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Once again our domestic bailed. She simply didn’t pitch for work, after telling me she wouldn’t let us down. I guess she meant it when she told the downstairs neighbour she wasn’t earning enough. Which is fine, really. It would of been nice, however, if she had spoken to me about it. We’re adults. Just

Birthday Bumps

Update on the dummy front is that we are doing really well without it. Babyice still takes a chance every now and then and asks for it, but doesn’t whine once we tell him that all the dummies are gone. He specifically asks for the dummy when he is upset and the question is usually

Tests e-jissus

I can’t believe I forgot to blog this…but I won some nappies! After entering numerous online competitions and losing each time I decided I would boycott them all. I then saw another nappy competition for Pampers Sensitive nappies on Living Lionheart‘s blog. Another blogger had run the same competition, I had entered and not won.

Feeling better

I was man down the entire weekend. I had really bad headaches, even while I was sleeping and the blocked nose/snot machine was working in full force. The headaches were NOT funny. I tried to go and renew my driver’s license on Saturday, but the caravan that is normally parked outside the traffic department was

Domestics don’t suck like Electrolux, they just suck

So on Friday we were afforded the opportunity to go and enjoy @kambabe’s 40th birthday. It was quite a long drive there, but it was totally worth it. I got to meet quite a few new Twitter friends and one of my old friends, @MeeAParkins had flown down from Johannesburg for the occasion and it