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Worried about being worried

I know it sounds stupid. I’ve been told to be ‘zen’ and stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Calm mommy = calm baby. I definitely want a calm and happy baby…but I feel like I’m not relaxed enough, you know?   Example: I get all frustrated and worked up when Rudi and I play

Getting worse

Ugh. The morning sickness seems to be getting worse. I’ve gotten some medication for it, but the relief is minimal. I’m struggling to eat and have no appetite. I’m probably eating about 1/4 of what I was eating before I was pregnant. That said, I was probably eating too much to begin with. Sarah sent

*Happy Dance*

I’m in a considerably better mood today. I’m having a pretty good hair day and it’s already one day closer to the weekend. Other news has considerably cheered me too. A loan company decided to call me today and try to palm off some accident cover on me. The sales person was really persistent and