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Tests e-jissus

I can’t believe I forgot to blog this…but I won some nappies! After entering numerous online competitions and losing each time I decided I would boycott them all. I then saw another nappy competition for Pampers Sensitive nappies on Living Lionheart‘s blog. Another blogger had run the same competition, I had entered and not won.

Sadness and Confirmation

Since last week Thursday I have carried Angel‘s family in my thoughts and prayers. Her nephew, Nathan, tragically passed away in a car accident last week. He was not yet 8 years old. Nathan was a special boy and he was very close to Angel. His passing hit me a lot harder than I would


So, weeks in advance of Rudi’s birthday I hatched a plan to surprise him. I ordered him a batch of cupcakes, decorated in his favourite colours. I ordered a dozen and in hindsight should have ordered more since everybody wanted some.   Here they are:     Last Friday (same day as cupcake surprise) I

Party, party, party!

Wednesday didn’t turn out to be such a mad rush after all. I even had a little time to watch an episode of Grey’s before my friend came to help me with the setup, etc (I was up from 5:30am). The drama leading up to Wednesday, however, was exhausting. My Evil Mother came over on


Oh.My.Word. The most awesome weekend I have had in…FOREVER. What a wedding! We flew up to Johannesburg on Saturday morning. Our flight left at 10:00. We were up from 5am with Babyice and my friend/stylist, Sarah, was there at 06:20 to get my hair and make up done. Just before 07:30am Kambabe and Squidsquirt showed

Birthday Weekend

On Friday at work I had a lovely back, shoulder, neck and foot massage during my lunch. I also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. The lady doing my treatments must not have thought it was my lunch hour, as she kept me there for one and a half hours! Luckily nobody really noticed, except