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First Day of Playschool

For ages now the day mother has been telling us about a playschool in her area where all her grandchildren and a few other children staying with her went when they were younger. She raved about it and has recommended Elijah go there for at least two years already. Seeing as how he will probably go to primary school next year, we thought sending him to the play school to prepare him a little for that this year would be a good idea.


It really is convenient as there is transportation available (at a cost) from the day mother to the playschool and back to the day mother again. He will go there 5 days a week from 9 – 12 every day. I’ve been trying to get the number for this playschool from the day mother for ages and only managed to get it early January. When I phoned the owner of the school told us to come around on Tuesday as she was having a “welcome party” for all the children that she would be teaching this year.  We were only able to go after work, but we went to check the place out and discuss everything. The day before classes start. I was in a bit of a tizz. Other parents had already paid school/transport fees for January ahead of time in December and had a list of requirements. I hadn’t budgeted to pay for January/February (we pay in advance) and wasn’t prepared for what was required. The owner assured me we could work out a payment plan as I will be able to catch up at the end of February. I don’t like it though. I like to be prepared and for everything to be done/ready/settled. We came home with a paper outlining the rules etc. and they also have to have a sandwich/drink packed. Oh my hat! We don’t have cooldrink bottles for him or anything. We made a plan and sent him with a sandwich wrapped in foil and a drink in a gym water bottle. We were also asked to label clothes and shoes.


We dropped him off at the day mother this morning with his school bag containing his application form and his lunch. We always drop him off in his PJs so I couldn’t even take a “first day of school” kind of photo since he wasn’t dressed yet. The kids have breakfast and are dressed at the day mother where they are picked up and taken to the play school. They do their thing there and are then taken back to the day mother where they will have lunch.


I was on an emotional roller coaster all bloody day. I was looking at all the “back to school” photos on Facebook and just wanted to cry. I felt like I should have gone with him, even though this isn’t “real school”. I phoned the day mother to ask how he was when he was picked up. The night before he had said he didn’t want to go to school because the children were going to point at him and talk about him (no idea where this comes from). The day mother said she thinks he was a bit nervous as he was hanging on her pant leg all morning, but he went with the bus when they came to fetch him and he seemed okay.


I was happy/proud/excited/nervous/tearful, even though I wasn’t there. So to make myself feel better I went out to lunch with a colleague and we bought all of his school supplies for the year. The school really doesn’t ask for much. They only need two reams of paper, two bottles of wood glue, another tube of glue, envelopes and some toilet paper. I also purchased 5 lunch boxes with two separate sections. The lunch boxes came with a cooldrink bottle that slots into one of the lunch box sections. Old school! They were also really cheap, so if they get lost or whatever I am not going to cry about it. I also ordered labels from the moment I stepped into the office. Their prices are really competitive and they will courier my labels to me for only R49.00! The labels take 5 – 8 working days before they are sent, so I’ll likely only get them next week sometime, then I can label his shoes and lunch boxes and his bag, etc. I ordered the pre-school pack of labels since I don’t require any stationery labels, so I paid R169.00 for labels and delivery!  I really would have done all of this ahead of time had I known what was required. Soon I’ll have everything sorted! I feel a lot better now that I have everything that I have to supply to the school and can’t wait to get his things labeled.


I called him at the day mother after he came back from the playschool. He said ‘Mommy! I love that school where I was today! It was so much fun! I love it!’…and then he was talking about zombies. Another child from the day mother has also joined this year, so at least he knows one of the children there. He seemed so incredibly excited and my heart soared. My heart is so full of happiness and pride. I am so happy that he loves the school and so proud of him for being brave and delving into the unknown. He is a really bright kid and I feel he deserves some structured educational stimulation. I cannot wait to see how he develops from here. I am very excited. The day mother said he was very excited and she offered to pack his lunch for him to take to playschool every day. That woman is a saint! She also told me that he refused to take off his backpack all day and was walking around with it on his back since he was dropped off.


Boo for tardy mommies, but yay for playschool!

Photos From The Weekend

As promised, our photo from the family fun day at Ratanga Junction. Babyice looks so awkward!




