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It seems I will never be rid of her….

So the weekend begins. We went to visit Sarah and Brad last night at their new place. It’s HUGE. Personally I don’t understand why they need such a huge place, but whatever makes them happy! They have an AWESOME bathroom that has a corner bath with jets. I’m going to bath there. Sarah has been notified. It’s going to be freaking legendary! She also said we can house sit for them when they go away, which they do quite often. The only reason I would really want to is for that bath! I can see it now….candles…bubbles…


Yesterday we popped by my grandparents place to fetch a gift for Babyice. My grandfather had purchased tyres and gotten a free soccer ball. My grandfather will find any excuse for us to visit! While we were there a woman showed up. She’s the woman who runs the safe house. I ignored her presence there until she directly asked me if I was My Evil Mother’s daughter. I couldn’t deny it, so I said yes. She then started preaching to me about how I should be supportive of My Evil Mother and how much she needs me right now. She was speaking Afrikaans to me. I speak Afrikaans really well, but find it hard to express myself properly, specifically when I’m angry. I tried my best to brush her off. She is persistant though. She left her number with my grandmother and said we should meet for coffee sometime. She’d like to know the story of My Evil Mother. I don’t really want to speak to her. I don’t want to get involved and I also don’t want to ruin the chances that My Evil Mother has of staying at the safehouse. If she gets kicked out there, she’ll have no choice but to go back to Coke Head and we’ll be stuck with the same situation we were two weeks ago. The woman repeatedly asked if she was really abused while she was there. She said she can’t have people staying in the safehouse that don’t belong there. Has she picked up on My Evil Mother’s tendency to lie about everything?


The problem is…none of us really know. We have never witnessed it, or seen any evidence of it. My Evil Mother has less than zero credibility with anyone that knows her, especially her family who have been exposed to and uncovered so very many of her lies. I suppose that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t abused…just because we don’t believe anything she says doesn’t mean that it never happened. I can really understand that the woman that runs the safehouse needs to be careful. They are most likely grossly underfunded and there are women in dire need of their services. I hope that My Evil Mother is not robbing a true abuse victim of an escape.




I’m starting to get very excited about my baby shower. It’s going to be SO much fun!!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be “made a fool of”, so if you’ve been invited, come for the entertainment!

Parties, fights, movies and Thanksgiving

So I had my hair done on Friday before Sarah’s birthday party. I decided to make it darker since it would be much easier to maintain when Babyice gets here. The result:


Chestnut brown

Chestnut brown


We went to Sarah and Brad’s birthday party on Friday night. It was Brad’s birthday on Friday and Sarah’s on Saturday. Convenient little arrangement they have there! It was at a dance hall if I can call it that (langarm jol for the South Africans). It was nice to see Sarah’s friends that I had met at their other parties again and catch up with everyone, although having to holler at the top of your lungs. Everyone (including Rudi) got progressively drunk…while I sipped my Appletiser. I must say, I was grateful for my sobriety the next morning. I left my jacket at the venue, which sucked, but I called them and they have it there for me. Thank goodness! It’s my only black one!


Rudi nearly got into a fight. He was playing pool against some guys. They had bet money on the game and after Rudi and his partner won, they took all the money and said they had cheated because they had touched the white ball during the game when playing one of their shots. Some brandy and a reason to fight? Not a good combination! Luckily Rudi managed to keep himself calm, even if it was only because I threatened him.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. Keep the peace dammit. Since Saturday morning Rudi’s one eye is bloodshot and weepy. He is not sure if someone hit him or not. There is no bruising or swelling…but there is clearly something wrong with his eye. I don’t think it’s pink eye as it would most likely have spread to his other eye by now. Shame. Poor baby. That’s what you get.


On Saturday I went to watch Fame with Leebeesa. The movie was super boring. Don’t bother. Really. We then trolled the shops for a little while and she took me for ice cream. Mozarts caramel flavour rocks the party that rocks the party. Seriously. I think it’s my new favourite!


After that I went to go and pick Rudi up at Fence’s house. Predictably he didn’t want to cut his festivities short. It infuriates me. Go out, have a jol with your friends, I will occupy myself with something else…but when you said you’d be done by a certain time, BE DONE. Suck it up and come home or don’t restrict yourself to a time at all.  It’s always the same. He wants to go play darts or visit a friend…and it always ends up being an all day/night affair. He then decided he would invite all his annoying friends over to our house. Asks me in front of them. Effing lovely. I hate always being the bitch in the fairytale.


