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Forking Tired

I’m super tired right now. It’s been hot all weekend so naps and sleeping have been difficult. Working the whole weekend really doesn’t help! After work on Saturday we went to Rudi’s Dart League year end function/prize giving. Mercifully it went by quickly and didn’t feel like a long dragged out affair. Why is it though that when you are pregnant people seem to want to feed you or assume that you want to eat all the time? I got extra servings because ‘I have a passenger’. I daresay I eat less now than I did before I was pregnant and didn’t manage to finish half my food. The food was really tasty and well prepared and I did enjoy what I did manage to eat. Fence was there. I don’t particularly care, but he completely freaking ignores me. Rudeness. He sat at our table and greeted everyone but me. I complimented him later on in the evening (telling him that him and his fiance dance really well together) and he looked away from me and started speaking to someone else. Honestly it doesn’t bother me in the least because I’d rather not speak to him, but I wish that Rudi would notice it too. Rudi was really gracious about not leaving too late and was the only guy there who bought flowers for his partner when one of those ladies came around selling roses. Sweet!


Sunday it was back to work and even though we only got home around midnight the previous evening I wasn’t too tired. After work Leebeesa and I went looking for outfits for our year end function which is this Saturday. I managed to find something that I absolutely adore in the second shop we went to. We trawled through more shops to find something for her, but had no luck. The one thing we found which she loved wasn’t available in her size anywhere – silly really because she is a ‘regular’ size, unlike myself. At the last shop we visited I also found a pair of shoes that match my top! I managed to buy Rudi a shirt for the function too. He is a spoilt brat! (but so am I)


Today at work has been crappy. I’ve had SO much to do this morning and so much crap to deal with that I’ve just been irritated and annoyed. This day could easily already be over and I would be fine with that.


I had a relaxed weekend, besides the working part of course. I worked until almost 2PM on Saturday and almost 1pm on Sunday (from 8am). It’s not as bad as having to work full day on a weekend, but apparently that might be in the cards…Usually when working a weekend I leave before my colleague does. I simply manage to work faster. We’ve just been told we have to leave at the same time and help the lagging colleague out if they’re not done. I feel that’s a tad unfair. Why should I do more work (we split the work evenly) than someone else just because I’m more efficient? *sigh* It seems to be a trend lately. Getting ‘punished’ for working hard. Or rather having to work harder because you work so hard (and so well) already.

We ended up not going to Fence’s party on Saturday. Before you think I was the culprit, Rudi actually decided not to go. Fence was supposed to call him on Saturday and he never did. It’s not the first time Fence has faded on him. Rudi invited him fishing last Saturday and he said he had to work, but they should definitely call him when they get back so he can join them for a braai. They tried calling him repeatedly and he never answered or bothered to return the call or send a message. Rudi is quite put off by this fickleness.

So apart from the braai on Friday night we had a relaxed two days at home. My media player is completely busted. I’m so annoyed. No picture comes up on the TV. Luckily the hard drive still picks up when plugged into the laptop, so I haven’t lost any information. We checked the cables and the DVD player works with the same cable, so it must be something inside the media player itself. Rudi opened it up and had a look, there are no obvious blow outs, burns or circuits that look busted. Guess we’ll have to take it in and have someone look at it. I just hope it doesn’t cost the earth. I’m kind of broke right now. Doctor’s bills are really killing me.

If anyone was wondering, we switched off for Earth Hour on Saturday night. I could see dark patches in the lights from our balcony. I only saw one house with it’s lights on in our complex. I must say that I heard quite a few car alarms go off just after 20:30. They did not switch off the street lights in our complex though, so it was still quite well lit. I saw on the news last night that 400 Mega Watts of electricity were saved in South Africa during Earth Hour. That sounds like a lot and even though a lot of people were very negative about Earth Hour, I think it did well to raise awareness for global warming.