This weekend Babyice wrote and posted his letter to Santa. He was so excited! It read:

Dear Santa, My name is Babyice. I am almost 4! I have been a good boy. I hope I am on your nice list. For Christmas can I please have a car with a control that drives by itself and crashes.

Love Babyice


Luckily I remembered to take pictures!




We also went to visit my mother this weekend. We took my grandmother through to see her and picked up a ton of clothes she had acquired for PrincessIce. The guest house where they are staying is also a wedding venue. It is really beautiful there. There are rolling lawns and beautiful gardens as well as a pool. We’ve decided to spend Christmas there since it is so gorgeous and has plenty of space for the kids to play and also to swim if we want. I snapped some pics:


Wire heart as part of the wedding decor


Rose petals for the bride and groom


Rudi and PrincessIce in the arch


On Thursday last week Babyice was sick. He started vomiting in his bed after he went to sleep and continued throughout the night. He stayed home with Rudi on Friday who was also booked off for a back injury. He was running fevers on Friday. Saturday night Rudi started feeling ill and also spent a lot of time hung over the toilet. He too was running temps yesterday! I think they both got a tummy bug! Seems to be a 24 hour thing though as they are both feeling much better today. Babyice has a low grade fever and is complaining of sore ears, but no alarm bells yet. I woke up with a sore throat and ears myself and I’m still very sore from my procedure last week. Really hoping to catch a break and that everyone is healthy soon!

The tree is up!

Yup. That’s right. Our Christmas tree is up. Now, if you think I’m nuts for putting my tree up before [insert your preferred date here] it will be good for you to remember that I have put my tree up in September before. I’ve seen pics on Facebook and Instagram of people putting their trees up already, so I am by no means alone.


Every year I buy one unique and “expensive” decoration for the tree. I am rather particular about my tree and how it must look. I have always wanted a Christmas tree that is perfect like you see in the malls, but as I’ve grown older and had kids I’ve realized that a tree can be gorgeous even if all the decorations don’t match. This year I was in the shop considering which decoration I wanted to buy and Babyice got all excited. I decided to let him pick this year’s special addition. I’m quite happy with his choice! He chose a Santa ornament which he refers to as his “ho ho ho” (hey! Get your mind out of the gutter!)


So we hauled out the decorations and the tree. The tree has a big branch that is iffy that we’ve sort of fixed. It’ll hold. We also realized that one of our sets of lights isn’t working. We have a fairly large tree and one set of lights just ain’t gonna cut it. They actually broke last year and we forgot to replace them. The intention was to buy discounted lights after Christmas, but that wasn’t very well thought out since I was heavily pregnant and avoiding the malls like the plague.


So Rudi and Babyice went off to the shop to buy more lights. Eish. He came home with a very expensive set of tiny white lights (our other set is multi coloured). I decided not to care. I started wrapping our white static outside lights around the centre of the tree. I didn’t realize how bloody long they were and after circling the tree a dozen times I decided to lay the rest at the base of the tree and proceeded to add the other lights over the branches. Although I was sceptical about the tiny white lights they are really very pretty and I love them! I added the tinsel and gave Babyice license to go to town with the decorations. He had been nagging to start decorating while I was busy with the tinsel and lights. When I stepped back to allow him to decorate, he said “No, you must help me. You are my team!” *heart melt*


So we decorated the tree together. I was worried he might clump all the decorations in one place, but with a little guidance he did an awesome job and hung decorations on those pesky bottom branches which I never want to do. He was so excited and has asked me if the tree will stay up for a long time. He can’t wait to tell the day mother and other kids about his tree. It is the first year he has really shown interest and it has really made putting up the tree a joy!


Unpacking the tree…


Ta da!


The kids are much better, but I’ve come down with a cold. Luckily not bronchitis and I’m not feeling man-fluish about it, so I’ll just ride it out. First time this season I’m having a stuffy nose. Hay fever is probably contributing to that.


