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Avalon Springs 2014

For the past 4 years we have gone to Avalon Springs with my in laws for a weekend away. My father and brother in law celebrate their birthdays in September, so it is always around that time of year that we go. It is a lovely resort with hot springs and jacuzzis and we always enjoy it. We stay in the mountain chalets which are beautiful self catering units. They also include housekeeping services and you can order some room service if you wish. The outdoor braai (BBQ) facilities are lovely and each chalet has its own jacuzzi a stone throw away. It is quite a mission to get to the chalet from the main pool area as they are literally situated on the mountain slope and it is a steeeeep climb!  They do have a golf cart that transports guests to and from chalets which is especially handy when you have luggage. I climbed to our chalet twice over the weekend and my legs definitely felt it! The rest of the time I either had Gabby with me or some form of shopping/luggage to carry, so took the golf cart up.


We arrived on the Friday evening around 18:00, everyone else was already there. I unpacked, but it was already getting chilly, so we didn’t swim upon arrival like we normally do. The next morning we headed down to the hotel for their buffet breakfast which is always a hit. Gabby destroyed half an omelette, while Elijah was so excited about swimming he barely ate. I took advantage of the bulk bacon and blue cheese on offer 😛 We went shopping in town for food supplies for the rest of the weekend and swam before we all had a braai together. We have discovered that Gabby does NOT like swimming. She is okay in the bath, but we had to pick her lip up off the bottom of the swimming pool. She absolutely hated it! I’m not sure why, but hopefully she will outgrow this.


I actually didn’t get to take many photos. I was too busy relaxing and enjoying myself. Elijah was off on his own mission often, so most of the photos I got are of Gabby. I did, however, get to spend some one on one, quality time with Elijah which I rarely do and it was lovely. I think I should make a concerted effort to do so more often in future. Since Gabby has been born I have spent the majority of my time with her (breastfeeding has contributed towards this, more so in the beginning) and Elijah and I don’t get to be alone together. Here are a few pics I managed to snap:



Morning swing


Blowing out the candles with our uncle


Could she get any cuter?


Little poser with ouma


Baby ducks!


All in all we had a good weekend. Coming back home was traumatic. Our Monday started with checking that all the towels, cutlery, crockery, etc for our unit were still there and packing up all our stuff. Somehow we couldn’t fit everything we brought back into our suitcase! We managed to stuff everything into the little gaps we could find and ventured down the mountain again. We decided to make a stop at Boogaloo’s house in Swellendam. It took us an hour to drive there. I thought it was on our way to Montagu, but it turns out it is about an hour out of the way. When we got there Boogs was meeting with a client and the meeting went on for loooooong. The kids got tired and cranky and we decided that we needed to leave. I didn’t want to disturb Boogs while he was with his client, so I had to send him a message to say goodbye. I felt so bad! Our journey home from there was 3 hours, instead of 2 which was frustrating. I just wanted to be home. About an hour in the kids started going nuts. Gabby was tired and kept crying. We stopped off for some food and after eating and chucking most of the food out onto the back seat Gabby finally dozed off and a little later Elijah did too! The rest of the journey was quiet and peaceful 😉 When we arrived home it was time to unpack everything and prepare for back to work/school the next day. I also had to do my nails, so it felt like a Sunday night which sucks!


The little break was a lovely change of scenery, but it doesn’t matter where you go or how awesome it is, it is always good to be home!

From Ashes to Forest…

Saturday was pretty uneventful, unless you live in my region and you are a rugby fan. Our team won the provincial championships (also known as the Currie Cup) for the first time in 11 years. I believe there was much fanfare and celebration afterwards. The only thing the rugby meant for me was that my landlord “couldn’t” come out to fix our leaking kitchen sink and would come through on Sunday.



On Sunday I woke up and made breakfast for the family. After eating my own breakfast I suddenly felt so completely drained that I didn’t even have the energy to get up and brush my teeth. I tried to get up a few times to get ready for church, but could not muster enough juice to do it. I was worried that I would not be able to gather the strength to go and scatter my grandfather’s ashes as intended. We decided to skip church and I lay down and rested for a while. By the time my grandmother phoned to find out why we weren’t in church and whether we were still on for later, I felt much better. I managed to get up and get dressed to head out to Newlands Forest.