After relaxing the weekend I feel refreshed and ready for the week. I suppose I will start getting tired again around Wednesday. It’s not easy working 12 consecutive days.

Sickness Is Me

My demise?

Phew. Not in the best of moods today. I feel so sick!

We went for the braai (BBQ) last night with the M&M;’s. I call them this because everyone in their household including their two sons have the letter ‘M’ as their first initial. They were very hospitable and were gracious hosts. They didn’t even mind that I watched 7de Laan when we first walked into the door (they don’t really watch the programme). Yes I know that’s very anti-social and rude, but I never catch the omnibus on a Sunday and it was quite and interesting episode to boot!

I must say they really did spoil us. We had chips (crisps) and dip for snacks. Steak, chicken kebabs, sausage, potato salad and potato bake for the main. We left well fed and with a Tupperware container full of food.

I packed away almost a whole bottle of Amarula and regretted it almost immediately. Amarula is very rich and creamy and immediately after adding food to that rich and creamy mix in my stomach…I felt really ill. This morning the feeling lingers. I feel nauseous. That’s about the crux of it. The nausea. I’ve taken tablets for nausea, but they don’t seem to be helping.

Cherry on the cake? I’m working. Cherry on the cherry on the cake? We have a braai at Fence’s place tonight. I am really not feeling up to it and now not for the reason you think. Previously I didn’t want to go because I know I’ll probably be bored to death and I’m working on tomorrow, but now I’m going to be sick *and* bored. Lovely. I suppose I could stay home, but I’ll probably just lay awake the whole night wondering when Rudi is coming home. He’s also not feeling well, but I don’t think that will stop him from going.

I’m definitely not drinking tonight. Really.

Weekend Plans

So I figured out yesterday that two Grandpa powders will sort your cramps right out! I will now buy some when we go shopping. They work better than even my beloved Adcodols do.

I’m really proud of myself for my exercise efforts this week. In the last 6 days Rudi and I have gone for a walk 4 times. A proper walk mind you, not a stroll. I’m sure this will pay off. I’ve even ended my walks the last two times with a jog to the front door (a *very* small jog), just to step up the work out for those last few steps. I’m still struggling to eat 100% correctly, but I’m making a concerted effort to not pig out on junk food. I have also been doing well with drinking water. I only skipped one day as the water was off in our area and the toilets were not flushing at work. Ewww.

Tonight we are going to braai (BBQ) with the lady I mentioned that I met at the hospital when we went for James’ last scan. She said “We should get together for a braai sometime” and I agreed. The next day I had an invitation for a braai tonight. Most people just say “We should get together sometime” and it never happens. We’ve also been instructed not to bring anything. Lovely.

Tomorrow night, unfortunately, we’ve been invited to a ‘massive party’ at Fence’s house (technically it’s Caregiver’s parents house). Rudi wants to go. I told him we can go on condition we leave when I want to as I’m working this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday).

So I have quite a full weekend ahead and I’m not looking forward to most of it. I’m not too fussed though, because attending Fence’s party on this working weekend will mean that I hopefully won’t have to see him on my off weekends.

Weekend Update

On Friday Rudi spent most of the evening with Lindor and Fence finalising plans for Saturday’s fishing trip. I saw him for the first time after 20:00 (despite him saying he would be home around 18:00). I decided to let it slide since I had busied myself washing all the pink spray out of my hair.

I participated in the CANSA Shavathon this year. I didn’t have money this year, but Leebeesa didn’t want her hair sprayed, but wanted to contribute, so she paid for me to have my hair sprayed. I got a lot of attention, I must say. Luckily this year the pink actually washed out of my hair. I washed it around 4 times and it all came out. Last year the purple stayed in my hair for quite some time.

Anyway…on Saturday we went on this fishing trip. Rudi was arguing with me over nonsense in the morning – almost as if he didn’t want me to go, but I stuck to my guns and went anyway. It wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought it would be. Fence and Caregiver pretended that nothing happened. Nobody mentioned the incident and I didn’t bring it up either. It was very hot and eventually very windy. I spent most of the day with Caregiver in a tent on the beach. We read, had a nap and made some food for the guys. Not one fish was caught the entire day.