I took PrincessIce for her vaccinations. I took a leave for the day in order to take her and then  she woke up with a low grade fever the morning. I know they usually can’t get vaccinated when they’re ill and I was afraid they wouldn’t give her the shots, but they did. She screamed from the time I brought her near the table where the vaccinations were done. While I undressed her and we weighed her and measured her. On the one hand it was a good thing. The screaming couldn’t get any worse as they injected her so even though she was clearly distressed it didn’t feel like the injections hurt her as much if that makes any sense. I wondered if she had a sense of the place. If she had a memory of the room or the nurse. I couldn’t understand why she screamed so much. After it was done I breastfed her for about 3 minutes and all was right with the world again 🙂 With Babyice we used to struggle to soothe him after vaccinations. Boobs are amazing.


At the clinic they told me if you gave birth in a private hospital/have medical aid the government will no longer supply vaccines to you. You will need to pay for private stock. So because I pay R3900/m for medical aid (excluding my gap cover), that must mean I can afford vaccinations too, because medical aid never runs out. I am certain this will result in less children being vaccinated overall as less conscientious parents won’t pay thousands of rands for vaccines they used to be able to get for free. Government is struggling to meet the demand for free vaccines. They need to make a plan! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The next vaccinations at 12 months are “optional” and not covered by the government schedule so I will need to pay for those anyway. Ching! We took Babyice for all his vaccinations and PrincessIce shall have them too.


I’ll be going to La Leche League and Maskscara this weekend. Very excited! I hope I feel a bit better soon 🙂

Double Trouble

Why didn’t you, dear readers, ever tell me that having an extra child is so much more work? I must admit I was quite naive about it. I thought about how getting them both to sleep at the same time might be an issue, but the rest? I didn’t think it through. I’ve found going from having one child to having two to be a huge adjustment. Before PrincessIce was born I thought “Hey, how hard can it be? You chuck them in the bath together and Bob’s your uncle”. HA HA HA HA HA. Silly, silly girl.


I don’t for one moment regret my decision to have two. I didn’t want kids, but if I had one, I knew I wanted two. I didn’t want to raise an only child, because I am an only child. Since PrincessIce arrived I have felt a sense of completion. Like my family unit is now whole. The four of us is just perfect. I can’t tell you if the fact that my children are a pigeon pair contributes to the feeling, but I do know I am very lucky not to have to wonder about that 🙂   It is, however, a LOT of extra work. I’m not sure exactly why it feels like such a lot. PrincessIce is not even eating in the evenings yet and nighttime with her is a dream because we co-sleep. Rudi wants that to come to an end as well, but right now I’m loving it and the only person it will inconvenience when she moves to her cot is me. I’m the one who has to get up in the cold to feed her back to sleep. Maybe  in summer. Maybe.  Having her in our bed has some drawbacks. Since she is always there after Babyice has been put to bed, having some “us” time is very difficult. We used to put her in her cot and then leave her there till she wakes up and then bring her into bed, but now she just keeps waking up when we put her down there. I suppose if we want to have some “us” time we’ll have to try harder. Rudi still goes to sleep with Babyice at night and it is happening frequently that he falls asleep there and doesn’t come back.  As things are we all just get more sleep this way, but we’ll need to make a plan to make some more alone time for us.


PrincessIce has been such an easy baby. In hindsight if she was anywhere near as challenging as Babyice was we would have been in big trouble. I think having the hang of parenting in general helps. I used to be terrified of Rudi leaving me alone with Babyice to go play darts. I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to handle XYZ on my own. I have been staying alone with both kids on dart night since PrincessIce was about a month old. I was uncomfortable with it at first, not sure I could deal with their needs and requirements for attention simultaneously, but I have found a way that seems to work for all of us. I’m much more relaxed about a lot of things than I was with Babyice. Sleep training, co-sleeping, starting solids, milestones, etc. I suppose these are all benefits of doing things with a little experience.