We got a bit lost looking for Newlands Forest. Somehow we found it though and we set off. My grandmother can’t walk very far, definitely not uphill on a hiking trail. I was determined to be there though. My uncle said a few words and a prayer. He had us all in tears. My aunt decided to stay with my grandmother and my cousin did too. Lazy buggers. So off we went. We walked up to the path until we came to a stream. I thought about scattering the ashes into the stream, but apparently people drink out of it so we did not. I actually hope people don’t drink out of it because we saw a few dogs taking a lovely dip in there 😛 There were a LOT of people walking their dogs. We walked past a beautiful path surrounded by ferns, but Rudi felt we had not gone far enough and we carried on walking up to the first ‘gate’ into the forest. I didn’t see anything too promising up ahead so I suggested we go back to the beautiful pathway we had seen earlier. Considering I was the only blood relative other than Babyice on this trip, I kind of had the last say on it so we headed back down.




We walked back down to the pathway and headed down through the ferns. Before long I found a beautiful clearing overlooking the stream that had some mottled sunlight filtering through the trees. It was a gorgeous spot and I was drawn to it. We unscrewed the box and started scattering the ashes. I was very surprised. How many ashes do you think you could fit into such a small box?




Bottom of the box



You would be surprised! We scattered ashes all around the clearing and before long everything was covered in ash and we still had half a box of ash left! We decided to scatter the remaining ashes up along the pathway between the ferns on the way back and even that took some doing! I think I said ‘Sheesh there are a lot of ashes!’ and Rudi replied ‘Well, there was a lot of Oupa’. I guess he had a point.




In the end if felt really good to put him to rest and to carry out one of his final wishes. Newlands Forest was one of his favourite places in the world. It really is beautiful and I can understand why he loved going there. I’m just glad we were able to find where he wanted us to be. It never occurred to me to take a photo of the actual place the ashes were scattered. I guess I got caught up in the moment…perhaps that is the way it was meant to be. So that he can rest in peace.



We found the right place 🙂




After our emotional morning we all went to the in laws for a braai. I had to leave to meet our landlord to come and fix our kitchen sink which had started leaking really badly into the cupboard underneath. He came and replaced all the pipes and the leak seems to be fixed now. As long as we don’t knock the pipes underneath the cupboard around too much. We store our pots in there so that might pose a bit of a problem, but we’ll be careful. Our extractor fan above the stove has also been giving us some issues. He reckoned that it needs a really good clean and hopes it will sort out the problems we have with it. Before I knew it he had the extractor fan under his arm and off he went!




We also had Babyice’s hair cut this weekend. Even though we gave him the medicine prescribed by the doctor again in the morning, he refused to get his hair cut. At one stage the entire salon burst out laughing when the screaming/crying toddler wriggled out of Rudi’s arms and bolted straight out of the door! Rudi dragged him back in, but we were having no success. Before long the owner of the salon grabbed Elijah by the hand and said ‘Come, let’s go buy an ice-cream’ and they did exactly that. The ice-cream distracted him enough to get the haircut started, but soon he started to become upset again. She then handed him a spray bottle with water in and soon she looked as though she had taken a dip in the pool! He enjoyed spraying all of us in turn and was laughing and crying at the same time. Somehow we managed to get it all done to the best of their ability. If the salon owner had not taken the time or been interested in helping us we probably would of walked out there sans haircut. I was very grateful to her. She even refused to put the ice-cream on the bill, although the haircut wasn’t cheap at R75.00 a pop. Maybe one day we can graduate to using the shaver on him again thereby stretching the time between visits. We didn’t even get to put a cape on him and the hair on his skin really freaks him out. He also get really hysterical when you’re anywhere near his ears. The hairdresser suggested he might have sensory issues (her son had and she used to have to sit on top of him when she cut his hair). I never thought about it before, but he did complain about a clothing label the other day, saying it was hurting him. Only a specific one though, he is fine with the others…so I don’t know. I’ll keep an eye on him. Anyone know of anything else I should look out for?



Otherwise I think I might have overdone it a bit hiking up into Newlands yesterday. The ligaments carrying my tummy are extremely tender.