We then went for a braai at Lindor’s house. That wasn’t too bad either. We tried to play games, but Lindor kept changing the rules. Eventually Rudi and Fence wanted to go and buy another bottle of brandy and for Lindor’s wife didn’t want him to go with. Lindor went to bed while they were away. When they got back Lindor came back down, but was upset that he could not go with them to buy the bottle. I have a feeling there’s more to it than that (perhaps he wanted to get something else as well, but lacked opportunity to leave)…I started feeling horrible and went to lie down on the couch. I passed out fell asleep and Rudi woke me up when it was time to leave. I felt awful. I felt nauseous, had heartburn and was still half asleep. So I survived Saturday.

Sunday we had a braai with the in-laws, which was uneventful as it normally is.

My ovulation microscope is confusing me! From around Thursday is started showing signs on ferning. That is supposed to be the transitional phase that leads up to ovulation. On Saturday my microscope showed NOTHING. We through it odd, so we took another sample and sure enough…it was like fern city. The entire lens was covered in ferns. It was all very exciting! So we started trying then. On Sunday – nothing. No ferns. Not one. I tested 4 times. This morning, no ferns. Nothing. My hopes of success are therefore not high for this month.

Next month we will try from the day the ferning starts to show until it disappears. As far as I understood the microscope should show transitional ferning, then full ferning and then back to transitional once ovulation tapers off.

Weird. At least it ferned though, which means I am ovulating. That is a good thing.


I’m not feeling so well today. I didn’t go in to work. I think I’m coming down with something. I feel all congested at night and nauseous during the day. No…I’m not pregnant. My readers would be amongst the first to know. I got up this morning and prepared breakfast and lunch for Rudi and I, like I do every morning…but I just didn’t feel right. I bit the bullet and phoned Jubba (something I loathe to do, although he has always been reasonable when I’ve been ill) and took a sick day.

It’s very hot today…I’ve already gone and cleaned the kitchen and put things straight and all sorts of things I should rather just leave because I’m not feeling well. Now that everything is done though I’m going to rest. Maybe it’s just all the stress at work lately. There’s been tension in the air at work for the past two weeks. For a change it’s not Jubba that’s driving me crazy. The whole department has been in shambles and trying to bail out one of the portfolios and I think everyone is feeling a little thinly spread. Management doesn’t think we’re performing at our optimum levels and decided to just pile more work on and shuffle us around. It makes complete sense from a business perspective, but we are people and sometimes companies forget about people. I must say The Company isn’t heartless and doesn’t treat us badly and pays us well. I don’t blame The Company…I just think there are some structuring issues and perhaps some strategies need to be put in place to prevent the portfolio in question from falling behind like they have again. It’s not the first time it has happened, but it always seems like it gets left till the last minute and then everyone panics.

So. I’m resting today.

I bought myself a very pretty dress yesterday. It’s officially the only one I own. I own skirts that I rarely wear, but I have no dresses. Just this one. I saw it in a mall close by quite a while ago, but they didn’t have my size. Yesterday I saw it in a different mall, in my size AND on sale. I had to get it. Rarely does a dress catch my eye, but this one did.

So last night I put on my new dress and my heels and I went to church. I felt so feminine and pretty. It’s the perfect dress for special occasions and I received lots of compliments last night.

Check out Amber’s battle scar:

Silly cat.

I just finished watching P.S. I love you. Very good movie. It just brings me back to that place where I remember that I need to appreciate what I have. It’s a beautiful movie and I would recommend you see it if you haven’t yet.

I looked at my microscope long and hard this morning and I just checked it again. I think I’m starting to see signs of ferning. Very slight, but it’s starting to show up. Rudi reckons it still looks the same, but I don’t agree. Maybe tomorrow it will be clearer and he can see.