So they all came over to play 30 seconds. Rudi (trashed again) and I managed to win somehow. Probably because everyone else was just as drunk as he was.


Sunday we had Thanksgiving service at church. The altar was beautifully decorated. The sunday school kids made the CUTEST paper mache pigs. They were so gorgeous! I wanted to steal them and take them home, but being in church and all…I didn’t. Rudi and I decided to practice a little 30 seconds on Sunday afternoon while I made macaroni and cheese. It was fun!


That wraps up my weekend. I have a dentist appointment today after work. ACK. I hate dentists!

Birthday and Stuffs

Around my birthday I like to reflect on the year gone by and look back at my blog at how I was feeling the previous year around my birthday. Reading over last year’s birthday post, I can safely say things are a lot better this year.  It seems Rudi was at home for my birthday last year too (suddenly I see a pattern) and that we fought…luckily that didn’t happen this year. I was pregnant last year as well, but sick as a dog, which is also not true this year. Also…my grandfather was on his way into hospital to have a portion of his cancerous colon removed.

A lot has happened in my life between ages 27 and 28. I have been changed to the core. I have been through the toughest thing I’ve had to go through in my life so far and I made it through the other side with a few battle scars. I’m kind of in the same place as what I was a year ago, pregnant, unsure of the future, but I’m happy. I finally told My Evil Mother exactly where to get off and it feels good.

We didn’t do much for my birthday. As I get older it’s becoming less and less of a big deal. I still get super excited about Christmas though, so I’m not too worried about myself. Rudi took me out to breakfast. We went to Mugg and Bean and I had some blueberry flap jacks with cream and syrup. Nom nom nom. Directly after this meal the headache from hell (which I’ve had since Sunday) decides to make a comeback…and why don’t you just feel dizzy and disoriented while we’re at it?
So we came home for some couch time. We started watching a movie, but I decided to nap on the couch since my head was feeling as if it had connected with a baseball bat earlier.  Rudi and Amber decided to follow suit:


After watching some How I Met Your Mother we went to my grandparents for supper. My grandmother had somehow overestimated my age and put a “29” on my cake instead of a “28”. She did, however, manage to fix it:
Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics!
My grandfather gave me the most GORGEOUS gift. I kind of asked for it and am so happy he decided to get it for me. It’s a gold pendant in the shape of our church symbol (in case you’re wondering where you’ve seen it before):
Pendant from my grandfather

Pendant from my grandfather


After we came home, Sarah and Brad came over to bring my gift. Sarah had gotten me some socks (to match hers), beaded hair clips, earrings and a diamante ‘H’ for my keys. My aunt got me small gel candles, rose scented shower gel and body lotion and a small glass grand piano on a mirror. I don’t know. She buys odd gifts. I should probably tell her I’m not into billions of ornaments and already have too much stuff cluttering up my life. I hate clutter, yet I seem to be very good at creating it.


So Friday is the scan. Day after tomorrow. I was having a chat to Nellie on the phone last night (if you can call an hour long conversation a chat) and realized I’m a little more freaked out than I let on. I might just go lie on that bed and close my eyes and not look. Who am I kidding? I could never do that. I always look. I look no matter how gruesome something promises to be. I’m going to look. I looked with James. I scrutinized with James. I wanted to know. I want to know now…I need to know, but I don’t want to know.


You know?

You see?

I’m a mess.


The weeked turned out to be pretty cool. On Friday we went to braai (BBQ) at Lindor’s house. I went to make a turn at Sarah’s house as they were also having a party to which were invited. After returning to Lindor and having a bite I convinced Rudi that we should go to Sarah’s house to their party too. We ended up being the last people there (that rarely happens) and only got home around 2am.

