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Another week has flown by. I was on leave for most of last week after having worked the weekend, so I didn’t have much time for a blog post in between.   I have learnt that my children love to defy me, even from within the womb. I blogged that PrincessIce doesn’t kick me on

Trauma – Update

The following article was brought to my attention by¬†our day mother and Leebeesa:   http://www.tygerburger.co.za/4788/news/article/toddler-dies-in-crash   The brother survived! The hospital must have misinformed my aunt when she called them. While this is happy news, we cannot forget that the family lost their baby. According to the above article the toddler was 2 years old.


On Friday night Rudi and I were heading to Cape Gate shopping centre for my aunt’s birthday dinner. We were standing at the traffic light approaching the mall. The car in front of us was waiting to turn right and had moved forward over the white line as the light turned green for us. Rudi