I might have gotten myself out of fishing on Saturday with Fence and Lindor. It all depends on whether or not their partners are going with. Even if I don’t go fishing, there’s no escaping the braai (BBQ) afterwards. On Sunday apparently we’re going to Franshoek. Rudi’s brother, Derick, wants to do something for their mom and we’ve been invited, but it’s not yet confirmed. I must take my camera if we go. It’s beautiful there. I hope I’m not still feeling ill this weekend.


Holy cow! I’m not sure exactly how I did it, because I certainly did not have a perfect eating week. The only thing that I can figure is that the walking and drinking water is saving my behind. Perhaps my body doesn’t mind a little ‘fattening’ food every now and then. It could also be extra water I have lost after my cycle, since I stood still last week. Whatever the case I am standing at a loss of 6kg already and I’m very proud of myself!

The jeans I am wearing today always fit me properly, they were never too tight. In fact I could wear them well into my pregnancy, when all my other jeans failed me. Today they are too big. Not so big that I can’t wear them or that they don’t look OK, but too big none the less. Yay!

I forgot to update on Fence, I think. Fence did eventually phone Rudi back last Friday (I must have jinxed it by blogging about it), but Rudi didn’t go fishing with him anyway. They have a fishing trip planned this weekend at which my presence is required. I don’t mind going. I’ve got a good book I’m busy reading and hopefully Nellie would have been able to set up chat on her phone by then.

Poor Nellie is at home today. She’s taking a sick day. She has a lot of stress at work at the moment and I haven’t been able to talk to her much since they’ve moved her into an office with no e-mail. No e-mail! She must have felt like she was living in the dark ages!

No ferning on my microscope yet. I’m on cycle day 13, so maybe in a couple of days to a week the ferning will show up. I hope so!

The Plot Thickens

So an interesting development has occurred with Fence. I’m not sure if it’s just temporary, but he seems to be avoiding Rudi. Rudi has sent him messages about going fishing on Saturday morning and has tried to call him a couple of times and he just doesn’t answer.

Rudi jokingly says that he is afraid of me and doesn’t want to face me. I find this strange as he wanted to speak to me last time Rudi was there (when I refused the invitation). This leaves me to wonder whether or not there is more to this story than meets the eye. Was I or my behaviour a scape goat for Fence not wanting to be friends with Rudi anymore? Why avoid him now? Rudi said he never told him that I was willing to meet and discuss things and he still went fishing with Rudi after everything had happened. What would give Fence the impression that he would have to face me now? He should still be under the impression that I do not want to see him. The plot thickens my dear readers. The plot thickens.

With all of these assumptions above, I might as well continue while I’m on a roll. Does this mean that I am not the wicked witch in the story? Does this mean that my ‘attitude’ or ‘bad behaviour’ has been exaggerated or blown out of proportion by someone to use for their own personal endeavours? I’ll leave that for you to decide, because I really cannot say.

All I know is that Fence would usually promptly respond to Rudi’s messages and phone calls as he was always eager to get together with him and something seems to have changed. Maybe he is really busy. Maybe this is just temporary. We’ll have to wait it out and see.

I’m started showing Rudi my ovulation microscope results. Apparently the microscope is a great motivator for men. I am totally excited to see it ‘fern’ although that could take a week or two.

Another thing I have not mentioned before, but feel needs to be mentioned (as it is rather a big part of my life) is that I have made the bestest friend online. She really has been a wonderful support to me and listens to me moan, bitch, cry and laugh on a daily basis (yes, sometimes all my personalities come out). We’ve probably been talking every single day for the past few months. We communicate via e-mail when we’re at work and when we’re at home or on the road we MMS and SMS each other. We share basic everyday things with each other, we basically share our lives. The only drawback to this friendship is that it is a long distance one. My friend lives in Port Elizabeth and in case you don’t remember I live in Cape Town. Being the clever girls we are, we have formulated a plan. At the end of May we have a weekend away planned in George (roughly halfway between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town). We’re SO excited and have also practically already paid for the accommodation. Nellie (as she will be called on my blog) is heavily pregnant at the moment. By the time we finally meet her Creature (as so called by her) will be about 6 weeks old. Nellie also has the most amazing husband. A soft spoken darling of a man. She is very lucky! Nellie’s husband will be known as Goliath when I refer to him in future.