The next morning…not so much fun. Tequila is the devil. I am *really* one of those people that the following saying applies to: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, floor. I only had four shots of tequila and one bottle of wine stretched and shared over the entire evening, but that last Tequila…hit me between the eyes. I had a hangover of note on Saturday. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thirsty in my life! For some daft reason we decided to go and do grocery shopping on Saturday. What a freaking nightmare! We stood in a queue at Checkers for almost an hour just to pay! I was really grumpy! We did, however, also go and cash in the vouchers I won from @Dulcecafe on Twitter. They have competitions once a week on Twitter, sort of like a viral campaign and I won a R50 meal voucher and a 25MB wi-fi voucher. Pretty cool.

On Sunday it was our anniversary. Married for 2 years, together for 8. To think I was worried about beating Rudi’s record of 2 years with his ex (yeah I don’t know why I’m like that). She can suck it. WA HA HA HA. Rudi wished me just after I got up and I made him some breakfast. After church we went shopping for some fruit and veg and Beauty Queen and SLK invited us for lunch. Rudi was going to take me out to lunch anyway, so we went with them. After that we went to camera_obscura’s house and chilled there for a while.

We had an Apostle service on Sunday morning and the strangest thing happened. I heard a message for Sarah. It was quite weird because I often hear messages for myself and for Nellie (because Nellie and I talk about our faith and often hear things for each other), but for Sarah? The company Sarah is working for are liquidating and she had to go in on Monday to find out if she still has a job. The Apostle prayed for those who were on the verge of losing their jobs. I called Sarah and told her about it. The outcome? She kept her job AND got an increase. Yay for her! Speaking of Sarah, we’re hopefully going to pick out my new hair colour this evening and make it happen. Don’t worry…I’ll post photos.

Yesterday was a day of complete relaxation. We didn’t even leave the house. We lay on the couch and watched movies ALL DAY. We tried to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies, but only managed two. Probably because we stopped to cook and watch our regular programming on a Monday. I’m watching the last one now.

How I managed to lose a kilo through all of this eating and vegging is beyond me, but I will not complain.

Oh. I’m not pregnant.


I literally fell out of bed this morning. It was funny, but not really funny at the time so much. I got up, and obviously didn’t do it very well and I tipped over against the wall. I righted myself and then tripped over the wires next to my bed. No serious injuries. Not even a bruise, I think. Despite the manner in which I was rudely awoken…I am in a fantastic mood today! I have a vibey song stuck in my head and I can’t help shaking “it” every now and then…

I have *no* idea why…but I am not going to complain! I can’t remember the last time I felt like this! Positive and happy (even wearing my Clinique Happy today)…just marvellous! I’m obviously also happy because it’s Friday and I can finally have a lie in tomorrow morning.

There was a slight ‘hiccup’ with my bonus calculation. I received a poor score for something I *know* I do properly…Jubba has been investigating for a the last 3 days. This morning we checked together and they were wrong! The report was incorrect and I scored 100% instead of 81%. In your faces! I knew it!

Phew…a lot of “!” for one post 🙂

No huge plans for the weekend. I’m looking forward to Sarah and Brad’s housewarming tomorrow night. We also have a Chief Apostle service on Sunday – which only starts at 10…another little lie in on Sunday then.

We just received free t-shirts from work and mine actually fits. It’s definitely my day today. The workload doesn’t even look too heavy. I am going to play the lotto today. This lucky streak is too good to waste!

On a side note…I really have to find a better way of organizing my earrings and necklaces:

I thought buying this stand thingie would really help so that my necklaces don’t get tangled and knotted (Rudi eventually started refusing to de-tangle and un-knot them)…but I’ve acquired so many earrings and things in the interim…the above happened. Also, this little stand doesn’t hold my stud earrings. Any have a workable idea for me?

Amber’s Antics

She looks like a little angel doesn’t she? Well she’s not all the time! Peacefully taking a nap next to us on the couch yesterday evening…but this morning at around 4:30, she was howling like a banshee. I practically had to roll Rudi out of bed to go and break it up. He thought that hissing from bed would help, but the wailing continued and eventually he got up. Amber has a big scratch on her nose. I’m worried the neighbours might complain, but there are a lot of cats in the neighbourhood and hopefully they can’t pin point the noise to Amber.

Last night we went to visit Sarah and Brad in their new place. It’s quite a nice place they have. It’s so strange that they are finally on their own. It almost feels like they are house sitting for someone and that it’s not quite real. They are really happy and we are really happy for them. We took a bottle of champagne to celebrate and had quite a nice evening.