All that being said, I absolutely adore my children and love being their mom. I often sit back and realize how lucky I am to be blessed with them and as the old cliche goes, I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

No nails today

Sheesh.  I’ve just realized I’ve posted about nothing but nails for the longest time. Technically, this isn’t a nail blog, but I’ve discovered a love for nails and nail art. Since it is occupying my time and my mind it is something I like to talk about. I really enjoy it. I also feel like it’s my creative outlet and I like expressing myself in this way. Do the nail posts annoy you? Or do you like them? I know I have one or two male readers who might find them boring. Sorry boys, you’ll have to like it or lump it. I’m going to keep doing them 😛 Speaking of nails, I won a Twitter competition yesterday! I won a R1500 nail hamper from Truworths and Revlon! I’m so excited! They’ve couriered my prize to me and I should receive it tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to see what they’ve included in the hamper! I have exactly one Revlon polish, so there isn’t much chance of them duplicating polishes I already have. I’ll take photos of what they send me and post them 🙂


The family is doing well. The sicks invaded our house for the first time this winter about two weeks ago. PrincessIce was the only one that needed antibiotics though. She had an ear infection, throat infection and conjunctivitis. We caught it early so she didn’t suffer too much. She is such a sweet baby. After a few days she wasn’t too uncooperative with taking her medicine. Babyice who is no longer a baby is getting so big and so cute. The things he says sometimes! It is very entertaining to have a small child in the house. Never a dull moment. It also renews your perspective on things. It forces you to look at life through the eyes of a child sometimes and it is truly a wonderful experience. I try my best to remember what it was like being a child. Especially when it comes to the “Why, why, why?” of things and discipline. Where I was once the disciplinarian in the house I’ve turned into the softie. How did that happen? There’s no such thing as sleep training in our house anymore. Besides me refusing to do it because Rudi would just muck it up again, I almost feel like I lost out on an opportunity to co-sleep with Babyice and that is something I can’t get back now. We co-sleep with PrincessIce and I absolutely love it. It is also extremely convenient for me since I’m still breastfeeding. It means no getting up at night for feeds. It really has been so much easier than with Babyice. I still need to wash and sterilize my breast pump equipment, but because I have a few sets this doesn’t need to be done daily and is not nearly as much of a chore as washing loads of bottles every day. Breastfeeding is really working out for me in that sense. We are all also getting a lot more sleep than we were when Babyice was this age.


PrincessIce seems to be lazy. She is nowhere near wanting to crawl, at least it doesn’t look like it. She doesn’t seem to like tummy time, so getting to the crawling part isn’t happening. She is almost 8 months old! Babies born around the same time as her are scooting around already!  I’m not worried that she isn’t developing properly. She has hit all her other milestones and isn’t behind in any way. I really just think she is spoilt 😛 Not spoiled in a bratty way. I don’t believe you can spoil such a young baby. I know many people will disagree, but I get to parent my way and they get to parent theirs. I do my best not to judge. On the one hand I am kind of grateful that she isn’t very mobile yet. Boy am I going to have my hands full with the two of them when she is!


I’ve just come from the dentist today. I lost the filling on the root canal tooth. When the filling came out part of the tooth came with it. He has put another filling in now, but it is hanging on a thread of tooth. It won’t last. He told me in so many words I am going to lose the tooth. He told me to pray when I left his office. So eventually it will be pulled. It is in my smile line and a bridge is apparently going to cost nine thousand Rand. 9k. 9 000. Holy crapola. It is the very last tooth in my smile line, so when the time comes I’m just going to have to pull it and see how it looks. A big black gap in a person’s smile really looks horrid, but since it is so far back there is a slim chance I could get away with it. I really hope I can. Ain’t nobody got R9000 to fix ONE tooth! In the interim we’ve attempted to attach a filling to the tiny piece of tooth left. This could go at any moment. So I’ve spent R450.00 to cling to this stupid tooth for dear life. Wish me luck!

Guest Post: Babyice and PrincessIce Mani

Today I have a real treat for you! I asked Ordinary Misfit to do a guest post for me. She was doing a guest posts for other nail bloggers and we collaborated with ideas for their manis. She wanted to make the manis personal.  Being as modest as she is, she wasn’t sure if the manis were “right”, so I said that they are very personal for each individual and that it would be equivalent of doing a mani representing my kids. Light bulb! So I asked her if she would like to do just that. A mani representing PrincessIce and Babyice for a guest post for my blog. She agreed!


Of course this now means I owe her a guest post. I am quite nervous to be doing a nail art post for someone of her caliber, but a deal is a deal.




Here is her post:



After acidicice gave me tons of help and advice on my guest posts for Siobhan

and Thea she asked if I would do one for her as well. What an honour!!

