventually I had to get out of bed to close it. Babyice started crying a little during the night, we picked him up and put him in bed with us and he went back to sleep easily.


At 06:20 the next morning there was a knock at our door. It was Thys carrying a tray with brewed coffee, sugar and milk. We were all still sleeping. What a spoil! Babyice just looked at him and said ‘Seep’ (sleep). We woke up and wiped the sleep from our eyes. Thys was busy in the kitched with breakfast. He set the table in his beautiful dining room and served us toast and scrambled eggs with cheese. He had orange juice and coffee on the table, also home made jams (which he made himself). Cloth napkins with real silver napkin rings and a white table cloth. All very fancy 🙂 Once we had finished breakfast we had to start getting ready for the funeral. We all managed to get ready and leave the house around 09:00 for the drive through to Heidelberg.


The drive to Heidelberg is about 30 minutes from Swellendam. There were lots of cows, sheep and ostriches to show Babyice on the way there, but we were going so fast that it was difficult for him to see them. The funeral itself was pretty standard. There was no coffin in the church and I was kind of relieved. My grandfather specifically requested not to have his coffin in the church because the finality of the image usually cracks any composure the family manages to muster. One of Boogaloo’s brothers did not want to carry the coffin in to the church and that is what eventually led to the decision for it not to happen at all. Babyice ran amuck the entire service. Since I am closer to the family than Rudi is, he ran after him the entire time. At some point they escaped outside and remained there. The hymns that we sung made me and Boogaloo particularly emotional because Boogaloo’s mother specifically requested those two hymns. He discussed this with me before the funeral, which is why I understood the significance. Boogaloo says in hindsight he now sees signs that her soul knew that she was going to answer God’s call soon. She was saying goodbye in small ways all the time. The last thing she did was to make him a cup of coffee (despite discomfort and a broken arm), she brought it to him and her last words to him were ‘Remember I will always love you’.


After the funeral we headed back to where we were staying to change our clothes. Boogaloo joined us about an hour later and wanted to go for a walk with me to be alone and talk. He can say things to me that he can’t say to anyone else and he needed to vent. We ended up having a beautiful walk talking about our loved ones who passed away. It was also Jamie’s birthday on Saturday. We spoke about Jamie, my oupa and his mother. We stopped at a small damn with pretty flowers and saw three butterflies flying over them. It was almost like a sign. We walked right through the town! I think we were walking for around an hour. Rudi called me to find out if we were lost! My legs are still paying the price! OW.


We then went to Boogaloo’s house for a braai. We spent the rest of the day having drinks and relaxing (read: chasing Babyice around and preventing him from jumping into the pool). We bathed him there and after he went to sleep we sat outside and chatted about nonsense. Boogaloo was feeling drained and tired, not having dealt with his loss at all and handling all the arrangements had finally taken it’s toll. We allowed him to nap on the couch and agreed to wake him when the food was ready. We had a lovely steak and salad dinner. The guys had been talking about cars for the longest time, so I went inside to watch Pirates of the Carribean. Rudi was having a jolly old time drinking brandy and of course he didn’t want to leave. I was dog tired though (only having had 5 hours sleep) and asked to leave. ‘One more drink’…same old story. We got back to our lodgings around 23:30 and I promptly went to bed. At some point in the night Babyice woke up and without a sound climbed into bed next to Rudi. We didn’t even know he was there until we woke up! (That was kind of cool)


Of course Babyice would wake us up at 05:30 when we got in so late. When we got up Thys was nowhere to be seen. We “relaxed” in bed a little (as much as you can relax while being used as a jungle gym) and eventually Thys surfaced again. It turns out he had gone to the shop to buy supplies for breakfast. We decided to shower and pack the car up before breakfast so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it later. Thys prepared the table beautifully again and cooked us omellettes with cheese, mushroom, tomatoes and bacon. There were also olive rolls on the table that he had toasted in the oven. Yum! After hanging around for a while we made our way back to Boogaloo’s house.


Boogaloo wasn’t feeling well and had been feverish earlier in the morning. His boyfriend insisted we stay for lunch which delayed our departure till 14:00. When we hit the road Babyice fell asleep almost instantly and I tried to nap in the back of the car as well. I had even made sure that Babyice’s pillow was with me so that I could sleep semi-comfortably, but it was not meant to be. For some reason I had a really stuffy nose and a post nasal drip which made it practically impossible to sleep. I managed to doze a little bit every now and then, but not nearly the entire two and a half hours we were on the road. I hadn’t slept much the weekend so I was tired and I realized that there would be a lot of work for me to do once we arrived home.


