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Weekend update

Antenatal class last week was interesting. We learnt about coping methods during natural labour. We were taught some breathing exercises and positions to stand in. It was also demonstrated to the partners how to apply pressure on certain parts of our backs to ease the pain of the contractions. We practiced relaxation techniques and discussed

I can’t even pee in cups

So in case you were wondering, Rudi did come home on time on Saturday. Only problem is he came with Lindor and family in tow. He did what men usually do. Told his friends he is game for a braai and then said ‘I’ll just check with the wife’. Doesn’t leave me much choice does

Interesting Developments

Where to start… My car went in for a service on Friday. One of the headlights had somehow been damaged and I asked them to repair it, R1200.00 later. Then they called me to say my brakes weren’t going to make it to the next service, R1300.00 later. Why am I leaking money?! Anyway…when I