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That Time I Went to the Chiropractor

Hi everyone!

I have mentioned the trouble that I am having with my neck/shoulders before, but saved the details for this post as I had not yet finished treatment. For the past 4 years at least that I can remember my shoulders would go into spasm. Normally I would get a voltaren shot and it would be fine for a while. Sometimes it would be fine for months. I couldn’t isolate that it was triggered by anything specific, so I just treated it when it happened.

About 5 months ago it happened again. I popped off to the pharmacy to get anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants to try and sort it out. After 2 weeks of taking meds daily I still found no relief. Some days it was so bad I could not lift my right arm to touch my eyebrow. I decided to go to a physio to try and get some help. The physio tried a few different methods of treatment uncluding massage, dry needling and traction. At my fourth session the physio advised me she thinks I need to see a chiropractor. Fortunately we have a chiropractor on site at work, so I was able to make appointments and see her without having to go after work or leaving work during the day to have it seen to. I went for an assessment at the chiro and the news was not good. Over time my head had shifted just over 6 cm forward due to bad posture. Where my head weighs about 9 kg, the angle at which it was now putting pressure on my spine was calculated at 63.5 kg. No wonder my neck and shoulders just couldn’t take it anymore.

The chiropractor advised me that a treatment plan was needed to try and correct my posture which would in turn relieve the pressure on my spine and should then sort out the muscles going into spasm all the time. At the time the treatment would amount to almost R5 000 and it wasn’t really something I could afford, but I decided to make concessions elsewhere to try and get out of the cycle of chronic pain. I claimed half of the treatment from my medical aid savings account and the rest I scraped together. I had about 16 appointments with regular dry needling to release the spasm. After the treatment I would have relief for a few days and the muscles would just jump right back into spasm. I remained unmedicated for the duration of my treatment as I was able to handle the pain. I suspect the relief from the needles was enough for me not to take anything for further relief.

During treatment I started receiving compliments at work about my posture. People would randomly tell me how good my posture is. It is hard work. It was painful trying to keep myself upright all the time, strengthening my core and consciously trying not to slouch. Some days, especially if I was unwell for other reasons, I would get tired and end up slouching at the end of the day. I made an effort not to and tried very hard to keep my posture upright and my head back. It still is hard to do this. I stay aware of my posture and do my best not to undo the treatment and posture correction. I have always wanted to have better posture and now I do. After the treatment my head is now only shifted 0.71 cm forward and putting 15 kg pressure on my spine. This is a huge improvement! It is still a daily struggle to keep everything straight up and I hope one day it will come naturally. It took me years to alter my body into a slouch, so it might just take a while for all the muscles/joints/ligaments to correct themselves as well.

Problem is….my muscles in my neck and shoulders are still in spasm. It is still very painful and I am all out of money trying to fix it. I recently went to the doctor because I had an eye infection. I mentioned the spasm to him, he felt it and prescribed schedule 5 anti inflammatories and painkillers. Those are finished. While they helped for a while, the pain is back and I’m on over the counter meds again. My GP said this is definitely not normal and I need to have an x ray done to see if they can pinpoint what is causing it and see if they can fix it. I would go in a heartbeat, if I could still afford to. I’m going to have to wait till I have some extra money (HA HA HA) or until the medical aid resets. I don’t like taking the over the counter meds because they have horrid side effects, but sometimes I am desperate enough to resort to them. Like now. I discussed the having the x ray with my chiropractor. At first she said it would be pointless since she knows what’s wrong, but after thinking about it said she would send me with a form ordering the x ray so that we can get a better look. She does not think it will change the treatment plan, but reckons a medical doctor would likely recommend surgery to fix it. I told her that I am at a point where I am willing to have surgery to get it sorted out. I am always sore and uncomfortable. It is horrible. She mentioned that one of the top neurosurgeons in America doesn’t do neck surgery at all anymore. Apparently 5 years after having surgery there is no difference between patients who have had surgery and those who have not. Where does that leave me? 🙁

I have asked Rudi not to let Elijah sleep in our bed since I sleep very uncomfortably when there are 4 of us in the bed and usually wake up in more pain than I was. It seems to be making it worse, although I’m pretty sure it isn’t the cause. I can’t sleep badly every single day and the symptoms cannot be so persistent.

When they went back into spasm the other day, I was nauseous from the pain. Some days I have just sat and cried because I’m really tired of being in pain every single day. I really need to get this sorted out. Why is money so damn evil?! I really hope it is nothing serious and that I can have it fixed and won’t be stuck like this for the rest of my life.