I was happy to be home, but daunted by all the things I would need to do. The dishwasher needed to be unpacked and repacked, Babyice’s bag for the week needed to be packed, laundry needed to be done, ALL the baby bottles had to be washed and sterilised, Babyice had to be bathed and fed, the suitcase needed to be packed and filled with the things that were taken out of it, etc. I must admit I was rather grumpy about having to do *everything*. Rudi was sitting with Babyice who wasn’t happy to be home. After being quite well behaved all weekend, he was clingy and moody. I offered to take over and let Rudi do all the other work, but he declined. I’m sure I bit his head off for looking at me skew at some point. How do other mothers do it? Work/kids/cooking/cleaning and and and?! How do you do it every day without being resentful?


All in all we had a lovely weekend away, despite the circumstances. We’re going back for a mini holiday in January when we happen to have leave together. “Holidays” are so much more affordable when you don’t have to pay for accommodation!




I am so frustrated. I’ll blog about my weekend away later.


Rudi has gone and fucked up the sleep training good and proper again. You know, I’m really trying to stop swearing, but sometimes the occasion just calls for it. Like now. Please refer to my previous post: Rudi Ruiner.


The night before last Babyice woke up again and Rudi went to him again. I could tell he was already getting tired of getting up every time he cries. He brought this up briefly yesterday, but I put my foot down, I said I am not getting up for him and that it is now officially Rudi’s problem. I think he displayed dissatisfaction, but i ignored it. He mentioned things like:


  • What if he has a cramp?
  • What if he is cold?
  • What if he doesn’t get back into bed and sleeps on the floor in the cold?
  • What if we don’t check on him and find him dead the next morning? (something I AM actually scared of)

…and and and. Excuse after excuse. In the summer there will be another excuse. *sigh*.


Yesterday afternoon Babyice didn’t get his way with something and threw another epic tantrum. This child carries on like he is possessed. I swear. It is incredible to watch and difficult to bear. Rudi even joined me in boycotting his tantrum for a short while. He then went back to try and console him or calm him down and then ended up walking away again with a “Fuck you”. I really don’t like it when we swear at him. It is completely unacceptable. There are times that you completely lose control and don’t know what else to do. I suppose it is our way of expressing *our* frustration at that moment in time. We need to change this! Eventually he calmed down and the rest of the evening was uneventful.


He went to sleep with no protest or problem. Rudi put him to bed as I was busy talking to someone who needed some advice. We went to bed and everything was wonderful…until about 01:34. Babyice woke up and started crying. The crying quickly escalated into screaming and went on and on and on. After a few minutes Rudi got up (since I refused to). The screaming and tantrum continued. He coughed from all the snot this was producing, threatening to throw up. Sound familiar? Yes. Life before sleep training. Welcome back to the dark days. The tantrum continued for 15 minutes or so…maybe 20. Rudi gave up and brought him to our bed. I got up and went to lie in Babyice’s bed. Rudi came to tell me that I was being childish and that he was going to divorce me becuase I’m ‘being like this’. Eventually I relented and went back to bed. Rudi thought it might be mature to then squidge him and Babyice up on a quarter of the bed so I could have some space. I didn’t protest. Not long after that Babyice was fast asleep and kicking me repeatedly. I complained and eventually Rudi took him back to his own bed where he slept happily for the rest of the night. Apparently Babyice is now also climbing onto his bed bumper, which is potentially dangerous, but not a reason to get up for him.


Rudi and I were so pissed off with each other this morning that we didn’t speak a word to each other in the car and did not even kiss each other goodbye. This bull is seriously causing a rift between us. I insist, however, that sleep training is the right way to go. Rudi reckons that this is something that will go away with time and that I will regret not allowing Babyice to sleep with us when he gets older and no longer wants to. I spoke to him this morning via BBM (sometimes it is easier when the tone of what you are trying to say is difficult to interpret). He still feels that we need to give Babyice free reign on our sleeping time. He thinks he will hurt himself. I’ve told him we can work around the bed bumper issue by taking it down and placing pillows on the floor next to the bed in case he does fall off. It is easy for us to distinguish between his I’ve-hurt-myself-cry and his I-want-attention-cry.


It looks like sleep training will have to be started practically from scratch again. I don’t want to do it. How do I know I won’t be wasting my time AGAIN? I think Rudi needs to do it, but I’m not sure if he has the backbone to see it through.





Laundry #fail

Laundry #fail:

So we went to pick up the sling yesterday. We still have to figure out exactly how it works, but Pinkhairgirl has volunteered to Skype me to show me or to show me when she comes to Cape Town in the beginning of March 🙂 I decided to wash it right away since it needs a couple of washes to soften the fabric as the dye makes the fabric stiff. I threw some of the new unwashed baby items in with the load. One of the items being a white hooded towel. Let us just say it is now a blue hooded towel. Luckily it dyed pretty evenly and it looks fine. I don’t think anyone will even know. Luckily everything else in the load was already blue. I wasn’t kidding when I said we have a lot of blue stuff!