Birthday and Baba Indaba

First of all, never, ever trust my mathematical skills. I made a terrible error in my last blog post. I have been pregnant on my 27th, 28th and 31st birthdays! I was wondering where I fit Babyice’s two years in when I realized my mistake. I hope you have all learnt a lesson!
On Friday we were supposed to have a ladies night with some girls from work. We planned to go and watch Magic Mike at the cinema, but one of the girls was off sick so they postponed it. Instead I went out to dinner with a friend. We went to Primi Piatti and had a lovely time just chatting and enjoying the food. I ordered the wrong kind of pasta. I don’t like pasta with a tomato base (unless it’s bolognaise). Luckily I had their hazelnut creme brulee dessert, which totally made up for it. It was divine! Very, very sweet…sweet enough to make PrincessIce kick properly for the first time! I was super happy since I’ve been waiting since at least 15 weeks for her to let me know she’s there.
The above mentioned friend bought me these:






…and my favourite Oh So Heavenly shower products 🙂 She also won a competition last week. She won a spot at the Cosmopolitan Cover Girl Masterclass. Turns out she won two tickets and she’s taking me with! We’ll be going to the swanky 15 on Orange Hotel on the 1st of September. The prize includes:

  • Light breakfast
  • Fashion and beauty makeover
  • Professional photoshoot
  • Delicious lunch
  • Meeting a south African celebrity model
  • Fabulous goodie bag
  • Professional instruction, information and talks given by industry experts
  • Farewell drinks at the end of the day
  • 3 month subscription to Cosmo
I’m so excited! It’s going to be so much fun! 🙂
Everyone wants to know how my birthday was. It sucked. Worst birthday in a very long time. Rudi and I were at loggerheads all day. I was receiving a flood of birthday wishes via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Whatsapp…everyone wishing me a wonderful day…but the one person that should of made my day special didn’t bother. In fact, he did the opposite. He did seem to try and make up for it on Sunday, but the damage had already been done. We’ll just leave it at that then, okay?
We went to Christelle and Dion for a braai the afternoon. As always, it was lovely. The kids had a ball, despite some tears. Christelle bought me a lovely birthday gift:

Body Thrills

She ordered me the Cupcake Frosting products after reading that I wanted to try them on my blog. Thanks Christelle! The food was lovely! Dion made the steaks on the braai. I had to have mine well done *sob*. I like my meat more medium, but am not allowed to eat under cooked meat at the moment. My steak was still good though. Christelle made a lovely green salad with cherry tomatoes, feta and avo. She also made her potato bake that Dion is mad about. Also divine! I was so glad I managed to stay away from the chips and snacks before we ate. I usually end up spoiling my appetite, but was determined not to do so on Saturday.
Babyice fell asleep on their couch while we were waiting for everyone to finish their drinks. When we put him in the car he started crying and didn’t stop screaming/crying until we got home (probably a 20 minute drive). Rudi wanted to take him out of his car seat to comfort him, of course I refused. This led to more bickering.  We just shouldn’t of been left alone on my birthday. The kids did have a lot of fun again though, Babyice even has some battle scars to prove it:

Battle scars

On Sunday we went to Baba Indaba. We were hoping to find some nappy specials, but I ended up finding something else instead. We did buy some nappies, but the specials weren’t so great. I finally found a photographer! Her rates are really reasonable plus I can get a 10% discount from a card she gave me at the Indaba! You can check out her work at I’ll be booking a maternity/newborn shoot. She had an entire booth covered in photos, a lot more than is displayed on her website. I got to chat to her a bit too and felt comfortable with her. She isn’t too far away from us and using her will already save us a lot of money. I’ve been hunting for a photographer for a while and most of them charge more than double what she does. I’ve dropped her an e-mail asking whether she’ll be able to accommodate me since both my shoots will fall over the festive season.  We bought two write and wipe books for Babyice (he is suddenly LOVING to draw on the couch and other furniture). I bought new shoes for PrincessIce:

*Image courtesy of





…and a tummy wax from Oh Lief, products I heard about via My Baby Box. It’s supposed to help for the dry/itchy skin…and boy does it itch! From their website:


Naturally moisturises and soothes a growing tummy.

Promotes skin elasticity. Ideal for preventing stretch marks, dry and itchy skin. Safe while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Apply twice daily.

with CERTIFIED organic*Ingredients: Cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil,  Boabab Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Beeswax


I see from their website that they were selling it for the regular price at the Indaba – R90.oo. There is still a part of me that is itchy, but I think I should try and use it for a little longer before I judge. I was impressed that the tub was literally filled to the brim with product. You can’t really smell it until you start using it and then you get a light scent of bees wax, which is not at all unpleasant.




After that my back was absolutely killing me and I just wanted to leave. It has begun!





