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My Bestie Welcomes Her Baby Into the World

Hi everyone! I have something a little different for you today. On the 17th of June my bestie finally gave birth to her little boy! I was so excited all day long waiting for him to arrive. At one point I was freaked out worrying something had gone wrong after not hearing from her or her husband for hours and hours. Eventually I phoned the hospital as I had arranged to leave early from work to go and meet the little man myself. They put me through to her room directly and I was relieved and overjoyed to hear that she had given birth just a little while earlier.

This baby really is a blessing for them. My bestie’s husband wasn’t ready to have kids for the longest time. They were married the same year as Rudi and I. She patiently waited. Her biological clock started ticking very loudly and became a drone she couldn’t block out anymore. Her husband gave her the green light and after almost 2 years of trying to get pregnant, they sought professional help. My friend suffers from PCOS and wasn’t ovulating on her own. When we were together at work and it was time for her injections I shot her up with some good hormones which allowed her to pop some eggs. Lots of money and a couple of cycles later she received the amazing news that the treatment had been successful and she was pregnant!

Her pregnancy flew by at the speed of light. It really felt like 3 months to me…zooooooom and she was in hospital to have her baby! Unfortunately she couldn’t have the natural birth she wanted because her stubborn boy refused to turn around. She has high blood pressure and our gynae decided that it would be best for her to have a c section. We share the same gynae and he is amazing. He is very pro natural birth and won’t do a c section unless it is medically necessary, so no questions asked. In fact, he was so busy catching unscheduled babies, my bestie was only seen to after 13:00, despite being booked into hospital from 5:30 AM. She was huuuuuuuuuungry!

Here they are!






My heart is so full I could explode! All the best with your breastfeeding journey <3 I am so glad I am a part of your life and get to experience this joy with you.

15 week scan

So I went to the gynae sans Rudi today. Rudi’s boss decided yesterday that he was an asshole of such a nature that he wouldn’t allow Rudi to take me. Our appointment was scheduled for 11:15. He said Rudi couldn’t go and apparently ranted about the appointment being on a Friday. He then told Rudi that there wasn’t work anyway and that he could leave at 10:15 and would be paid half day. So, just to be clear, there is no work, but you cannot take your wife to the doctor and go see your baby, unless I can pay you half of what I would of if you didn’t go. I arranged for a friend/colleague to take me instead. I knew she wouldn’t mind, but I was disappointed that Rudi wouldn’t be there. What if the gynae said something important? What if there was something wrong? What if they were wrong about the gender of the baby?


Anyway we went off to the gynae’s office and waited a very long time to see him. He probably had to catch a baby or performed an emergency C-section earlier today because his waiting room was packed with missed appointments. Eventually we got to see him. My blood pressure looks good. He says there is absolutely nothing that I can do about my skin, the persistent nausea or fatigue. He said I would just have to deal. There is no magic solution. Turns out I was mistaken about my own blood type and that they had the correct blood type on record the entire time (I was confused about this after donating blood and being told what my blood type is).


Then I went for a scan. He confirmed that we are having a girl. He said the sonographer was brave to venture a guess at 12 weeks, but that she was right. He says she is very active, even though I cannot feel her myself yet. He measured and measured and measured again. I wondered why he kept measuring her head over and over. He says she is a little smaller than he expected her to be at this stage. He checked back on our fetal assessment and said she still fell into the average range at that point and that I shouldn’t worry about it. He also said we were in a period of pregnancy where things can vary a lot. Apparently my womb has rolled out the red carpet and is playing the perfect hostess to our little girl.


So all is good on the pregnancy front, except the lingering first trimester baddies. Hopefully those will bugger hastily!


It’s a girl!


Squished up


She’s got my nose! (Thank goodness!)


Apologies again for the photos of the pics, still have no located a scanner that will scan these. I will work on this! If you look closely you’ll see that the measurements indicate that I am 14 weeks and 2 days, instead of 15 weeks. This is what he was talking about. Hopefully she grows steadily and quickly now and everything will be fine.

Gynae Appointment

So the day of the gynae appointment finally dawned and I was a little excited. I tried to concentrate on getting my bladder as full as possible for the scan. I was also expecting to have a pap smear and blood tests. The last time I went to the loo was at 09:30 and I started drinking water after that. Not too much, just 750ml. My appointment was scheduled for 11:15.


We went to the hospital and spent some time in the waiting room, which is always the case. There was nobody else there, but I was grateful for the little extra time the water had to make its way through to bladder. We went in and the gynae said no pap smear or blood tests. That was a relief 🙂 He then popped me on to the table for a scan. All I wanted to see was a heartbeat and in the very beginning I couldn’t. I was also a bit distracted by the pressure on my adequately filled bladder. I was also very relieved that my bladder was full enough since he mentioned that he would of done an internal scan if the external failed. EEK! (Never had one of those). Then there it was. The flicker. The heartbeat. I nearly burst into tears. I’m nearly crying just as I type this. Flicker, flicker. Flicker, flicker. The scan says I am 7 weeks and 6 days and my due date is 11 January 2013. Babyice was predicted to be due on 11 February 2010 and he came on the 2nd. The gynae suspects I will give birth earlier again and that it will probably happen between the 2nd and 6th of January. My grandmother’s birthday is the 6th of January. She is ecstatic.