I really enjoyed my chiropractic treatment. My chiropractor was also a really fun person and we got a long well. She taught me things about my body that I didn’t know and helped me improve my posture, BUT I’m still in pain. I know she has done everything she could, but with my limited finances it wasn’t enough. Have you ever seen a chiropractor? Were they able to help you?


Antibiotics Required

Hi everyone. The kids have been sick. For almost 3 weeks now. I’ve been treating them with OTC meds and they have been okay. Coughing, snotty and the occasional fever…for 3 weeks. Gabby’s fever has now become more aggressive and I’ve decided it’s time to give in and take her to the doctor. I am certain she is going to come away with antibiotics and I have to be okay with that.

Just over a week ago I took them to a kiddies party and the next morning I woke up with a very angry looking red eye. I went to the doctor on the Monday and he confirmed I had conjunctivitis. That same day I noticed Gabby’s eye was also tearing and there was a small amount of discharge. This has happened before and I was prescribed the same eye drops that she used, so I gave her some too. Her eye is all better, but she is still coughing and the fevers are coming one after the other or at least once or twice a day instead of every other day. When her temperature shoots up she is also getting that look…that limp look where it looks like the light has left her eyes. So it is time. Her body is struggling to fight whatever has a hold of her. I’ll have the doctor give Elijah the once over as well, although I don’t think that he is as bad. I’ve only been able to get an appointment for them tomorrow afternoon.

So our 9 month streak of no antibiotics will be coming to an end fairly soon. I am okay with that.

8 Months with No Antibiotics – Almost Foiled!

Hi everyone! Poor Gabby has been sick since Sunday. She started off with a horrible dry cough that sounded like a bark. I suspected she might have croup. She started spiking fevers of over 39° and we medicated her accordingly. I sent her to the day mother on Monday where her fever persisted and I figured out that I often ran to the doctor because the day mother is a bit alarmist. On Tuesday she had said Gabby was laying around and not herself. Rudi was home from work and went over to find her playing with the other kids. I understand she may be concerned something happens to the kids while they are there, but it was suddenly clear to me that I often took the kids to the doctor based on her feedback without seeing myself. Gabby didn’t stay home with Rudi because we were unsure if he would be called away to work unexpectedly.

On Tuesday night her fevers carried on coming back and I decided to try and get her to a doctor. I stayed home with her, but the doctors were all fully booked at the practice where we normally take them. There are at least 6 doctors there, so clearly I am not alone. I made an appointment for Thursday. She went over 39° on Wednesday night and again at 3 AM on Thursday morning and I decided to keep the appointment. She had also opened up a snot factory in her head that was new and I was truly afraid she was going to cough so hard she would vomit in our bed. She has also not been eating well, but she has been nursing almost non stop so I am not really worried about her nutrient intake.

I changed doctors for this appointment. I chose a doctor I *know* doesn’t push antibiotics if it isn’t necessary. My grandmother often goes to him and friends of ours use him too. I just knew if I took her back to our regular doctor that we would leave with an antibiotic script in hand.

We went to see the doctor and he assured me that we were not at a point where antibiotics were needed. He advised that the flu was extremely persistent this year and it was not uncommon for him to see kids with fevers for much longer than normal. He advised which symptoms to look for when antibiotics would be called in. He said the clear runny nose was a sign of a viral bug and if really thick coloured sticky snot was present we were likely dealing with a bacterial infection. He gave us one or two extra meds for her symptoms and some peace of mind. She was such a star at the doctor and he said it was a pleasure to examine her. He also mentioned that she had a very sunny disposition for someone who was sick. I said I think the boobs had something to do with it and he said that breastfed children are often more calm and happy. The man knows how to score brownie points with me! (I am not saying bottle fed babies are unhappy/not calm at all. I am sure he was not either. I have a bottle fed child too.)

I was elated that he didn’t prescribe antibiotics. We are now 8 months antibiotic free and hopefully Gabby will get over this without them. The doctor said they are seeing flu that used to last 3 to 4 days drag on for 2 weeks now. I guess the bugs are getting much stronger…what with all the over prescription of antibiotics. 

Other than that Gabby is fully potty trained.  She has blown me away. At 3 AM when she woke up with a fever, she also asked to go pee. We have taken her off nappies altogether. Potty training is one of my least favourite parenting experiences. I did have quite a few unpleasant messes to clean up with her, but she has completely surpassed my expectations with the speed she has taken herself off night nappies in particular. After about 2 months of her waking up with a dry nappy every day I decided we are wasting our money on nappies.  Yay for her! (and us!)

