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Birthday Weekend

On Friday at work I had a lovely back, shoulder, neck and foot massage during my lunch. I also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. The lady doing my treatments must not have thought it was my lunch hour, as she kept me there for one and a half hours! Luckily nobody really noticed, except Leebeesa, but she didn’t bust me 🙂
After my massage Leebeesa gave me my birthday present. It’s pretty cool! You can check it out here.
Last night we went to News Cafe in Tableview for birthday drinks. It was my birthday, as well as that of @anib, but we decided to also make it a tweet up so we could include our online friends and meet some of them while we celebrate.
A good time was had by all…I stuck by the virgin cocktails…and let me tell you, I did not feel one bit deprived. Sipping on some beautiful strawberry drink with good music and good friends…how can I complain? I also made off with some lovely gifts which were most unexpected! Thank you @al_ice, @camera_obscura, @whizper2me, @anib and @ajventer for the gifts! Also, @Rose_Cohen baked chocolate cupcakes for the occasion! Thanks so much! They were awesome!
Photos of the evening can be found here.
Today Rudi and I are just chilling…as I will be doing for the rest of the week. I’m on leave….yeah baby!
And because I never post pictures of my current baby, here she is:
Catching a sun beam

Catching a sun beam

Not interested in posing for photos

Not interested in posing for photos

8 things (meme)

I was tagged by Angel who was tagged by LauraKim.

This seems to be a difficult meme…but I’m going to try.

8 things I’m looking forward to

1. Our trip to George this weekend

2. Being debt free

3. Spending my pay with reckless abandon

4. Meeting Nellie, Goliath and Daniel

5. Placing my next Body Thrills order

6. Getting a new electric toothbrush

7. Dinner with my grandparents at the restaurant of my grandfather’s choice after George

8. Being a mother

8 things I did yesterday

1. I worked

2. Had Brad and Sarah over for a visit

3. Escalated a network problem for another portfolio that I had no idea about!

4. Tweeted

5. Watched ‘The Biggest Loser OZ’

6. Ate WAY too much and regretted it

7. Went to Spar and handed over money I didn’t have yet

8. Took a sleeping tablet after tossing and turning for too long

8 things I wish I could do

1. Get pregnant

2. Lose another 27 kilograms

3. Do voice overs/IVR recordings and get paid for it

4. Make my grandparents healthy

5. Leave a legacy

6. Be famous or even infamous

7. Take beautiful photographs

8. Get My Evil Mother the help she needs

8 shows I watch on TV

1. Survivor

2. Amazing Race

3. The Apprentice

4. CSI: Las Vegas

5. 7de Laan

6. Criminal Minds

7. Desperate Housewives

8. My Name is Earl

8 people I’m tagging

1. Tertia

2. ExMi

3. Darla

4. camera_obscura

5. Husbands Anonymous

6. Because I Can

7. Nuffing

8. Jenty