There’s no ferning on my microscope yet, but Rudi observed this morning that the pattern is becoming more dense. He estimates it will fern by the weekend, Monday the latest he says. I must say, even though he was not keen on me purchasing the microscope he has taken quite an interest in monitoring what it is doing. I think it’s the first time since we have actively been trying to conceive again that he has speculated as to when I would be ovulating. Very cool!


Today I am wearing jeans that did not properly fit me before. They were too tight to sit down in, but today they are fairly comfortable. I would still like them to be a little less snug though. It’s such a nice feeling being able to wear them again without worrying about being uncomfortable all day!

People have started noticing that I’m losing weight and it’s great! I think I will be able to keep this up. I’ve been trying to approach it differently than I normally would. I’m trying not even to think about it as ‘dieting’ for ‘weight loss’. I’m trying to think of it as a lifestyle change of which weight loss is a side effect (quite a pleasant one I might add).

I went for TWO walks last night. OK…so the second one was more like a leisurely stroll around our complex with Sarah, but it was better than sitting on the couch!

We had a really cool braai (BBQ) with all the old friends there last night. Last year this time we were all practically living on each other’s doorsteps and seeing each other every single day and pretty much spending a lot of time together. The entire group has scattered though as Riaan moved to Pretoria and we moved out of the complex. Riaan was in Cape Town yesterday for one day only, so we decided to get everyone together for old time’s sake. It was a lot of fun – just like we remembered it.

Speaking of which, Sarah and Brad are moving out on their own this weekend. I’m really happy for them. I know Sarah in particular has wanted this for a long time and she’s very happy with the place they have found. Who knows…maybe this will lead to wedding bells for them? They protest when there is mention of this…but you never know!

I’ve managed to pay down a large amount on one of my credit cards (I only have two) this month and I’m feeling really good about that too. I’m going to try and purchase an ovulation microscope after work today. I really hope they have stock of the one I want.

What a Weekend

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you guys all had a good long weekend.

I certainly had a good long weekend, but I’m not going to braai (BBQ) again for a long time. We had a braai on Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. I’m so sick of potato salad, toss salad and garlic bread it’s not funny.

On one of the days we were chilling at the neighbour’s (the days sort of flowed into each other to the extent that I’m not sure what we did on which day), we suddenly noticed a ball of black smoke rising from behind the wall of our complex. Being the curious creatures that we are, we hoofed it over to the wall (a mere 3 metres or so) where we saw the last thing we imagined – a burning car! A burning car on the road? Is that so strange you may ask…why…yes. It was quite strange since there was no crash, no explosion, no bang – no anything. The car was standing close to the curb as if it had pulled up there and spontaneously combusted into bright orange flames. Within about 5 minutes the entire car (an Opel Astra) had burnt out and we were treated to intermittent popping sounds as the tyres exploded one by one. Quite frightening since we all watch too much TV and were waiting for the petrol tank to blow. It didn’t. I think one of the neighbours managed to get a photo – I’ll ask him if he can send it to me.

Other than that we went to braai at Nic’s house for the first time. He is lead singer of Feedback. Nic and his wife have an amazing house and beautiful pets. They have two Great Danes. One is an albino and is white with blue eyes. The other one looks a bit like a cow as he is white with black patches. They also have two cats – fluffy cute kitties that you want to hug! Both Rudi and I enjoyed it very much…although…Rudi was already drunk by the time he got there (that means it was Saturday because he went to play darts) and he ended up in the pool. It wasn’t that hot, so we assume it was just driven by the drunkenness and craziness that accompanies that.

Brad and Sarah were away the whole weekend. They are actually still away – they went to Bloemfontein to visit Sarah’s family. They are probably having loads of fun, but we miss them. There’s a gap in the neighbourhood get togethers when they are not there. They’ll be coming back on Wednesday…I can’t wait to hear all the stories about what they got up to.

Is it wrong that I was just at home for 4 days and I can’t wait to stay home again?

I finally bought a bee sting for my car. I’ve been meaning to do this forever, but kept putting it off. All in all it cost over R300 for the aerial and the installation, but it was worth it! I now have crystal clear radio reception and I can listen to people talk kak whenever I please.