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Nails for Henry

      Hi everyone! Whenever I go to an event, I usually try to wear my nails to either match my outfit or the theme for the event. Unfortunately, the opportunity isn’t always joyous. In this case my dear brother (from another mother) lost his life partner to cancer. The year following his diagnosis


New Year’s Eve we spent with Camilla, Dennis, Shelley, Jonathan, Samantha (Camilla’s sister) and everyone’s kids. It was a relatively quiet evening. We had a braai and arranged that we sleep over so that nobody would have to drive under the influence. Babyice had a spill on the tiles and while he was screaming I


This entire week has been such a waste of time! We have so many public holidays in this week that there are only two working days…for normal folks that is. Monday – Public Holiday (I was off)Tuesday – Work (half day then spa)Wednesday – WorkThursday – Public Holiday (I will be off)Friday – Public Holiday