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ModCloth – Nails inspired by Fashion

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I was approached by a ModStylist from ModCloth to take part in their Nail Klub and Dresses challenge. A challenge sounded like a fun idea and I went to check out the selection of summer dresses I could use for inspiration. There is an article published on their blog showing off two nail designs inspired by party dresses. You can view the post here. They have such a huge selection of dresses it was hard to pick one! I found one or two that I really liked and that sparked some ideas for a mani, but when I came across the Soiree Stunner Dress the ideas flooded in and I knew I had found “the one”. It isn’t necessarily a dress I would wear, but it definitely inspired this mani and got my creative juices flowing. Here is a picture of the dress:

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Not only is this dress a lovely mint shade, but the black is a beautiful contrast to the soft pastel colour. I just love the lace detail at the bottom of the dress and at the neckline. The little black bow at the waist also gave me an idea. Here is what I came up with:


I hope you like them!

Can I just say that I really love this site? Not only do their sizes accommodate for plus sized women, the photos on their website are of normal women of all shapes and sizes. They don’t only have waif-like models showing off their clothes, but every day women. For me, that is a huge brand plus!

While I wish this challenge was to win one of these gorgeous dresses, unfortunately I’ll have to keep vicariously living these designs through my nail art. These dresses are not only beautiful and come in my size, they are totally out of my league, especially when you factor in the exchange rate.

What do you think? Could you rock this dress? Would you pair up your mani to match?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated for this post. I was approached by the company to take part in the challenge and chose to do so.


I’m not feeling so well today. I didn’t go in to work. I think I’m coming down with something. I feel all congested at night and nauseous during the day. No…I’m not pregnant. My readers would be amongst the first to know. I got up this morning and prepared breakfast and lunch for Rudi and I, like I do every morning…but I just didn’t feel right. I bit the bullet and phoned Jubba (something I loathe to do, although he has always been reasonable when I’ve been ill) and took a sick day.

It’s very hot today…I’ve already gone and cleaned the kitchen and put things straight and all sorts of things I should rather just leave because I’m not feeling well. Now that everything is done though I’m going to rest. Maybe it’s just all the stress at work lately. There’s been tension in the air at work for the past two weeks. For a change it’s not Jubba that’s driving me crazy. The whole department has been in shambles and trying to bail out one of the portfolios and I think everyone is feeling a little thinly spread. Management doesn’t think we’re performing at our optimum levels and decided to just pile more work on and shuffle us around. It makes complete sense from a business perspective, but we are people and sometimes companies forget about people. I must say The Company isn’t heartless and doesn’t treat us badly and pays us well. I don’t blame The Company…I just think there are some structuring issues and perhaps some strategies need to be put in place to prevent the portfolio in question from falling behind like they have again. It’s not the first time it has happened, but it always seems like it gets left till the last minute and then everyone panics.

So. I’m resting today.

I bought myself a very pretty dress yesterday. It’s officially the only one I own. I own skirts that I rarely wear, but I have no dresses. Just this one. I saw it in a mall close by quite a while ago, but they didn’t have my size. Yesterday I saw it in a different mall, in my size AND on sale. I had to get it. Rarely does a dress catch my eye, but this one did.

So last night I put on my new dress and my heels and I went to church. I felt so feminine and pretty. It’s the perfect dress for special occasions and I received lots of compliments last night.

Check out Amber’s battle scar:

Silly cat.

I just finished watching P.S. I love you. Very good movie. It just brings me back to that place where I remember that I need to appreciate what I have. It’s a beautiful movie and I would recommend you see it if you haven’t yet.

I looked at my microscope long and hard this morning and I just checked it again. I think I’m starting to see signs of ferning. Very slight, but it’s starting to show up. Rudi reckons it still looks the same, but I don’t agree. Maybe tomorrow it will be clearer and he can see.

I might have gotten myself out of fishing on Saturday with Fence and Lindor. It all depends on whether or not their partners are going with. Even if I don’t go fishing, there’s no escaping the braai (BBQ) afterwards. On Sunday apparently we’re going to Franshoek. Rudi’s brother, Derick, wants to do something for their mom and we’ve been invited, but it’s not yet confirmed. I must take my camera if we go. It’s beautiful there. I hope I’m not still feeling ill this weekend.