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Antibiotics Required

Hi everyone. The kids have been sick. For almost 3 weeks now. I’ve been treating them with OTC meds and they have been okay. Coughing, snotty and the occasional fever…for 3 weeks. Gabby’s fever has now become more aggressive and I’ve decided it’s time to give in and take her to the doctor. I am certain she is going to come away with antibiotics and I have to be okay with that.

Just over a week ago I took them to a kiddies party and the next morning I woke up with a very angry looking red eye. I went to the doctor on the Monday and he confirmed I had conjunctivitis. That same day I noticed Gabby’s eye was also tearing and there was a small amount of discharge. This has happened before and I was prescribed the same eye drops that she used, so I gave her some too. Her eye is all better, but she is still coughing and the fevers are coming one after the other or at least once or twice a day instead of every other day. When her temperature shoots up she is also getting that look…that limp look where it looks like the light has left her eyes. So it is time. Her body is struggling to fight whatever has a hold of her. I’ll have the doctor give Elijah the once over as well, although I don’t think that he is as bad. I’ve only been able to get an appointment for them tomorrow afternoon.

So our 9 month streak of no antibiotics will be coming to an end fairly soon. I am okay with that.

8 Months with No Antibiotics – Almost Foiled!

Hi everyone! Poor Gabby has been sick since Sunday. She started off with a horrible dry cough that sounded like a bark. I suspected she might have croup. She started spiking fevers of over 39° and we medicated her accordingly. I sent her to the day mother on Monday where her fever persisted and I figured out that I often ran to the doctor because the day mother is a bit alarmist. On Tuesday she had said Gabby was laying around and not herself. Rudi was home from work and went over to find her playing with the other kids. I understand she may be concerned something happens to the kids while they are there, but it was suddenly clear to me that I often took the kids to the doctor based on her feedback without seeing myself. Gabby didn’t stay home with Rudi because we were unsure if he would be called away to work unexpectedly.

On Tuesday night her fevers carried on coming back and I decided to try and get her to a doctor. I stayed home with her, but the doctors were all fully booked at the practice where we normally take them. There are at least 6 doctors there, so clearly I am not alone. I made an appointment for Thursday. She went over 39° on Wednesday night and again at 3 AM on Thursday morning and I decided to keep the appointment. She had also opened up a snot factory in her head that was new and I was truly afraid she was going to cough so hard she would vomit in our bed. She has also not been eating well, but she has been nursing almost non stop so I am not really worried about her nutrient intake.

I changed doctors for this appointment. I chose a doctor I *know* doesn’t push antibiotics if it isn’t necessary. My grandmother often goes to him and friends of ours use him too. I just knew if I took her back to our regular doctor that we would leave with an antibiotic script in hand.

We went to see the doctor and he assured me that we were not at a point where antibiotics were needed. He advised that the flu was extremely persistent this year and it was not uncommon for him to see kids with fevers for much longer than normal. He advised which symptoms to look for when antibiotics would be called in. He said the clear runny nose was a sign of a viral bug and if really thick coloured sticky snot was present we were likely dealing with a bacterial infection. He gave us one or two extra meds for her symptoms and some peace of mind. She was such a star at the doctor and he said it was a pleasure to examine her. He also mentioned that she had a very sunny disposition for someone who was sick. I said I think the boobs had something to do with it and he said that breastfed children are often more calm and happy. The man knows how to score brownie points with me! (I am not saying bottle fed babies are unhappy/not calm at all. I am sure he was not either. I have a bottle fed child too.)

I was elated that he didn’t prescribe antibiotics. We are now 8 months antibiotic free and hopefully Gabby will get over this without them. The doctor said they are seeing flu that used to last 3 to 4 days drag on for 2 weeks now. I guess the bugs are getting much stronger…what with all the over prescription of antibiotics. 

Other than that Gabby is fully potty trained.  She has blown me away. At 3 AM when she woke up with a fever, she also asked to go pee. We have taken her off nappies altogether. Potty training is one of my least favourite parenting experiences. I did have quite a few unpleasant messes to clean up with her, but she has completely surpassed my expectations with the speed she has taken herself off night nappies in particular. After about 2 months of her waking up with a dry nappy every day I decided we are wasting our money on nappies.  Yay for her! (and us!)