The gynae also said I may announce the pregnancy to the world and that it looks well established. Yay! Our baby is about the size of a grain of rice. Isn’t it an amazing miracle?! You can see a heartbeat in something the size of a grain of rice! I’ve posted a widget so you can follow the progress at any time 🙂


I am very chuffed. Thank you so much for all the positive and supportive comments on my last post. Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and messages on Facebook and Twitter. I can’t thank you enough for your unfaltering companionship during my journey x

Official news

In case you missed the “announcement” in my Valentines Day blog post to Rudi, I’m officially saying it’s official. We are officially throwing caution to the wind and ‘trying’ for another baby. I was ready to start trying around September last year. While we were at it I thought I could snag myself some December/January maternity leave. What? It’s the last maternity leave I will have and optimizing it isn’t a bad thing. I calculated more or less how long I thought it would take me to get pregnant (based on previous experience) and thought September would be a good time to start. Rudi was not ready though. So, I put it off and continued to take preventative measures. At some point he said ‘When Babyice is 2’ and sure as the sun will rise, he turned two. I was still meant to continue with birth control through February, but at some point (ironically around Babyice’s 2nd birthday) I had skipped three consecutive days (not on purpose) and we decided to go with it. I doubt I will get December/January maternity leave now, but it isn’t really what is important.


I promised myself I would not obsess about it. We’ll just stop taking preventative measures and see what happens. Right. I found myself dragging out my ovulation microscope last night and charting dates on Fertility Friend this morning. In my defense, I didn’t do this because I have a need to be pregnant immediately (like I had after Jamie). I have been feeling tender in certain areas and was curious to know if these pains are because I am ovulating. The signs are pretty standard, but I wanted to check. According to my fertility friend chart I will be ovulating soon, but my ovulation microscope showed no signs of  ‘ferning’ last night or this morning.


So here we go. I’m not going to worry about it, or stress about it. I’m not going to be uptight about it either. We’re just going to carry on as normal, without trying to prevent getting pregnant and see what happens. I sincerely hope that I can keep this mindset and not become completely consumed with it like I have been before. I know it will just cause me to stress and worry and eventually break my heart month after unsuccessful month. At the same time I hope it doesn’t take too long, because I will probably become more and more focused on it as time goes by without success.


So, dear readers, wish us luck. Baby dust and prayers are welcome. Here’s to a happy, and healthy baby!

Bonding with your baby

The first person to tell me I might not immediately bond with my baby once he/she was born was Oprah. She had a candid tell-all show with moms where they came clean on all the things they wish they were told. This was one of the things that came up.

I had a lot of trouble bonding with Babyice while I was pregnant. I never thought the pregnancy would result in an actual live baby, it hadn’t before. Why would it this time? I know. I’m not rational. I loved it when he kicked me, but couldn’t get around to talking to him. I didn’t even finish his room. It’s still not done, but now because I simply do not have the time or energy to start something that I’m going to have to pack up in a few months anyway (we’re considering moving).

When he was born it was a little unreal. There was this baby, he was mine. We’d made him and he was beautiful. I loved him, but not like you hear people describe all the time. Not like you think you’re supposed to. For the next few days and weeks we went through a rough time. We were struggling immensely with the breastfeeding, he wasn’t sleeping much and crying a lot. Not ideal…but I didn’t want to send him back (whether or not I joked about it).

I was told to talk to him and to cuddle him and to pass kisses on to him…but this was difficult. What do I do with him? What could I possibly say to him? It is not as if he understands me. It’s not as if he is going to answer me. He doesn’t really do anything…just eats, sleeps and poops. I have found, however, that my love for him has grown with every passing day. Over time we have gotten to know each other and now I can have a full on conversation with him. It certainly helps that he is more animated and alert….that he smiles at me and I can tell he is happy/comforted when I hold him. I smother him with cuddles and kisses. He is too gorgeous and his personality is emerging. I love watching him learn things.

When he wakes me, from a nap or in the morning…I can be less than pleasant. I’m not a morning person. I’m a grump when I wake up, but then I peek over the cot, he spots me and flashes me a gummy smile and all my irritation and grumpiness dissolves. I just want to pick him up and devour him. He has the cutest feet…they regularly get kisses.

Just before his birth @queenofcomplex reminded me not to worry if we didn’t bond instantly, that it was completely normal. I’m glad I was reminded of this. I did still feel guilty for not having those maternal feelings I was “supposed” to have, but I remembered that I was not the first mother to experience this.