Here’s hoping she is on the mend and that her immunity goes from strength to strength as we try to stick to this antibiotic free lifestyle 🙂



I wish I meant that figuratively. Having a child of the opposite gender can be challenging, especially when they suffer in a way that you cannot relate to.

Elijah complained of pain in his groin area on the way to the day mother the other day. Rudi checked him and noticed no redness or anything that raised a red flag, so he went off to the day mother and school as per normal. Later that afternoon I get a call from the day mother saying Elijah is crying in pain. She also examined the area and could not see anything alarming. It was very worrying that he was in so much pain though. He didn’t want to play with the other children because it was too sore. I asked her to administer pain meds and made a doctor’s appointment.

The doctor was glad that we brought him in as something like this should never be ignored. Torsion is a possibility and a very scary thing, so groin pain is a big red flag. Two doctors examined him and agreed that it wasn’t torsion, but likely a hernia. As it was already late in the day the doctor advised us to take him to hospital for a sonar to see what is going on inside, specifically with his left testicle as that was where the pain seemed to be radiating from.

Our medical aid is finished. We have started using the “extra” GP appointments we get over and above our savings, so we would have to pay for the scan. From there it would likely have been hospital, so no extra cost. The next morning, he claimed that it was no longer sore. We thought we would play it by ear and take him for the scan if the pain came back or continued. He went to school as normal and once he was back I checked with the day mother on a few occasions throughout the day and everything seemed 100% again.

This was rather a close shave. I was completely clueless about all these testicle afflictions, but have learnt a lot about balls in a short period of time. He likely got hurt somehow or took a knock and didn’t realize that is what had happened. I’m really glad we got it checked out, even if it turned out to be nothing.

Being faced with this I just realized that I cannot relate to him in this particular area at all. Luckily I could still connect with him on a compassionate and empathetic level. I could help him understand that we would do what we can to help him and make him better. For that, I am the best and while the physical pain has probably already been forgotten…I hope that he will remember that he can still come to me, even if we aren’t the same.

Brokitis (bro-kite-is)

I am so very tired of being sick and having sick people in the house. In the last two and a half weeks we have “spent” around R5 500 on doctors. Appointments, meds, x-rays, blood tests, etc. Cherry on the cake? We’re not much better off.


It all started with Elijah. He came home with a horrible cough. We took him to the doctor and he came home with antibiotics. He then passed the germ on to Gabby and just as he started to get better, she passed it back to him and to me. Gabby and Elijah went to the doc and both came home with antibiotics. Gabby got better, but Elijah didn’t really and I got worse. Elijah and I went back to the doctor and came home with antibiotics. 3 courses of antibiotics later and Elijah still has a horrible bark and this morning was complaining of a sore ear. I phoned the doctor yesterday because I feel no better after completing my course and he extended the script and my antibiotics.


I still have no idea what is going on with my joints. After blood tests and x-rays they still can’t find anything wrong, so I’m off to see a specialist in May. Once you factor in the specialist appointment the cost of the doctors is closer to R7 000. It is only April. It is not even winter yet. FOR REAL?! Rudi also told me that he isn’t feeling well today. It is just a vicious cycle and I am terrified we will keep on reinfecting each other until we run out of money/resources. What then?


I have been a real pain to be around lately. I’ve been utterly miserable with this bout of bronchitis that just won’t quit, so if I’ve snapped at you or moaned your ear off, I’m sorry. I promise once I am feeling better I’ll get up out of my grump and be nice again.

Dud Diagnosis

The doctor’s receptionist called yesterday with my results. I really hate that. When I started asking her questions, she clearly couldn’t answer me.

The good news, it isn’t arthritis. According to her the doctor said the might be gout. I should continue with the meds and if it gets worse, doesn’t clear I should come back for more tests. The meds do seem to be helping with the pain, this morning I felt absolutely horrible though. Dizzy, nauseous and no ability to concentrate. I was in the loo a few times waiting for something to happen. I considered making things happen myself, but then remembered how much I hate throwing up. I feel a lot better now.


I don’t think what I have is gout. For various reasons. Only 1 –  2 % of the western population are ever affected by gout. Of that 50 % of cases present in the big toe area. If left untreated an attack of gout should clear within 5 – 7 days. I’ve been suffering for over a month. The area is usually red and swollen. I don’t eat a lot of red meat. I barely drink and if I do I usually drink red wine. I don’t eat seafood.  I drink quite a bit of coffee and enjoy dairy products which apparently help with prevention. The only factor here that puts me at risk for gout is my weight. None of the other things make sense, so I really think this is not the correct diagnosis. At least I’ve ruled out arthritis and as far as I am concerned I’ve ruled out gout as well, but that leaves me back at square one.