Today is my last day at work. It has not been different from any other day at work. I have still gotten the same amount of work and I am super tired. I’ve been quite irritable today…because I would have really like to relax on my last day…instead of it being a normal, stressful Friday. The team I am in is the most hard working team in our department. This is as a result of a work ethic that we have developed and a team mentality that never lets the work fall to the wayside, no matter what. I could seriously go into labour at work and they would plan getting me to hospital around the work. There is never any mercy. That is why our portfolio performs the best in the entire department and why we very rarely fail. Our scores carry the rest of the department where they fall short. We are awesome…but it means hard work and determination. It means sticking it out and working when you’re meant to. It means not getting cut any slack. It also means I had to work as I usually do, till the bitter end. Even my 12 consecutive days. After this though…I’m free. 6 months of zero obligation to work. What a relief!

Also…my Sing Star has arrived! We’ll be picking it up after work. I can’t wait!!!! Guess what we’ll be doing after work?! Whoopie!!!!

Kak day

Ugh. Working in that crappy portfolio again today. When I am I just feel like saying FML. I positively hate it and have had more than one person shout at me today already. SO frustrating. I would much rather just work in my own portfolio, but we take turns serving our time in this one. It’s my turn.

To top it off I’m sick. For the past few days I’ve had a cold and I feel yucky. The worst part for me is the blocked nose. It KILLS me. I can’t stand not being able to breathe properly. I’m coping quite well without medication. Last month when I was sick I spent R2000.00 on doctor’s appointments and medication. I can’t afford to deplete my medical aid anymore, especially if I get pregnant this year I will need what I have left. Poor Rudi hasn’t even been considered into the equation.

He said the sweetest thing yesterday. They were talking about ‘The Golden Ratio’ on Oprah last night and how they measured the proportions of celebrities faces to calculate their ratio. The highest scoring celebrity was Brad Pitt, he scored over 9. Angelina Jolie scored between 7 and 8. I thought aloud and said ‘I wonder what mine would be’ and he turned around without missing a beat and said ‘9.9’. LOL. Sweet of him. Obviously not true, but sweet. Nobody has ever scored a perfect 10. I suppose he took that into consideration when he bestowed his compliment.

Ugh. I better get done with the work I have to do for today. FML.


I am exhausted, tired beyond belief. My last 12 consecutive days of work has completely messed me up. I could hardly lift myself out of bed this morning. I rested all weekend. We only went out on Friday night and we were in bed by 11. I feel like a zombie. I need some leave, but don’t want to waste leave.

Isn’t leave intended for those who need a break though? I’ve put in leave for next Monday. I’m working next weekend so with leave on Monday I’ll be working 11 consecutive days instead of 12. Not sure if that will help much.

I’ve pleaded with my team that we change our weekend roster so that we don’t work so many consecutive days, but changing this will mean working weekends more often so they kick against it. Also there are rumours of shifts coming back into our environment, so their latest argument was that we should continue to work this way to get as many weekends off as possible.

I see their point. I really do…but I don’t know if I can keep it up. Management has nothing to do with the way our weekends are scheduled and I suppose they shouldn’t turn a blind eye…but this is what my team has decided and I used to be able to do it. I must be getting OLD.

I’m going to bed at 7 tonight. Crap. I can’t. Survivor is on. Sherbet.

Lent For Liam – Paypal

The Paypal account for Lent for Liam has been set up. I’ve never used Paypal so I’m not sure how it works, but the e-mail address supplied was and the site is of course

I’ve been a bad blogger. I know. I’ve just been SO busy working. They’re now measuring our efficiency (read: productivity) per hour so trying to blog takes a chunk out of your hour and you’re called in and questioned as to why you attended to less queries in that particular hour. I know. Ridiculous. It was so bad on Friday we had to tell Jubba when we were going to pee. It’s worse than being in school!

Needless to say it has been frustrating! Yesterday I was supposed to be at work at 7AM. I only opened my eyes at 7AM. Working the entire weekend and again today (which is a public holiday in South Africa) has left me tired and grumpy! Also, every day I go in there is a chance I’ll be sent over to that portfolio I hate as they constantly need bailing out and our team seems to be the ones constantly doing it. Every day they calculate how many people we need (based on how many queries we can handle per hour and how many queries there are ready to be dealt with) and then take the rest of the staff and move them over to that portfolio.

Perhaps I should explain why I don’t like working in this portfolio. Basically the customers are different to the ones we deal with in our portfolio, often they spend large amounts of money with the company and thus have a sense of entitlement. More often than not the feedback we have to give these customers is not favourable and they end up crapping all over you. They also start asking really technical questions and since my colleagues and I don’t work with these queries every day, sometimes we have to make things up, or ask the customer to hold while we ask someone else. Sounding incompetent much? I can’t really explain the full extent of it without perhaps revealing more than I should about The Company, so I’ll leave it at that.

