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Forking Tired

I’m super tired right now. It’s been hot all weekend so naps and sleeping have been difficult. Working the whole weekend really doesn’t help! After work on Saturday we went to Rudi’s Dart League year end function/prize giving. Mercifully it went by quickly and didn’t feel like a long dragged out affair. Why is it

The Plot Thickens

So an interesting development has occurred with Fence. I’m not sure if it’s just temporary, but he seems to be avoiding Rudi. Rudi has sent him messages about going fishing on Saturday morning and has tried to call him a couple of times and he just doesn’t answer. Rudi jokingly says that he is afraid


Jane had a good point in the comment she left the other day. She said the names that I have for Rudi’s friends are very negative. It’s true, I can’t deny it. Perhaps this assists in the perpetuation of my negative attitude towards them. So I have decided to rename them. Crack Head scored MAJOR