So I’ll take the meds, I think I’ll skip the cortisone tomorrow and see if I don’t feel sick, or rather take them at night.  If it doesn’t get better I’ll go back and see. Not exactly what I wanted, but at least not bad news.


Thanks for the concern and kind messages x

Medical Madness

I have been back to the doctor yesterday. More medical issues.


For the past month or so I have been experiencing severe pain in my joints. Although I feel it in most joints every now and then, my wrists are the most sore and it has gotten to a point where they hurt every single day. My ankles, knees, elbows and hips hurt sometimes, but not all the time and not too badly. The pain has started to interfere with my every day life. I struggle to screw open jars and bottles. Sometimes it hurts to pick up Gabby. Dressing her is a nightmare. I eventually relented and decided to have it seen to.


I was none too pleased that the doctor asked me to pee on a stick.  I had done a pregnancy test around Valentine’s Day because I had a few symptoms, but these could also have been from the medication I was taking at the time for the bronchitis I had. I just wanted to be sure. Thank goodness the test was negative both times. We just really can’t do any more babies money wise.  He poked me a lot and managed to find the exact spot in my wrist where it hurts. He has prescribed me meds, but I’m not sure yet if they will work since the painkillers and anti-inflammatories I tried to take before gave me no relief.


He is running blood tests for gout, rheumatoid arthritis and infection. If the results come back clear I am considering having my Mirena removed. If you want to be scared out of your wits, Google Mirena side effects. A lot of women have reported similar side effects and are usually screened for rheumatoid arthritis/Lupus when they go to the doctor. Sometimes symptoms surface as late as 4 years after having the Mirena put in.  I discussed this briefly with the doctor and he said it was not impossible that my symptoms are caused by the Mirena and if the tests are clear I should discuss this with my gynae. I’m not sure if he will believe me, my gynae was quite positive about the Mirena having minimal side effects. Although it is a really convenient form of birth control, it isn’t worth being in pain every day. I do, however, want to rule out other causes first. I paid R2 000 out of my own pocket for the Mirena as it isn’t covered by the medical aid. Although I have gotten a year’s use out of it, it still has about 4 years left. By the time all these tests and doctor’s visits are done I’ll probably have used at least that much of the medical aid anyway.


We quickly discussed other birth control options in case I do have the Mirena removed. He mentioned the Nuvaring, but that is a estrogen and progesterone birth control method which could affect my milk supply while breastfeeding and may cut short our breastfeeding journey. I was very disappointed when he said I’ve breastfed Gabby for long enough and that 6 months is recommended. It really is sad when medical professionals are so ill informed. I did make mention of the fact that the World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 2 years of breastfeeding or until the child naturally weans. There are other birth control options, I’ll just have to suck it up. I will never get to breastfeed again in my life and the longer we continue to breastfeed, the more benefit both of us derive from it. Emotional and physical benefits. I could use the breastfeeding pill, but it much more unreliable than other birth control pills. I was warned with Elijah if I don’t take it at exactly the same time every single day I WILL get pregnant. I’m not so good with remembering to take meds, never mind at the same time every day! I’ll explore my options at a later stage if necessary.


The doctor may call me with results this afternoon, latest tomorrow. I’m so conflicted I’m not even sure what to hope for. Every outcome here has its pros and cons. I’ll keep you posted.

Breaking Fevers

Sheesh. Gabrielle is really putting us through our paces as parents!


She started with a fever again last week Thursday and on Friday morning it had jumped to over 39°. There was no way either of us could stay home from work, so I had to send her to the day mother and made a doctor’s appointment for her for after work. We toddled off to the doctor and came back with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. Not even a full week back at the day mother and she is sick again. She seems quite prone to picking things up. He also gave us an immune booster (Zinplex) to try and help her fight off the bugs. I asked him how long we should wait before bringing her in and he said if we were worried to always bring her in. If we had waited another two days (after the weekend) she would have been a LOT worse. We stopped to get some take away on our way home and I could see that she didn’t look well at all. Almost like she was about to lose consciousness. I wasn’t 100% sure if she was falling asleep (as we were in the car) or if it was something else. The doctor had not taken her temperature when he examined her and didn’t show any concern. When I took her temp when we got home it was 40°. While we were at the doctor she didn’t even really feel warm, so it must have elevated rather quickly. My thermometer has never shown a temp that high before. Elijah never went there. We worked quickly to get her temp down. Of course she is vomiting up her antibiotics again. She makes herself sick before the spoon even gets to her mouth. I’m not sure what to make of that. It seems like she is being “naughty”. I know the antibiotics taste shit, but puking before you’ve even tasted them? I don’t know.