Here’s hoping she is on the mend and that her immunity goes from strength to strength as we try to stick to this antibiotic free lifestyle 🙂


No Antibiotics for 6 Months

Hi there! Early in September last year I wrote about wanting to try and get my children off antibiotics. You can read my concerns and thought processes at the outset here. A little over a month later, I wrote this post about how it was going. At the time it seemed such a short space between the posts, but my kids were on antibiotics so often last year that it wasn’t completely unwarranted. Just the other day I was going through my Timehop and realized that it has been an entire 6 months since either of my kids have had any antibiotics!

For the past few years I have been ill myself in February, usually with bronchitis. Like Elijah I am prone to chest infections and when I do get them I get asthmatic symptoms. I managed to skip the chest infections this year during February. The kids are doing okay too! We usually all get sick together. I’m convinced I pick up their bugs. Rudi is usually the only one that is okay. That man’s immune system is as strong as an ox! There have been sniffles, coughs, vomits, tummy bugs and insect bites in the last 6 months, but nothing that needed a doctor’s attention. Gabby hurt herself in the park a few weeks ago and we went to the emergency room to have it looked at. It was a Sunday night and I was beside myself because I had never seen her so inconsolable. Not even boobs would calm her down. She had been hanging from overhead chains in the park and likely somehow hurt her wrist while doing so. We gave her some painkillers, but she couldn’t/wouldn’t move her arm or let us touch it and it completely freaked me out. Fortunately the waiting room at the ER was quite full and before we got a chance to see the doctor the painkillers kicked in and she was right as rain. Dodged an expensive bullet there! She was completely fine the next day. Go figure.

Looking at my medical aid statement from last year (I can’t see further back than the current month), March, April and June were particularly bad months for us with the kids seeing the doctor very often. I know from my Timehop that we were all sick in February as well. I expect some illness around the change of season and in winter, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to treat the symptoms with over the counter meds and allow them to heal themselves as far as possible. Hopefully the sniffles and ailments won’t blow up into infections as they have in the past. Obviously I won’t endanger them or not take them to the doctor because I’m afraid he’ll give them antibiotics. I will take them if I think it is necessary. I’m just going to try not to run to the doctor first thing. This is the first time we’ll be going from summer to winter without our pet cat. I really feel that having the pet hair and dander in the house contributed to our illnesses progressing into infection. The kids would pick up the snots and it would get worse until they had full blown bronchitis/throat infection or the likes. The children they acquired these germs from wouldn’t need antibiotics and recovered without medical intervention. This is what led me to believe that environmental factors played a role in our constant doctor visits. We will soon find out if my gut feeling was right.

I must just mention that our spring season starts in September and March is our last month of summer, so we’re heading straight into the change of seasons which usually wreaks the havoc on our bodies and medical savings. We’ll have to see how it goes this year. I already feel like it is going better since we haven’t gotten sick this year yet. I’ve used the medical aid to go for a check up at the gynae and Rudi has gone once for a back problem as well, but the medical aid is untouched otherwise. I’ve been buying our over the counter meds cash to try and save the medical aid for when we are strapped for cash or at least so that it can last a little longer into the year.

I’ve been having problems with what seems to be a severe back and neck spasm. I’ve been going for physio because I figured after two weeks of taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers that I better fix the root cause. I’m desperate to get it sorted out. I even had some dry needling done, which only gave me temporary relief. I’ve had the shocky machines and even traction!


See? Traction.


I’ve taken painkillers on and off in the last 3 weeks (this is after the 2 weeks of constant meds I mentioned), but I’m finding their side effects less bearable than the pain, so I’m sucking it up. I’m starting to wonder if I’m not wasting my time with physio and whether I shouldn’t actually see a chiropractor. I’ve never been to one, but I know it will cost a lot more than they physio I’m currently paying for out of pocket and I’ll have to claim those treatments from the medical aid. Wish me luck!

Do you worry about antibiotic use? Does your medical aid last all year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


Kicking the Antibiotics

Early last month I posted about trying to get my children off what felt like constant antibiotic use. The post was well received and I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one worried about this. I realize that the weather is starting to warm up and that means less illness, but it is allergy season which has meant illness and infections for us in the past.