Not long after we got home my family came over for cake and tea to celebrate my birthday. My ex-manager (now resigned to bake for a living) made my birthday cake this year:





Birthday Cake


Inside the cake





Once they left I went down for a well deserved nap. I have had a splitting headache since Thursday last week. I’ve gone through an entire box of Panado. I actually phoned the gynae this morning to find out if I should be worried. My gynae is on leave though and his partner’s office is in a different location so my file is not on hand. They’ll check out my history tomorrow and decide whether I should just continue the Panado.





I have determined it is officially harder to grow a girl than it is to grow a boy. This missy is already high maintenance!

New domestic

On Saturday morning Rudi went to fetch the new domestic. When she arrived around 08:00, I introduced myself and then said I’d unpack the dishwasher so that I could show her more or less where everything goes. She looked quite uncomfortable letting me work (I like that :P) and wanted to get going right away. I got her to start in the bathroom and told her the main things I would like to get done on Saturday. I said I would like the floors, kitchen, bathroom and ironing to be finished. The other jobs could wait for another day.


She is very thorough, but works quite slowly. She spent ages in the bathroom. Asked for a toothbrush in order to scrub around the taps. All very good and well. The taps haven’t looked so clean in a long time. By 13:00 she had not yet started the ironing. I knew we were leaving the house around 14:30 to go and visit Christelle and Dion, so Rudi told her she better start the ironing so long. Only the bathroom and kitchen had been done and some tidying up in the lounge. We decided that we would leave her there with a key to lock up. I gave her my number and took hers so that she could scotch me if she needed anything.


We went to over to Christelle’s house. Their daughter was still sleeping when we arrived. Rudi went out to buy wood and returned with her husband who had been at work. After Zani had woken up, her and Elijah started playing. We didn’t see them at all! We actually went to check on them to see if they were okay. They kept each other occupied the ENTIRE time we were there. I was a little worried that Babyice would get cranky as he had skipped his afternoon nap, but he was too wrapped up in playing with Zani to notice how tired he was. It was parental bliss! We couldn’t believe how well they played together 🙂 It’s actually the first time since we’ve started visiting there that the kids just went on their own mission. There was an incident where Babyice was crying and didn’t hesitate to rat Zani out for ‘smacking him’ to anyone who asked (nobody witnessed this), but Zani apologized and gave him a hug and everything was fine in 30 seconds flat. The men also said there was an incident where Babyice had given Zani a whallop, but I didn’t get the full story from them.


We changed plans about what we were going to eat quite a few times before finally somehow decided on a braai. I love to watch Christelle cook. She is always trying new recipes. She is such a foodie. I know every time we go there we’ll be trying something new. It’s always exciting. Dion mentioned potato bake while we were eating which made me feel like some, resulting in me making potato back yesterday. I’m sure it was not as fancy as Christelle’s is, but it was almost as nice as Milla’s so I was quite satisfied :). I enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner. So delicious! I really miss being able to have a glass of wine (ok, more than one). I think it has something to do with it being ‘forbidden fruit’. I most certainly did not enjoy drinking wine as much when I was not pregnant and I swear it tastes different.


Around 17:50 I get a call from the domestic on my phone. I was shocked. I called her back, she was STILL there, working! She was calling because she hadn’t finished yet and wasn’t sure if she would be able to catch a taxi home because of the time. After some back and forth between me and Rudi we told her to go home as we didn’t want her to risk not getting a lift back. So…after being at our house for 10 hours she didn’t manage to finish what she was meant to do. She hadn’t vacuumed the floor in our room, packed all the washing away or washed Babyice’s bottles. So last night I was standing washing bottles and Rudi was packing washing away. She left some of the bedding and our underwear/socks not packed away too. It’s nothing compared to the amount of work we would of had to do had she not come, but when I get a domestic I don’t want to have to do ANY housework once she has left. I think this Saturday I will sit her down and talk about priorities. I don’t mind her being thorough and scrubbing taps with a toothbrush, but I need certain things to be finished when she leaves. Whether she wants to do those first or not, is up to her. I had asked in the beginning of the day for the ironing, kitchen and floors to be done and this was the least that I expected. I mentioned in the previous post that she charges less than my other domestics did…but Rudi mentioned to her what I paid the others and now I guess I don’t have a choice but to pay her the same.


Yesterday I was feeling very “meh” the entire day. I got sick in the morning while I was making breakfast. It was quite random since I usually get sick while brushing my teeth. There was nothing that I could put my finger on that triggered it. No smell or anything, just random. Luckily this was before I ate, so I didn’t lose any nourishment. I prefer throwing up when my stomach is empty. After church I was exhausted. I didn’t manage to nap well with Babyice watching movies and jumping around like a monkey on the bed with me. I just felt miff the whole day. Sleeping is becoming quite a difficult exercise. I most definitely cannot sleep on my stomach anymore. I often have pain in my left ear, I think it is from the pregnancy as the nurse at work said my ear isn’t even red inside. Leaving me only with sleeping on my right side or my back and I cannot sleep on my back. As a result I am exhausted today.


So. I guess we’ll give the domestic another whirl next week and I’ll make sure she knows exactly what is expected of her. I’ll be working in the morning, but probably not till late when I can come home and we can have a decent chat. Wish me luck. I am so over not having help or finding someone that suits us. I dreamt about my first domestic again last night. I begged her to come back. This is clearly working on me!

The Weekend That Was

We had the most incredible weather this weekend. Summer weather. My favourite weather. It wasn’t blisteringly hot (although some might have felt that way) and the evenings were lovely and warm. No jackets required. It hasn’t been that way for a long, long time.


On Saturday we made our way over to Christelle and Deon for a long awaited braai. There always seems to be a long gap between our visits, not for a lack of wanting to see each other, but because our schedules conflict. Either that or *someone* gets sick just before the get together and we have to reschedule, inevitably a month away because of our busy social calendars. Yes, we’re that popular 😛 Of course we were late, we are always late when we go there. We are usually delayed by Babyice and this time was no different. We were waiting for him to wake up from his nap. We opened his door and even put some loud music on, but he was oblivious. Eventually Rudi went to poke around and he woke up.


Christelle and Deon have recently had their entire garden landscaped and it was the first time we would see it. It looks so gorgeous! Christelle even has her very own veggie garden right by her back door! Perhaps it’s a good thing that we didn’t see the garden sooner, it certainly is flourishing now. Apparently some of the veggies have been harvested and have grown back already! There is also a worm farm! Imagine that. A worm farm! They have also purchased their daughter a trampoline (with a safety net) which was set up in the back yard. The weather was so fantastic we spent most of the day outside on the deck watching the kids run around and have fun. Zani has developed an ice cream addiction and of course they’re all about the sharing. I think they each had at least 3 ice creams while we were there. Of course the ice creams went everywhere with them and a lot ended up on them, the trampoline and eventually us. Babyice had such a ball on the trampoline! Zani is a much more proficient jumper than he is (although he has learnt from her now) and he really enjoyed lying down while she made him bounce by jumping up and down around him. All you could hear coming from the trampoline were giggles. The kids were also in and out the house and soon we realized that having one plastic bike between the two of them wasn’t going to work very well. So Christelle ushered the men off to the shop to purchase a second bike to avoid fights between the kids. A stroke of genius!


The men returned with not one, but TWO new bikes. Apparently the kids had picked their bikes and they couldn’t just buy *one*. We were also told that they first walked together hand in hand (after being told to hold hands) and then took over the shop on their bikes. I wish I could have seen it! Our kids are chick magnets, by the way. We were told that all the single women were flocking around these adorable kids. Only later did the men realize they may have been perceived as a gay couple with adorable kids. HA HA! Zani had picked out a Ben 10 bike (quite by accident, I’m sure) and Babyice had chosen a Batman bike. From that moment on the kids just had a blast chasing each other around the house with the bikes, watching snippets of kiddies movies on the TV, jumping on the trampoline and devouring ice cream 🙂 Babyice was generally well behaved for the entire day which made his mommy and daddy very proud!


We had a braai for dinner. Christelle made us a ‘deluxe’ salad, with lettuce straight from the garden! I must say, the lettuce tasted like Brackenfell (where it was grown). LOL. It was very yummy. Too soon I had eaten too much and had to stop, even though I wanted to steal another piece of lettuce, I just couldn’t! (I normally don’t like lettuce) There was no more space. We had our meat, salad and my delectable home made garlic bread. Before we knew it it was getting dark. The kids couldn’t tell. They were still happily bouncing away on the trampoline, later joined by both their dads. They were having a blast jumping on the daddies! What a pleasure to sit and watch them have so much fun. Every now and then one of the daddies would jump too, bouncing the kids high in the air, much to their delight. We simply *had* to leave (although we’re always loathe to) since we had to keep Babyice awake to take his antibiotics when we got home and being in the car that wouldn’t be easy. Christelle and Deon were gracious enough to let Babyice take his Batman bike home since they really didn’t need more than two at home (in case of visitors in future, there would be two bikes).  We had a lovely time!