The subject matter was, the children, Babyice and PrincessIce. No pressure

right! I am not going to lie. It was HARD! Luckily I got tons of feedback and

information so I gave it a try. Maybe even a few tries 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani

Awww. Lookit Shrek!



I am going to start with the middle finger because that is where this ‘story’

starts. One thing that is very clear is how much acidicice loves her children. To

show that, I used two coats of Sinful Colors – Snow me White and stamped using

Essence – Fame Fatal and Pueen01. Tons of little hearts that shows all the love.

Next is my ring finger. This is representing babyice. I used two coats of Sinful

Colors – Ruby Ruby and with my dotting tool I made two pirate swords. (Well,

tried to) and then added some glitter. Babyice loves playing with his pirate

sword and ‘protecting his mommy and sister when daddy isn’t home’. He also

loves glitter and he does seem to like the colour red too.

Next up is my pinky. This is also representative of babyice. I used two coats

of Sinful Colors – Rise & Shine. I then used Tip Top – We Have an Agreen-mint

and my dotting tool to ‘draw’ Shrek. I also added some glitter using L A Colors

– Confetti. Shrek is Babyice’s movie of choice lately and of course, some more

glitter never does any harm 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani

PrincessIce and Babyice Mani


Next up is my index finger. This represents princessice. I did an ombre using

Essence – Destination Sunshine and Essence – Absolutely Blue. This represents

her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. I then used Revlon – Gold Rush and

Pueen05 to stamp the little princess crown on top. I then took some Tip Top –

Rocky Road Glitter with my dotting tool to put three little pieces as the ‘jewels’ of

the crown. She is a proper princess after all 😉


PrincessIce and Babyice Mani

PrincessIce and Babyice Mani


Onto the thumb! PrincessIce loves her bath time and to represent that I used two

coats of Tip Top – Melting Marshmallow. I then used Sinful Colors – Why Not

and Pueen12 to stamp the little rubber duck surrounded by bubbles. Of course,

I added some Tip Top – Rocky Road glitter for some sparkle. I also know it is

mommy’s favourite!


PrincessIce Thumb

PrincessIce Thumb


So there we have it. Thank you so much for having me and having such gorgeous

children to draw inspiration from. Ok ok I know you practically gave it to me on a

silver platter but your children are still gorgeous!



I absolutely adored this mani! Shrek is my favourite 🙂 I think she did a fanstastic job!


On Friday I was on leave.  I like to take a little leave around my birthday. I do it every year. Some me time. This distressed Arkwife somewhat since she had arranged a surprise delivery for me for my birthday. I arranged for a colleague to pick it up and Rudi fetched it from my building on his way home from work.

Surprise Delivery!

Surprise Delivery!

It was such a lovely surprise. It really made my day! Let me tell you, this Decadent Hot Chocolate with the dark chocolate pieces is the bloody business. Will be MOST awesome in chocolate chip cookies too!   On Saturday night Sanita popped round to bring me my gift. She bought me essence wanna be your sunshine nail polish, a backup of Tip Top Rocky Road (my favourite glitter, I wanted a backup bottle) and a nifty gadget that holds your nail polish bottle at an angle while you paint to make it easier to get that last bit out.   Rudi woke up earlier than usual on Sunday and made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. I got a kiss on the cheek as soon as I opened my eyes and a “Happy Birthday”. We were pressed for time though as we were on our way to church. We were late for church. So late that we had to sit separately as there wasn’t enough room in the mother’s room for all of us. Babyice was up and down in between me and Rudi the whole time. After church my aunt informed me that they would be late as there was another service her husband and son were to attend later the day.   We went home and I took Babyice to the park across the road to play while PrincessIce slept a bit. It was nice just pushing him in the swing, helping him navigate the monkey bars (I still have to hold his legs) and watching him slide. He also brought me some flowers for my birthay <3


Two Flowers from Babyice

Two Flowers from Babyice

Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy Birthday Mommy

Co-incidentally my favourite colour

Co-incidentally my favourite colour

These kids hey. They will melt your heart. My family arrived, even later than anticipated. They bought me a hand lotion that comes with a key ring and an Oh So Heavenly body spritzer gift set. We had a braai. They left. And that was it.  I decided to go big and buy some cupcakes for my birthday. On my credit card *gasp*. So at least there was cake.  I did receive a very surprising phone call for my birthday. I posted about it on SM, but I think that is a blog post on its own.   The previous day we also spent some time in the park. We had such lovely weather over the weekend.