Since that post was published I have not taken the kids to the doctor once. They have had the snots, coughs, pukes and fevers since then…but never seemed limp and unable to play, so I held out and they recovered on their own. I still make use of over the counter medication and the kids are both taking an antihistamine to try and prevent allergy related post nasal drips which become monster coughs.

Another thing that has coincided with this is that we no longer have our family pet. I suspected for a while that having our cat was contributing to the problem. The children at the day mother where my children were picking up their germs were not constantly on antibiotics, but recovered on their own. The only logical explanation to me was that something environmental was aggravating my children’s condition to the point where they develop an infection. I am not saying that none of those other children have pets at home, but I was always aware that Elijah is susceptible to chest infections and it made sense to me that something he was inhaling could cause his condition to escalate. Yes, it could also have been grass, dust and a million other things. Testing for allergies is very costly, so finding out exactly what was setting them off was not financially viable.

We had Amber for many years and she was getting old. She had lost both her canines and was struggling to jump out of the window and up onto the bed. Amber was the first in our family who knew I was pregnant. It might sound weird, but she started sleeping by my tummy before I even took a pregnancy test. This was out of character for her. She always slept with Rudi and I found it strange that she suddenly wanted to sleep with me. After I took the test and she did it again, I made the connection. Once we bought the pram, she started having behavioral problems. She urinated in the pram more than once and she started defecating in the house. Since this started happening the moment we brought the pram into the house, we thought she was not having any of this new baby. She had lived through the arrival of one baby and refused to take this news in her stride. We tried to find her a new home for over two years, but nobody wanted her. We put a sign up in the local vet with a picture of her and a short explanation of why we could not keep her. Not one person called. Rudi and I fought about this constantly. I was unhappy, the kids and myself were constantly sick, our cat was acting out, our house constantly stank of cat urine (to the point where neighbours walking past our house commented about it) and we were at the end of our tether. My grandmother suggested we contact the animal anti-cruelty league and said they would likely be able to try and find a home for her. I called them and the lady that answered said we could bring her through and they would see what they could do. Rudi and Elijah took her early the next Saturday morning. Rudi said they examined her and said she was around 12 years old (we never knew her exact age as we started caring for her when she was no longer a kitten) and there was no way they could find a home for her and that they would put her to sleep. Rudi returned home without her. We were very sad. She wasn’t just a part of our family for around 10 years, she was also Elijah and Gabby’s first pet.

So far kicking the antibiotics is going well. I think a combination of a) the medical aid being depleted b) me not panicking at the first sign of a fever c) the onset of summer d) no more pet hair/dander to contend with and e) finding over the counter medication that works for us have all contributed to it going well so far. I know it has not even been 2 months and we have gone this long without antibiotics before, so you may think it is too early to assess. You might be right.  The reason I’m posting this now already is because we have experienced scenarios in this last two months that usually resulted in a visit to the doctor and a prescription for antibiotics, yet here we are. I don’t think they will never need antibiotics again. I’m sure they will. I hope to strengthen their immunity by letting their body fight these germs. It might take them a little longer to recover and it might still be costing me a small fortune in over the counter medication to alleviate their symptoms, but I am sure as their immunity increases this will pay off in the long run.

Have you tried to kick antibiotics? How did it go?


How bout getting off these antibiotics?

How bout getting off these antibiotics? – Alanis Morissette

I am so tired of my children being on antibiotics. In my uneducated opinion, they are on antibiotics far too often. Our medical aid is already depleted (again), which is contributing to my worries. Do the children go to the doctor too much? Maybe. The previous time Elijah had bronchitis he was on 3 courses of antibiotics and a cortisone pump before he got better. This time they gave him one course of antibiotics. After the antibiotics were done with no improvement to his cough, the doctor said it was not a bacterial infection, but likely an allergy and prescribed a new cortisone pump (the same one he had a few months ago), but it still took 2 weeks before we started to see any improvement. Cortisone is a “heavy” medication for someone so little. It worries me. I also know that excessive antibiotics are bad for them and can have lifelong consequences. