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Dummy fail

On Friday we went to have a braai/sleepover at a friend, G. It was a lovely evening. The food was good and we enjoyed the company. It was a bit of a mission getting Babyice down, but I managed it. He wasn’t happy about the sleeping arrangements after Rudi came to bed and we ended up playing musical beds/couch. On Saturday morning I decided to take a swim in the bath tub. The bath tub at G’s house is HUGE. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I didn’t fill the tub up like she did, but even with shallow water it was amazing. I lay back and put a face cloth over my eyes and just enjoyed it. It was probably the best bath I have ever had in my life. It is so awesome to bath in a bath that isn’t ‘too tight’ on you. We then ventured off for breakfast at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm. It was lovely! While we were busy eating, G decided that we should have some champagne and orange juice, stepping the breakfast up to a wonderful champagne breakfast. We ate while looking out over the vineyards and mountains. It was so nice! We then went back to G’s house, I took a nap with Babyice and after eating some leftovers from the braai we decided to head home. After a wonderful start to the weekend, being home just brought irritation and conflict. House work had piled up and we were faced with mounds of laundry/ironing, it was hot and to top it all off, we had no water again last night. We queried around the complex and everyone was without water. It did come on later in the evening, but too late for Babyice to have a bath. Meh. (I did the cleaning, ironing and packing away, BTW)


I’ve been trying to get Babyice to leave his dummy (pacifier), but he has started to demand it and want it all day, every day. We were succeeding at giving it to him only at bed time for a while, but I think Rudi showed him a crack in the front and he jumped at it. He started whining for the dummy at all times and would throw tantrums if it was not given to him when he demanded it. The day mother has absolutely no problems with it. He hands her the dummy when his nap is done and even after we arrive in the mornings he would simply give it to her once we had left. It is a clear cut case of manipulation on his part. I keep trying to tell Rudi he needs to put up with the screaming/crying and distract Babyice when he calls for the dummy, to no avail.


So we tried something else. A colleague gave me that stuff you paint on your nails if you’re a nail biter to help you stop. It tastes awful. I decided we would paint this onto the dummies. On Friday when I wanted to try it Rudi didn’t want to. On Sunday in church Rudi kept asking Babyice to give him the dummy. No other children had dummies besides him. It seemed to me that Rudi was embarrassed to have such a ‘big’ child sucking a dummy when other kids his age were dummy free. I pounced on the opportunity and after his Sunday afternoon nap we gave it a whirl. At first he sucked the dummy like nothing was amiss. I was confused. I thought perhaps I had put too little on. He then removed the dummy, pointed at his mouth and said ‘Mommy, eina’. I suspected that his mouth *might* be sore. He actually ASKED for medicine. Not like him! We gave him a different dummy (also ‘tainted’) and he pulled a face of disgust and gave it back. We told him the dummies must have gone ‘sour’. He tried another few times during the course of the day, eventually tossing the dummy across the house because he didn’t want it. SUCCESS?! No. Not quite.


Come bed time I put him down and again offered him a ‘sour’ dummy. He gave it back and said he didn’t want it. I walked out, things were quiet and I thought we had succeeded. He repeatedly came out of his room and screamed and cried if we tried to leave him there. Eventually I relented and gave him a dummy that had nothing painted on it and he still refused to sleep. We ended up going to bed so that he could sleep with us. Epic fail.


I now think I should just give up and let it go. Perhaps we’ll try and be more strict between sleep time and distract him when he asks for the dummy. Like @alambchop said, it’s not like you see 8 year old children sucking a dummy.


Work has been super frustrating. We’ve been tasked with the work we hate to do again. I’m not sure if there is an end in sight. I hope so. I hate this kind of work. I’m just not cut out for it. I don’t have much of a choice though and my entire team has to do the work. I could be miserable about it (like I was all day Thursday last week), or just suck it up and do what I need to do until it goes away. Focus on the positive.

Bloody drama

Babyice had an accident last night. I was bathing him and had already shampooed his hair and wanted to clean his ears. He is not very fond of having his ears cleaned and he pulled away from me. I had his arm in my hand, but his feet slipped and he fell. He hit his chin/head/face on the handle next to the bath. His teeth cut open his lip. Despite having his arm in my grasp I couldn’t prevent this. He SCREAMED a blood curdling scream and when he looked up at me, all I saw was blood.

Rudi came running (I think I might have screamed as well…I know I said ‘Rudi COME’) and took over. I was in a state. Babyice wouldn’t stop crying and I just ran back and forth bringing Rudi whatever he asked for. He asked for salt water, but was making Babyice drink it. I told him not to as this would probably make him throw up. I fetched him some Ponstal for the pain and Rudi continued to bath him (I had barely started). I was crying my eyes out, feeling guilty that I hadn’t managed to catch him. We took him out of the bath and I carefully dressed him (we were still crying). After I dressed him I picked him up and put his head on my chest, speaking to him soothingly. I had spotted the cut and it was pretty small (about the width of one of his teeth), it calmed me *slightly*. He lay with his head on my chest for quite a while. Usually he only does it for a split second before something peaks his interest and he’s off in another direction. We gave him his dummy and he sucked on it without complaint and he drank his bottle without any problems. He slept through the night last night and this morning when he woke up he still had a fat lip.

Honestly I don’t think I handled this very well. Rudi observed that I was crying as if I was the one that got hurt. He didn’t seem to understand that it was the same either way. When Babyice gets hurt, I do. I was crying just as much as Babyice was, if not worse. My heart was broken and I felt responsible. Thank goodness Rudi was there to take over. I will probably be nervous bathing him for a while to come now.

I know accidents happen and that it was inevitable, but it’s always hard for a mommy to deal with her baby getting hurt! He’s so small and doesn’t understand. The day mother said he is fine today, he ate normally and is quite pleasant, so that is good.

He has had some stuff coming out of his left ear in the last week or two. It looks like it is wax and he doesn’t seem to be in pain (although he doesn’t like you touching/cleaning his ears). The stuff is a dark brown colour and Google seems to think that is normal for wax. I called the pediatrician anyway since it’s only one ear and doesn’t seem to be stopping. We have an appointment with him on Friday so that he can do his 12 month check up and have a look at his ear. I would bust the child’s lip up before he goes to see the doctor. Hopefully by Friday it will be much better.

I can’t believe the party is the day after tomorrow! My baby will be 1 year old SOON!

It seems I will never be rid of her….

So the weekend begins. We went to visit Sarah and Brad last night at their new place. It’s HUGE. Personally I don’t understand why they need such a huge place, but whatever makes them happy! They have an AWESOME bathroom that has a corner bath with jets. I’m going to bath there. Sarah has been notified. It’s going to be freaking legendary! She also said we can house sit for them when they go away, which they do quite often. The only reason I would really want to is for that bath! I can see it now….candles…bubbles…


Yesterday we popped by my grandparents place to fetch a gift for Babyice. My grandfather had purchased tyres and gotten a free soccer ball. My grandfather will find any excuse for us to visit! While we were there a woman showed up. She’s the woman who runs the safe house. I ignored her presence there until she directly asked me if I was My Evil Mother’s daughter. I couldn’t deny it, so I said yes. She then started preaching to me about how I should be supportive of My Evil Mother and how much she needs me right now. She was speaking Afrikaans to me. I speak Afrikaans really well, but find it hard to express myself properly, specifically when I’m angry. I tried my best to brush her off. She is persistant though. She left her number with my grandmother and said we should meet for coffee sometime. She’d like to know the story of My Evil Mother. I don’t really want to speak to her. I don’t want to get involved and I also don’t want to ruin the chances that My Evil Mother has of staying at the safehouse. If she gets kicked out there, she’ll have no choice but to go back to Coke Head and we’ll be stuck with the same situation we were two weeks ago. The woman repeatedly asked if she was really abused while she was there. She said she can’t have people staying in the safehouse that don’t belong there. Has she picked up on My Evil Mother’s tendency to lie about everything?


The problem is…none of us really know. We have never witnessed it, or seen any evidence of it. My Evil Mother has less than zero credibility with anyone that knows her, especially her family who have been exposed to and uncovered so very many of her lies. I suppose that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t abused…just because we don’t believe anything she says doesn’t mean that it never happened. I can really understand that the woman that runs the safehouse needs to be careful. They are most likely grossly underfunded and there are women in dire need of their services. I hope that My Evil Mother is not robbing a true abuse victim of an escape.




I’m starting to get very excited about my baby shower. It’s going to be SO much fun!!! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be “made a fool of”, so if you’ve been invited, come for the entertainment!

My kingdom for a shower

Our shower was leaking quite badly. We reported it to the owner of our flat and she got some people to come have a look…and then…well…to destroy and rebuild the shower. Last week Tuesday they came to chop the shower up and put the cement in. The cement drying till the next week Monday…
Naked shower

Naked shower


They also removed the doors as the glass that was used to build the shower was the incorrect glass and was cracking. So the doors went as well. Amber decided to inspect whether they’d done a solid job with the cement:


Amber's Inspection

Amber's Inspection


On Monday they came to seal the cement so they could tile on the Tuesday:








I quite like the mosaic tiles in the shower. They are pretty. Nicer than the previous ones, actually.


The doors only went in yesterday…and then 24 hours for the silicone to dry. I will be having my first shower at home after a week and a half – TONIGHT!


Shower fixed!

Shower fixed!


I hate bathing. With a passion. I don’t feel clean after a bath. If I do feel like relaxing in a bath, I do so and then I have a shower afterwards to actually clean myself. Over and above that I am extremely uncomfortable in a bath. Now that I’m starting to get bigger and it’s harder to move around, it’s quite an inconvenience. 

I loooooong to have my shower back. I am fed up with having to bath. Washing your hair in the bath is also a mission and a half. Fuggit. I’m over it!