Babyice was on antibiotics for a sinus infection. He is all cleared up now again. On Sunday we didn’t do much, but we took my grandmother out to brunch at the Wimpy after church. She had been missing us and she wasn’t up to walking around Stodels, so we ditched our plan to go there and took her out instead. The rest of the day was spent lazing about.

How was your weekend?

New Years

Rudi suggested that we leave Babyice with his mother for New Years. At first I was opposed to the idea. I felt that it would be our first New Year with him and it would be nice to have him there. I realized later that this was extremely silly of me. He would have been sleeping anyway and we would have spent the whole night walking on eggshells as he would be in close proximity to us (our place isn’t very big). Rudi arranged things with his mother and I decided not to make a fuss. He even folded up his cot and took that with as well. I was quite happy with that as he would be in familiar surroundings with a familiar smell and this should help soothe him while he was away from us. When Rudi took him away I teared up, feeling guilty and sad that he wouldn’t be with us. Silly mommy!

We had a friend over for a braai for New Years. We decided to stay at home so that we could be safe and enjoy ourselves off the roads. I had a really good time. I must admit that I had quite a bit to drink for the first time in about two years. It was the best New Years celebration we’ve had for a very long time. We often don’t make plans or leave them to the last minute and end up doing nothing. This year we made vague plans and I think we’ll most certainly plan better next time, to avoid disappointment.

So much of fun being had...

Please excuse Rudi’s rude hand gestures. I can’t take that man anywhere!

I only went to bed at 5AM! I cannot remember the last time I have stayed up so late (or early)! Rudi and his friend only settled down around 6:30. When I went to bed I told Rudi ‘It’s almost daylight outside!’. I couldn’t believe it! We only managed to get a few hours sleep as we needed to fetch Babyice from the in laws and then head off to a braai with my family. We had to be there at 11:30 and still drop off Rudi’s friend and pick My Evil Mother up on the way there. Somehow we were only about 20 minutes late.

We had a leisurely braai with my family. My great great uncle Dan broke down while he was praying for the meal, the fact that my grandfather wasn’t there really stood out to everyone. A little later my grandmother broke down. Her grief is still very raw and there are times she has trouble dealing with him not being around. He really was her best friend and her rock. Everybody was really impressed with Babyice. They loved watching him crawl around, pull himself up and play. They couldn’t believe how he babbled and how well behaved he was. I struggle to take credit for how wonderful he is. He kind of does these things by himself…he put himself into his sleeping routine, he learnt to crawl by himself, to pull himself up, etc. We just watch him and are in awe at how amazing he is!

I managed to catch up on some sleep the rest of the weekend. It was very welcome! I hope the fun party was an indication of how the year will be! I hope you all had a good time too 😀

My first Mother’s Day

I was planning on going to church, but the weather SO foul. I didn’t want to take Babyice out into the sheets of rain and gale force winds. I was awoken by a phone call (around 7:15am) from my grandfather. He is in agony, he says. He thinks he has kidney stones or gall stones and needs Citrosoda. Can Rudi please drive to the pharmacy and get him some? I woke Rudi up to do just that. While he was gone Babyice was still sleeping so I set out to wash and sterlize all the bottles we’d gotten on our play date the previous day. I also put on some baby washing since it was piling up to no end.

Rudi phoned me and asked me if I wanted some McDonalds for breakfast and brought some home. We had breakfast together and he looked after Babyice for most of the day. He told me he had wanted to get me roses, but the guy he normally buys from wasn’t at the traffic light where he usually is (at 7:30am). Right. I had reminded Rudi that it is Mother’s Day for almost two weeks. I do this because I know what he is like. Halfway through the day I asked him if he thought he had wished me or if he was waiting until he got me a gift. Pissed him right off. He said he was sick and he told me they rose guy wasn’t at the robot. FFS. I told him ages ago I just want something that I can remember my first Mother’s Day by. I want a stupid mug that says mom on it or a teddy or SOMETHING. So of course this led to an argument and he storms off to go and buy me something. This has happened on my birthday one year as well.

He came back with a mug saying ‘Supermom’ with a little elephant stuffed animal inside it and a pink ribbon saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. This is all I wanted. Just something that I could keep and remember later that I had gotten it for my first Mother’s Day. I don’t know why Rudi is like this. Always leaves it till the last minute and gets befuck with me when I expect something. WTF?! Anyway, the rest of the day was pleasant enough and we relaxed the whole day. I even got to take a nap in the afternoon.

Our ‘play date’ the previous day took a pleasant, unexpected turn. We went there at 12 expecting to be there for a few hours. We ended up staying till 6pm and only left because we had prior commitments! We made plans to spend the day with them next Saturday as well. We have so many bottles now, I only have to wash every second day! I’m so much in the habit of washing bottles though I wash every day anyway…but I never have to worry about running out. It was really nice being somewhere where the other woman is also busy with her baby all the time and there is an area to change baby really comfortably. There are toys they both can play with…it is very awesome 🙂

I felt really bad when I saw their AMAZING baby room. Sheesh. It looks like a baby room out of a catalogue. Babyice’s room still looks like a store room 🙁 I wish I had a beautiful room for him. We’re probably moving at the end of August, so I guess it’s no use setting everything up and going to great lengths now just to pack it up in a couple of months. I still feel bad though.

Later the evening we went for a braai to celebrate @CamillaAE‘s husband’s birthday. I managed to drain an entire bottle of red wine over the course of the day and was feeling quite fragile by the end of it all. Babyice slept almost the entire time we were there. He fell asleep in the car on the way there and slept till about 11pm, so we managed to enjoy our evening without too much disturbance. Camillaae makes some AWESOME bread and even though it burnt (she isn’t used to the oven in their new house just yet – they only moved in a couple of weeks ago) it tasted so nice and I plan to make it for our next braai – for sure. She also makes the most divine potato bake. No matter how hard I try I cannot get mine to taste the same.

Anyway, we had a good weekend and I’m looking forward to the next one! Yay!

Weekend update

The weekend was pretty chilled. We went to get a new phone for Rudi on Saturday. He did get the Samsung Star. I’ve changed my mind about lusting after the phone though. It has no 3G or HSDPA. Now we can’t have that, now can we? I also get to play with it whenever I want…so it’s not too bad. The rest of the day was chilled and I snuck in a 2 hour nap which was great.


Sunday was a little less relaxed. I tried my best to get some extra sleep, but unexpected guests (how rude!) arrived and roused me from bed. They didn’t stay too long and when I tried to go back to sleep for a while the phone kept ringing. I should have switched them both off!


We went to the in laws for a braai, which turned out quite nice. I must say I am feeling pretty pooped lately. The more I sleep, the more sleep I seem to need. Actually, that’s not true. Even if I do get my 8 hours, I seem to need much more sleep. If I was a lady of leisure I could get all the sleep I need *sigh* a girl can dream!


Despite all of that my Monday hasn’t been too bad at all 🙂 Yours?


I know, I know. I’ve been M.I.A for a while. Work has been hectic…and when it hasn’t I’ve been either too busy or too tired to do anything but sleep. I’m exhausted lately. It didn’t help that Rudi fell ill on Monday morning during the wee hours and decided it was okay to keep me awake. Then on Monday night he slept very restlessly, again keeping me awake. Next time I’m sending him to the couch. I swear.


On Saturday we went to a braai with some lovely friends. It was a lot of fun! Since I met most of them on Twitter, it was nice to get to know everyone better. The last time we all met up I was really hungry and Rudi kept on saying he wanted to braai…almost a month later they decided to take him up on his offer and we went to Annie’s house. Rudi went dressed up in his Blue Bulls (a local rugby team) gear…and even though he expected to get flack from everyone for not being a Western Province supporter, they most graciously let it slide. After a very close game, Rudi’s team ended up winning. He was very happy about it…and continued to celebrate by lubricating his throat most generously. Luckily Monkey, who was pouring the drinks for the most part, doesn’t have too much of a heavy hand…but after about 6 hours of constant lubrication…Rudi was innebriated (muchly). I decided to take him home before he hurt himself. Neither Rudi nor I ate, although the food was very good. Alice and Monkey’s pudding went down very well (of course I ate pudding!) and we packed a doggy bag for leftovers the next day. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the evening, we really enjoyed ourselves!


Rudi and I have been attending antenatal classes. We missed the first one, but the lady offering them recapped the first one for us last night. We go every Thursday. When we went for our first class we got a little goodie bag full of samples, including a pregnancy diary:


Antenatal Free Gift

Antenatal Free Gift


I figure I don’t really need the pregnancy diary since I blog pretty much everything, although there are spaces in there for discomforts, etc which I don’t necessarily mention here. I feel we have really learned a lot in just to two classes we’ve been to. Last night (class #1 which we missed) we discussed pregnancy, how men cope with pregnancy and changes we can expect. We watched videos and looked at diagrams of anatomy. In class #2 which we attended last Thursday we discussed the process of natural birth. It was really *very* informative. We watched two birth videos, which were a bit scary, but not enough to put me off it completely. The lovely thing about the lady giving the classes (besides the fact that she is very nice) is that she answers any questions you might have, allows you to stand up and walk around if you are uncomfortable and even to go pee at any time. She even explained to us the terms that the doctors and nurses will use during labour, so that you will know exactly what is happening even if they talk over you or you feel too shy/scared to ask them what is going on. This Thursday we will be discussing coping mechanisms for natural birth. We will be lying down, using birth balls and I think the men will be educated on how to deal with us during labour. Fun!


I saw my gynae on Monday. Babyice is doing really well. My gynae called him a “chubby baby”. He is already between 750 – 775 grams! That’s almost a kilo and I’m only halfway-ish! Other than that I asked the gynae to check his hands as they looked ‘strange’ to me on our DVD. Gynae had a look (even though Babyice insisted on keeping his one hand in a fist for most of the scan) and he has found no problems. He feels that the rest of my pregnancy will be uncomplicated, most likely only just uncomfortable. He doesn’t think I’ll be able to work till late January if that is what I want since I’m already having some problems with my back, he said “Did you see yourself get off that bed? Don’t understimate the discomforts of late pregnancy”. We also briefly discussed birth. I spoke to him about my fears based on my last experience. He feels we should have no problem going through natural labour, unless of course the baby is endangered or too big when the time comes. He also feels confident that my epidural will work next time. He said he leaves the decision up to me, he doesn’t want to take advantage of my indecision and just slice me open. He has actually encouraged me to try natural birth, but has said if I feel like it is a mental hurdle I cannot cross he will be happy to do a C section if that is what I want. It’s lovely to have such a supportive gynae!


Right. That’s really all I can manage today. Thank you for your patience!

Help me choose my tattoo!

So I’ve decided to follow Angel‘s advice and am rather having my tattoo done in English as I could never really tell what was being permanently etched onto my skin in a foreign script. After googling ‘James’ in Chinese lettering I found symbols completely different from the ones we saw at the tattoo parlour. Rather safe than sorry!

So I received an e-mail from SAMoms (a Yahoo group I am part of) which led me to this site which has endless fonts for tattoos. I have chosen three fonts which I like, but haven’t settled on a particular one. Help me choose! The size varies in these pics, but the website allows you to enlarge the fonts as well. Drop me a comment and tell me which one you like!


Although this is not a democracy, I’m sure I could be swayed by number of votes to get a certain one. So send your friends here to choose their favourite too and drop me a comment!

I’ve been booked off sick today. I was feeling terrible yesterday and made an appointment to see the doctor after work. I went to see a new doctor since my regular GP was away. He was SUCH a nice man. Very personable, polite and friendly. I might even go to him again. He says I am developing flu, but don’t need to worry about menangitis or anything serious. He gave me some medicine for my symptoms, booked me off for today and sent me on my merry way. I feel a little worse today, but the medicine is helping. It always gets worse before it gets better hey. The doctor gave me something called Empacod, the pharmacist said ‘This has Codeine in it, so it will make you feel lekker (nice)’. I usually take Adcodol so I’m familiar with Codeine and it’s never really done anything for me, but these tablets have given me a *slight* buzz. Nice.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. I hope my hairdresser can even out the colour and give me a nice cut. I’m in the mood for a new style…but still don’t want to lose my length. Will chat to her about some bangs or a fringe or something. I’m very nervous to get a fringe – it’s really high maintenance to make sure it always looks good. I think I could handle bangs, you can always stick them behind your ears if they get in the way.

We have guests coming over for a braai (BBQ) tonight and Rudi has left the house in a glorious mess, so even though I’m sick I still have to clean. Ugh.

Now don’t forget to comment and tell me which tattoo you like!

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