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Back at Work

I’m officially back at work today. Rudi and I hardly slept a wink last night, so I’m exhausted (Note to self: Take prescribed sleeping tablet tonight). I’ve been crying at least half the time I’ve been here. Everyone has been so sweet. I told my manager I would be OK if everyone just stopped asking

Peeved with Jubba

Jubba made me incredibly mad yesterday. I don’t remember being called incompetent so many times in one day…ever. At the end of the day I guess I shouldn’t take it personally since he thinks everyone but himself is a blithering idiot. I wasn’t the only one that suffered under his wrath…but I don’t feel like


I was called in by Jubba again this week (around Tuesday). His line manager (Concussed One) as once AGAIN complained to him about me being on the Internet. Apprently my previous boss (Tweedledoos) was involved in the conversation and he said he had the same problem with me when I was working in his department.