Nellie really is a wonderful friend. She is very supportive and encouraging. It was her that sent me the eating plan I’m following. She’s following my cycles on her calendars. She’s keeping track of my weight loss…(she’s cool like that). I suddenly can’t remember what I did without her. We’ve become so involved in each other’s lives that our families know about us and ask about how we’re doing. i.e. Her mom will ask how I’m doing or if I am also watching 7de Laan if her phone beeps during the programme. It’s actually phenomenal.

I cannot WAIT to go to George!


Jane had a good point in the comment she left the other day. She said the names that I have for Rudi’s friends are very negative. It’s true, I can’t deny it. Perhaps this assists in the perpetuation of my negative attitude towards them. So I have decided to rename them.

Crack Head scored MAJOR brownie points with me last night. He came to visit Rudi while I was at choir practice and when I got home I discovered a gift for me in the fridge. Lindor Chocolate balls. Absolutely my favourite and for some reason Rudi never got them for me on Valentine’s Day as I requested. Now I have some. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat them. I’m saving them for a special occasion. Crack Head will hence forth be known as Lindor. He also bought me a tiny little cactus last time he visited. I’m not sure exactly why he comes bearing gifts since he seems to know now I have put my grudge aside, but I’m not going to question this practice or complain!

Now on to Boring Person (Male) and Boring Person (Female). This took me a long time to mull over in my head. Trying to come up with something creative and positive has proved to be quite a challenge. I thought about calling Boring Person (Male) Older Guy, but Lindor is around the same age so it just doesn’t make sense. This isn’t awfully creative, but I’m going to call him Fence. He has an Afrikaans name and the name kind of reminds me of the word ‘fence’ (translated). I think that is quite a neutral name. I neither love nor hate fences. Boring Person (Female) will now be known as Caregiver. She runs a creche and cares for quite a few children on a daily basis so I think the name is apt.

So now that nobody on my blog has a negative name anymore, other than My Evil Mother who I reserve the right to keep that way until she is no longer evil, I feel a little lighter.

Speaking of My Evil Mother. On Wednesday after church she called me aside, asked me to hold her hand and said something like ‘No matter what happens and no matter what you or I say, I will always be your mother and these shoulders are always here for you’. RANDOM! Last night she called me at the last minute and asked to be picked up for choir practice. We had a little time to chat and I asked her why she made this random little speech. She then said ‘I am your mother, I can sense things and I will always be there for you despite the fact that you aren’t there for me’
‘Like when?’
‘Like when I went through my divorce, but it’s fine.’
I didn’t even get into it with her. I kind of feel like one is asking for divorce when you are cheating on your spouse. I don’t know why you would expect a different result and I don’t recall her being there for me all that much after we lost our son. Sure she came to the hospital and was there the day he was born and died and she went to look at him for me and take photos, but she wasn’t there after that or before that when I was going through a very hard time. Being there for one day while all the drama of the weeks before come to a head and then not being there afterwards doesn’t cut it in my book. But I didn’t get into it with her. She says she’s divorcing her current husband. This is not the first time she has said this. They’ve been married for four months. I am not sure if she will divorce him, although I don’t see any benefit to staying with him.

I called my grandparents and found out that my grandmother had told her that Rudi and I were having problems (this is obviously how she ‘senses things’ as my mother). I kind of knew that would have been her source. I wish she would learn that I am not as gullible as she thinks.