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Good Weekend

Finally I have found some time to blog. The Company launched a new product on Friday and it is experiencing some teething problems to say the least. Of course I am working in the department that deals with the customer complaints for this specific product. I’m overjoyed. Not.

Other than that, life while not TTC (trying to conceive) is a happy time. I really feel much better and I find I am enjoying life much more without having to constrain myself all the time. Just going out and attending parties/braais (BBQ’s), not stressing about drinking a glass of wine. It truly is great. Perhaps that is why my mood is beginning to improve. May I also just say…sexy time…WOW. I forgot what that was like. I forgot how much fun it can be! OK…I didn’t *really* forget, it had just faded to the edges of my memory.

I went to go and see that girl…the one who gave birth on James’ due date. Apparently she didn’t realize. She is so nice and so sweet really. I feel bad for feeling resentful sometimes. Although, there are other aspects of her life that I am definitely not jealous of. Therein lies the balance I guess. I had to steel myself to go and see her and nearly started crying at some point during our conversation. She admits that having a newborn is extremely hard work, it all seems so overwhelming! I left her to go back to Sarah’s housewarming to further drown my sorrows (a perk of being neither pregnant nor parent)

Speaking of which…what a P.A.R.T.Y! The housewarming was awesome! Despite the fact that I was surrounded by skinny girls the whole night (really, almost all of them looked the same!) I really had a good time. Nothing like a couple of bottles of red wine and some vodka shots to throw your inhibitions out the window. Shame, Rudi was shattered. At some point he went to go sleep in the car. Poowa bebe.

We had a Chief Apostle service on Sunday morning. Our Chief Apostle serves communion for the departed souls. As I’ve mentioned before, in our religion we believe there is grace for those who have gone before us. I prayed that James would partake of communion with the other souls. It was quite emotional for me. After the communion for the departed souls was served, a young girl sang a solo. The name of the hymn was ‘I have a home’. It brought me to tears. I couldn’t help feel like it was a message for me from James. A small something to make me feel better. I’m sure there were many other people that could relate and felt comforted by this.

Nellie will be giving birth next week Tuesday. Time has flown so quickly and she’s nervous and excited. Nellie and I are both religious people. Sometimes we seem to have experiences of faith on behalf of each other. The opening hymn for our Chief Apostle service was ‘Dare to be a Daniel’ (obviously relating to the story of Daniel in the lion’s den). Nellie is naming her son Daniel. The hymns for such a service are *very* carefully selected and it seemed so apt. She was touched when I conveyed this to her. She gets it.

All in all I had a good weekend. I am so glad that I didn’t have to work with all the problems this new product has caused. Can’t wait for the long weekend!


I literally fell out of bed this morning. It was funny, but not really funny at the time so much. I got up, and obviously didn’t do it very well and I tipped over against the wall. I righted myself and then tripped over the wires next to my bed. No serious injuries. Not even a bruise, I think. Despite the manner in which I was rudely awoken…I am in a fantastic mood today! I have a vibey song stuck in my head and I can’t help shaking “it” every now and then…

I have *no* idea why…but I am not going to complain! I can’t remember the last time I felt like this! Positive and happy (even wearing my Clinique Happy today)…just marvellous! I’m obviously also happy because it’s Friday and I can finally have a lie in tomorrow morning.

There was a slight ‘hiccup’ with my bonus calculation. I received a poor score for something I *know* I do properly…Jubba has been investigating for a the last 3 days. This morning we checked together and they were wrong! The report was incorrect and I scored 100% instead of 81%. In your faces! I knew it!

Phew…a lot of “!” for one post 🙂

No huge plans for the weekend. I’m looking forward to Sarah and Brad’s housewarming tomorrow night. We also have a Chief Apostle service on Sunday – which only starts at 10…another little lie in on Sunday then.

We just received free t-shirts from work and mine actually fits. It’s definitely my day today. The workload doesn’t even look too heavy. I am going to play the lotto today. This lucky streak is too good to waste!

On a side note…I really have to find a better way of organizing my earrings and necklaces:

I thought buying this stand thingie would really help so that my necklaces don’t get tangled and knotted (Rudi eventually started refusing to de-tangle and un-knot them)…but I’ve acquired so many earrings and things in the interim…the above happened. Also, this little stand doesn’t hold my stud earrings. Any have a workable idea for me?