So if you don’t instantly bond with your baby, don’t worry. You are not a bad mother. Some people do instantly bond and I don’t think that makes them better mothers or in any way different to someone who doesn’t.

Just then I had to stop typing to let him suck on the knuckle of my index finger for a while. Mama love.

I love him more than anything in the world now. You will too.

Scan pics as promised

It’s Friday! Time for the scan pics I promised! We only got two pictures at our  last scan, one nice side view and a ‘gender verification’ one:
This is my good side

This is my good side

Proud to be a boy!

Proud to be a boy!



Yeah. No two ways about it. He’s a boy! There’s no denying it. The gynae didn’t even try to say ‘Look, it could be the umbilical chord’ or something, he signed for it. It’s nice to have some certainty so early on. Poor ExMi had to resort going to a sangoma to find out the gender of The Kid.


I’m a little frustrated with the baby shopping at the moment. Nowhere seems to have stock of the car seat we can get 60% discount on from Discovery. Nobody seems to be able to tell me when they will get stock either. It’s a really good thing I didn’t leave this late! I’ve given my details to the various stores to please call me when they have stock, but I don’t rely much on customer service. Nellie is going to have a look if there is stock in PE for them to send to me. The store assistants did not even offer to check if there was stock in any other branch. I used to work in retail and I used to do that for fashion, not something important like child safety! (Yes, OK, fashion is also important.)


Perhaps I’ll pop into Game and enquire about their nappy exchange policy, HoneyB mentioned that they will do exchanges with a receipt regardless of the time period that has passed. I also wanted to buy some towelling nappies.


Okie dokie. Enough farting around. Got to get to work.

11 weeks

So tomorrow I will be 11 weeks pregnant. The nausea seems to be less now than it was last week *touchwood* Sleeping on my stomach is impossible. It hurts. My skin is very dry and is itchy in strange places, despite applying cocoa butter oil (intended for the purpose) or body lotion – which I am terrible at doing. No, I can’t ask Rudi, he says he doesn’t like the feeling of cream on his hands. He is not the first person I’ve heard say this, so I’ll believe him.


I’m feeling rather sore in my abdomen today, but it’s not cramping so I’m not worried. I must assume that this is due to the migration of my womb upwards. My gynae told me to expect it. He also told me to expect feeling pressure on my bladder, which I most definitely do. It’s most annoying to think nature is calling you rather loudly, only to find out it was practically a false alarm.


Another rather alarming thing is that my tummy already seems to be getting bigger! At only 10 weeks! I had read before this pregnancy that you can start showing at 9 weeks already, but I thought this might be slightly exaggerated or that my first pregnancy might not have counted as I didn’t carry to term. I was wrong! I’ve already thrown my jeans in the back of the cupboard and switched to comfy pants with elastic (SO sexy – I know!) and made sure the few new pairs I have aquired have some room for growth. I think I’m going to massive. Yes. I’ll post pictures once I start looking pregnant rather than just looking like I have a fat belly.


I <3 my landlady. She is so lovely and accomodating. I’ve never needed to ask her for an extension on rent or anything, but she is just so nice.  Our original rental agreement said that our rent will increase with 11% every year. We’ve been living there for almost a year now so it was time to let her know whether or not we’ll be staying. I informed her a while ago that we don’t intend to move and today she e-mailed me to ask me if it would be okay if the rent went up by 9%. Uh. HELL YES! 🙂 I don’t know if she forgot about what was written in the previous rental agreement, but she offered it and I snapped it up. The previous agency we rented from had zero service delivery and increased our rent with 10% each year. This landlady had the entire place painted out within two weeks of me suggesting it needed a coat of paint. Enough said.


Thank you for all the positive feedback on the site guys! I really appreciate it! My twitter feed will be up as soon as my host upgrades to PHP5 (no I don’t know what I actually just said).


Welcome to my new home!

Welcome to my new site. I really hope you like it! I must thank Richard for helping me out to make my site a reality. He designed my template and made change after change until I was happy.  He also helped me out with importing my old entries from blogger to here. A big shout out to Richard!

There are still tiny things that I’ll tweak a bit later on, but this is more or less what the site will look like. I still have to put in my stats counter, twitter and a badge or two.

So, I have big news regarding My Evil Mother. Recently she had consulted the family about leaving the job she had at a supermarket. Her excuses were that she was missing out on calls for other job opportunities and that she was always working when there was church and couldn’t attend services. I think she threw the church part in because she knows how important that is to my family and she was under the impression this would buy her sympathy/understanding. I also work during some service times, even moreso when I was in the call center. It’s not an issue. Really. It’s not like she’s out partying or just too lazy to make the effort.