On Saturday night we all went to bed and around midnight she started getting restless and crying. I tried to feed her, but she didn’t want to drink. I felt that she was quite warm and decided to take her temperature. 40.4°! I’ve never shot out of bed so fast. I stripped her down, gave her a suppository and ran a tepid bath. Her skin was so hot it felt like it was burning my hands when I touched her. She has been screaming at bath time for about a week. I’m not quite sure why, but bathing her has been trying. She stayed relatively calm for this bath though. I wet her hair and kept pouring the tepid water over her. We fed her some paracetamol and ice cream and within 45 minutes we had brought her temperature back down to 37°.  That was freaking scary! We watched her very carefully after that and started medicating proactively. I’m so glad we took her to the doctor when we did, otherwise we would have ended up in the emergency room for sure. 


She seems to be a bit better. At least when she is at the day mother the administration of antibiotics shifts to her. I seriously dread medicine time. The day mother usually has much better luck than us, but on Monday first thing the antibiotics came back up. She had a little more success the second time around. She also has to eat before she takes the antibiotics and it is always fun wondering if you’re going to see her meal again. Not.  The day mother has also been instructed to give her fever meds on a 4 hourly basis, alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen. I think we’ll give her a suppository at night when we go to bed until she has completed her antibiotics. I might not have a medical degree, but it feels like I’ve got the hang of this medicating thing. I can tell you breaking that fever of over 40° felt like such an achievement! Scary as it was, we did it! Even though neither of my children has ever had a convulsion from fever, it is always a risk and I am very afraid of it happening. Gabby is clearly in a league of her own with her hotness, so I’ll be sure to be extra careful with her.


I’m really hoping the immune booster is going to make a difference and help her feel better and stay healthy. She’s developed an ugly rash on her face, probably from the antibiotics. Poor baby looks like she has been through the wars with mosquito bites, a bruise on her cheek (thanks to her brother) and now this rash on her face.  I wish I could just make her better already!

About My Health

Disclaimer: This post may contain what you consider to be ‘too much information’ and if you are squeamish (or eating) I would advise you to skip it.


Last year I had a colonoscopy done and wrote about it here. The surgeon told me to come back in a year for another one just to make sure nothing else popped up. I fell pregnant about a month after the procedure so have waited quite a few months over a year to go again. To be honest I had to be coaxed/scolded into going again. I have been putting it off. It isn’t a nice procedure to have to go for. I was especially dreading the preparation. Flushing out your system can be unforgiving. I decided to have it done after our weekend away. We came back on Sunday night and on Monday I started with preparation for the scope.


I was allowed a breakfast of dry toast and boiled egg with black coffee. After that it was meds, water and jelly. I managed the not eating part better than I did last time. The evening was hard when the family came home and ate. Smelling the neighbour’s cooking waft through the open windows left me hungry and salivating. Even Babyice’s peanut butter sandwich smelled heavenly. Failure was not an option and I pushed through. From around 21:00 I stopped eating and drinking until after the procedure the next morning. My appointment was for 10:15. I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish to the procedure. That was almost as torturous as not being able to eat. I had all the time in the world to do my nails as I was at home, but couldn’t. In case you didn’t know (I only recently learned of this myself), doctors use the colour of your natural nails to monitor your oxygen levels when you are sedated. Apparently your nails turn blue if you are deprived of oxygen. Who knew?


The next morning I managed okay with not eating or drinking. I was a bit nervous, but instead of worrying about the procedure I started planning my first Christmas mani. We went in early as I knew there would be some paperwork to fill in and then I waited for the doctor to call me. I had only ever seen him once before. I forgot how kindly and soft he looked. We had a short consultation, he asked if there had been any other problems since my last visit and how old my baby was. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind terribly to keep me asleep the entire time this time (I wrote about waking up in the previous post). He assured me the goal was to keep me sleeping. He lead me to the procedure room and gave me a robe. I could leave on my top and my jewellery. He put a drip into my right hand and had me turn onto my side. He was adjusting things and preparing. He told me I would feel a little dizzy. I didn’t. I just kept thinking ‘I’m still awake, don’t start. I’m still awake, don’t start!’. I felt him gently shaking me at my shoulder “We’re done!”. And just like that it was over. They moved me into the room next door. I was still very groggy. I think the nurse offered me an extra blanket. I declined and dozed a little longer. It was a lovely little snooze. Once I felt awake enough I got dressed and went to sit with Rudi in the waiting room. The receptionist brought me a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee. I was pleasantly surprised. I had forgotten that I was given a sandwich last time too. I ate my sandwich and when I was done the doctor called me back into his office. He told me that everything is clear. He is satisfied that nothing awry is going on and wants to see me again in 5 years. He mentioned again that he was surprised to find something last time, but since I had already presented with a polyp it was likely that they will occur again. If left too long they can become cancerous, as was the case with my grandfather. It is something I’m going to have to keep an eye on for the rest of my life. At least I picked it up early and don’t have something dangerous lurking unseen.


Right after the procedure I decided to have KFC Zinger Wings as my first meal. Most stupid thing I have done in a long time. The meds from the previous day had not worked out yet and I found myself running to the loo often. I also think the doctor might have slipped because I have been very tender. Walking and sitting are very painful at the moment. Worse than after giving birth! I really hope that sorts itself out soon!


Anyway…I went. It’s over. I’m clear. Thanks for all the support and love from those of you who figured out what was going on x



Sick kiddos

I worked last weekend and as is custom, PrincessIce started running temps and getting gooey eyes. This is the 3rd time in a row that she has started getting sick just before I have to work the weekend. On Friday Babyice also started coughing and it was time to play ‘Are the kids sick enough to go to the doctor?’ before the weekend. I went to the pharmacy after work and spent R400 on over the counter medication for them. Babyice seemed OK and PrincessIce’s fever was under control by Saturday morning.


By the time I got home from work on Saturday I could hear that Babyice was quite unwell. His chest sounded terrible and he had started getting a fever too. We nebulized him and medicated him for his fever. PrincessIce’s fever didn’t come back and she was doing OK. Before I left for work on Sunday morning I had a small cry. All I wanted to do was cuddle my sweet boy and make him feel better, instead I had to leave him. When I got home after work  Babyice was ASLEEP! He never ever naps with us on a weekend (although he naps at the day mother in the week). Rudi had given him a suppository at about 12:30 and after that he went to sleep. He slept for almost 4 hours! While I like for him to sleep because I know it is good for him and will help him fight off the bug, it was alarming for me because I realized just how terrible he must be feeling. He had also been refusing to eat so I picked up some ice cream and custard on the way home which he gladly gobbled up after his long nap. All the barking he had been doing must of made his throat really sore.


On Monday after work I took them both to the doctor. Apparently PrincessIce had slept for the majority of the day. I was so proud of Babyice. He told the doctor he isn’t feeling well, got up onto the doctor’s bed all by himself. Let the doctor check him and asked the doctor where the thing is that the ice cream gets put on. He did the whole check up by himself! It is the first time he hasn’t been examined on our laps. My little baby is all grown up 🙁 Both kids have bronchiolitis and PrincessIce has an ear infection on top of that. Both got antibiotics and cortisone to clear their chests. My poor babies 🙁 Another R600 on medication for both of them. Trying to get them to take antibiotics was an uphill battle. Babyice took one spoon and then refused to take the next and wanted to make himself sick. No amount of bribery or threats of hospital would make him take the next spoon. He took another dose into his mouth and promptly spat it out into the toilet where we had positioned him in case of emergency as he had vomited up meds on Saturday.  After about an half an hour of negotiation and tantrums, he took the next spoon. PrincessIce gagged at the first taste of antibiotics and vomited all over herself and me. Luckily it was before bath time and my shower, so it was no big deal. I actually laughed a little. You have to see the funny in these things otherwise you will drive yourself nuts!


I’ve had to ship them off to the day mother, despite them being sick. Neither Rudi or I are in a position to take off work at the moment 🙁 I hate when people send their sick kids to the day mother because that is just a recipe to spread the illness further, but I really don’t have much of a choice 🙁 I have nobody else that can look after them. It is a crappy position to be in.


I understand from Facebook and Twitter that lots of families have sick kiddies (and parents) at the moment. Even Rudi had a stuffy nose this morning. Change of season seems to be hitting everybody hard. Good luck to you all! May everyone get better really soon!



After waking up to PrincessIce with a fever of 39.5° this morning, I decided to stay home with her. Work will have to survive without me. They were at the day mother yesterday.

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