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Birthday Bumps

Update on the dummy front is that we are doing really well without it. Babyice still takes a chance every now and then and asks for it, but doesn’t whine once we tell him that all the dummies are gone. He specifically asks for the dummy when he is upset and the question is usually

Dummy Diaries

So…if you follow my blog you would have picked up that we are having problems getting Babyice off the dummy (pacifier). He has clung to that thing like there is no tomorrow. We managed pretty well recently with not giving it to him when he is not going to sleep…well…I have managed very well. Every

Sleep Training – Night 9

Last night was a great night! Getting Babyice to go to sleep was painless. Rudi wasn’t home since he plays darts on a Wednesday, so I didn’t have to contend with two stubborn men 😉 Babyice drank his bottle and took his dummy, but didn’t want to give the bottle to me. I didn’t mind though, because