Rudi and PrincessIce

Rudi and PrincessIce


Today Leebeesa gave me her gift. She bought me Essie Coat Azure nail polish, a pedicure set with some files and toe separators, a bangle that she made for me with some of my favourite purple heart beads and some nail art stickers.


That’s all she wrote.

Finally, My Brave Boy

If you follow my blog you would know about the haircut hell we’ve had with Babyice.


At some point I made peace with his hair getting as long is it is going to get and hoped he would outgrow his fear of getting his hair cut. Eventually his hair got quite long and it started to hang in his eyes. When this happened, the day mother and teenage girls there started nagging him about cutting his fringe. One day he suddenly said they could do it. His favourite teen girl cowered from it though in case she would mess it up and let the day mother cut his fringe, no more hair in the eyes. She also cut it skew. Rudi wasn’t very happy, but I saw this was a step in the right direction.





Someone commented on that picture that he was really looking like a girl. Fantastic. Just what we were going for! The next day he asked the day mother to ‘fix’ his fringe and she straightened it, he then asked ‘What about here?’ and indicated the hair growing over his ears. She didn’t have the confidence to cut his hair as she has no experience with it, but this gave us an idea. I remembered that she once had a hairdresser come to her house to cut her hair and I asked if she could arrange for them to come again. She did arrange for the hairdresser to come last Friday and promised Babyice a whole packet of his favourite biscuits if the lady could cut his hair. He was excited for the biscuits. We were excited for the haircut. She didn’t pitch. I was quite annoyed, not because his hair hadn’t been cut, but because we had psyched him up about it for days, only for him to be let down. The day mother shared the biscuits with the kids anyway.


She then made arrangements for the woman to come again. This time I didn’t get my hopes up, but when we went to fetch him yesterday, the deed was done!


Before and After

Before and After


I think he looks spectacular! Apparently he was very brave. He asked “granny” (the day mother) to hold his hand and didn’t cry or scream at all. We made a very big fuss over it. We’ve asked him whether we can take him to a hairdresser next time and he still says ‘no’. I hope that we will be able to coax him to have his hair cut elsewhere next time. I don’t really want to rely on someone unreliable again, although I am grateful to her for getting it done and doing such a great job 🙂


Of course almost everyone on social media prefers the “before” picture…but they don’t have to wash/brush his hair while he whines about it.


I’m very proud of him! 🙂

Tattoo Extension

For my birthday this year I wanted to extend my tattoo by adding PrincessIce’s name. I already have Jamie and Elijah tattoed on my left shoulder:


Current Tattoo

Current Tattoo


I don’t think my tattoo artist will do it for me while I’m breastfeeding though, so I might just have to wait. Since I’m not sure when I will stop breastfeeding I might only be able to get it for my next birthday! Or sort of take a rain cheque till I stop. Obviously the font will be the same as the other names, but as you capitalize the letters, the font changes the look of her name. I’m interested to know what you think.










PrincessIce’s second name is Rose and I thought it would be nice to have a rose somewhere. Rose tattoos can so easily look crappy/cheap/horrible. So I hit Pinterest to see if there was anything I liked and I found something I really do like!


Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest



I wouldn’t want it as big as that and if my tattoo artists cannot get it to look as 3D as this, I would rather leave it. I know he will be honest with me. He is amazingly talented and I trust that he will be able to do this and I know he will be honest with me if he can’t. Isn’t it beautiful? Technically Elijah has a second name too, which hasn’t been included. His second name is James and it would seem rather redundant next to Jamie, now wouldn’t it? PrincessIce’s second name is also linked to the meaning of my name which means ‘Like the flower’ – although that refers to a specific flower and not a rose as such.



Anyway, this is my tattoo desire at the moment and I really hope I can get it done soon. Typing this post has made me so excited, but I’ll just have to wait. Hrrmph.

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