Anyway, my uncle was suspicious, thinking it was very sudden, but she spins her lies quite well and we left it at that. Low and behold, the police come knocking on my uncle’s door, looking for her. According to the police she had stolen a customer’s credit card from the supermarket where she was working and had then used it. She tried to use it the next day at another store, but it had already been cancelled. The second store she tried had a surveillance camera.

It was inevitable one day that she would be caught. We didn’t realize the extent of her crimes, we didn’t know that she would victimize a stranger. We understood that she took advantage of people she knows, works for and her family…but strangers? It was the dumbest move ever in my opinion. Pulling the wool over the eyes of someone who knows you is one thing, this person may feel really stupid or embarassed that they have been taken for a ride. A person that knows you has some sort of relationship with you. Not so with a stranger. All she is to this stranger is a criminal. A crook. Someone who stole from them. They have absolutely no reason not to persue the matter. They can’t be talked out of/manipulated to drop the charges.

The police wanted to take her into custody, but she was with her husband at the time. My uncle has told them where she is, but they have not arrested her as yet. Perhaps this will be the wake up call that she needs. I really hope she doesn’t get away with it again. I think she has pushed it this far because she has gotten away with it so often for so long.

I tried to make a case against her many years ago, but the police were so horrified that I wanted to make a case against my own mother that they didn’t want to help me. Also the retail store where she had made 13K debt (not the full extent of what she has done to me)  to my name didn’t want to assist me in building a case against her. I knew she signed her own signature. That would have been ample proof, but nobody seemed to know where to get the dockets, not even their fraud division. As long as I coughed up their money, they couldn’t care less. I’ll keep you posted on what happens there. I should probably be more upset about it, but I’ve been waiting for it to happen. As I said, it was inevitable.

I had a lovely visit with my cousin from London on Sunday. She bought these gifts for our baby:



If you can’t see well, it’s a Peter Rabbit rattle 🙂

Other than that there isn’t much to tell right now. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the new site!

Weekend So Far

Failed at sleeping late this morning. I freaking hate when that happens. I can *only* sleep late on a Saturday because I have church on Sunday mornings and next weekend I’m working *sigh* I HATE working weekends.

We went to go watch Harry Potter with Leebeesa today. I really enjoyed the movie. I cried snot and trane at the end, but since I had read the book I expected as much.

My domain is live and my template is being worked on. I hope to launch my site next week some time. All depends on how long it takes to get the template the way I like it. I finally got my photos scanned in and mailed them off to my template designer to add in. It’s going to be much easier to see how my site is going to look once the photos are also in. This will also probably help him to design as he’ll get a better idea of the colours and things that are involved. I’m SO excited!

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing my second cousin, Carmen, for the first time since December. She’s come over from the UK to visit. I don’t know if she’ll be here this year December. I expect not. I’m bought her some Body Thrills and rumour has it she has brought baby gifts!

Speaking of which:

Gifts from Aunty Leebeesa 🙂

A baby grow and dummy I bought (both Eeyore :))

Anyway…Off to watch another movie with Rudi…on the couch this time.

Sad thoughts

Reading cathjenkin’s blog post to her departed dad got me to thinking and got me to crying. It sounds like her father would have been a wonderful grandfather.

I am very fortunate that I have a wonderful grandfather. I was lucky enough to have a grandfather who LOVES me and wanted to teach me things, wanted to spoil me, wanted to watch me grow up, wanted to aid the process…he still does. He is an awesome grandfather. The.Best.Ever. He would take me on nature hikes and show me things. He would take me to the zoo. He would take me to a farm to go and see the horses. He would buy me books and encourage me to read.

My grandmother? A wonderful woman. Oh she is so wonderful. I love her so much. She would kiss my knee better when I scraped it. She would sew my button on after I’d ripped it off on some adventure. She would iron my bed so that it was warm when I got in, tumble dry my clothes and towel while I was in the bath so I could be snuggly and warm when I got out. She would rub Vicks on my chest and under my feet when I had a cold. She would make my hot water bottle. She would blow dry my hair while I wildly protested so I could look pretty for church.

They looked after me when My Evil Mother messed up (more often than not I’m sure). When My Evil Mother was in so much debt that we didn’t have food to eat, they took me in. For years they carted me to and from school.

I can’t even mention everything they have meant to me. How important they were in shaping who I am today (the good bits!)

I am terrified of losing them.

My child will not have the privilege I had. My Evil Mother…I don’t even KNOW what I’m going to do about her and the relationship she will have with our child. Rudi’s parents are OK and will love our child and spoil him/her…but it won’t be what *I* had and I don’t think it’s selfish of me to want that wonderful experience for my child.

My grandparents aren’t getting any younger. Perhaps by the time our child is old enough to start appreciating the experiences with them, they will be too old to make those things happen.


I guess I’ll just have to be a much better parent. To make up for what our baby will miss out on. So sad.

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