I was dreading have to work alone in my portfolio today. I thought I would be stuck there all bloody day. Surprisingly it didn’t take all day. I left just before 1PM. Awesome!

Right now I feel like I could really do with a nap, but I’ll probably just lie under the covers and watch NCIS. The sun is out, but it’s still chilly. I’m not fooled by the winter sun…Rudi has gone off to visit Lindor…so I think some NCIS will be a good way to pass the time.


In the past few days I have considered starting a separate blog, but have put the idea to bed. I can barely cope with regularly blogging here…I couldn’t cope with two. I could perhaps write a guest entry on another blog, but not a daily blog as the second one would be. How on earth does Angel manage her 3 blogs?! So I’ve decided to keep it at just one blog.

My working weekend is this weekend, plus I’m working the public holiday (alone!) next week. So I’ll probably be stuck at work all day on Tuesday 🙁 SUCK. Rudi was rubbing his hands together at the prospect of the overtime I’ll be earning…but I’m TIRED. Dammit!

I feel like I need a break…yes I know we were just away…but I dream of being a lady of leisure. Wouldn’t that be nice?

By the way…I didn’t gain any weight this week. Completely slipped my mind to mention it.

My Evil Mother and Grandfather updates

So. Great news! My grandfather’s colon is cancer free. He is so elated by this news that he is even considering another round of chemo instead of the operation on his liver. The chemo will make him very ill, but he feels he will still be able to work when he is having chemo whereas he will be off work for a full month if he has the operation to remove the cancer from his liver. He’ll be seeing a specialist in about a week to discuss his options and take things from there.

I took them out to dinner last night to celebrate his health, their 47 year wedding anniversary, his birthday (which is on the 13th of June) and to thank him for looking after Amber while we were away. We had a nice quiet dinner. It was lovely.

My Evil Mother is up to her old tricks. Her husband let it slip that my aunt could afford to ‘lose her pension’ as she works from home. Just goes to show what they must have been scheming about. My aunt’s pension, which she worked hard for. My Evil Mother is still living with my aunt and uncle, although her husband was kicked out after one too many drunken tantrums at all hours of the morning. She tried to get him back in with promises of money (seeing as how they don’t pay rent or contribute in any way) and some luxury food items. Luckily, for once, my uncle stood firm and kept by his decision. My Evil Mother has been hell to live with ever since. Rudi could not believe the way My Evil Mother spoke to my uncle in his own house. If My Evil Mother is really that desperate to be with her husband, then she should go and stay with him and his mother. My Evil Mother has told us horror stories of how his mother is evil and how she is an alcoholic. I think the actual story is that she is much more demanding about incoming contributions and them pulling their weight than my aunt and uncle are.

My Evil Mother *loves* throwing our religion/beliefs in our faces. She’ll often say things like ‘God doesn’t sleep’ – she seems totally oblivious to the fact that the same applies to her. Sometimes it’s funny, but for people like my grandfather and my uncle who both hold ministries within the church the guilt trip she takes them along for is often effective. Last Wednesday in church she went as far as to keep her communion wafer and to shove it in my uncle’s hand after church saying ‘You need it more than I do’. I cracked up when I heard this. I’m actually quite sure my uncle – who was giving her a lift home from church at the time, the selfish bastard – might have cracked up also. He has a good sense of humour. My grandparents on the other hand, didn’t think it was funny.

It is beyond me that My Evil Mother is still a free woman. The amount of fraud she has committed…and I’m only aware of a portion of it…must be substantial. Her ethics have always come in to question where she was employed. Just recently she went to work for a company. She had been there for less than a week and was given the company credit card to buy coffee, tea and a few other office supplies. She ended up spending R2500.00 and buying clothes and shoes for her husband. WHO DOES THAT?!

Did I ever tell you that she faked her suicide once because I refused to draw R500.00 and ‘lend’ it to her? This was before my eyes opened to her ways and I was in a total panic. I even phoned the police. She came home with a total BS story that didn’t even make sense about how she had parked her car on the side of one of the national roads and put a pipe from the exhaust into the window (nothing blocking the open gaps in the window to prevent ventilation – DUH), she also claimed the pipe and everything were already in the car. Some ‘valiant’ man pulled over, took her to hospital and paid the bill apparently. What a load of bull.


I’m working in another portfolio today. I hate this portfolio. More often than not the feedback I have to give customers is negative and they usually get angry. It’s not a nice way to spend a day. I’m the only one in my team who hasn’t had a turn yet, so by default I have to go over today. Suck!

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