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*SCREAM*   I am so frustrated. I’ll blog about my weekend away¬†later.   Rudi has gone and fucked up the sleep training good and proper again. You know, I’m really trying to stop swearing, but sometimes the occasion just calls for it. Like now. Please refer to my previous post: Rudi Ruiner.   The night


We went to see the gynae yesterday. Babyice weighs just over 1.5kg already! The gynae says the environment is so perfect in there, Babyice will most likely stay in there as long as he possibly can. He says I shouldn’t count on him coming any earlier than his due date. So I’ll be carrying into


So I’m still waiting for my cycle to start. I’m over my regular cycle ‘due date’ (it’s been more than 32 days since the womb scrape) and now I’m just waiting. It’s extremely frustrating not to know what’s going on. The gynae’s receptionist said it usually takes about 4 weeks and it’s been almost 5.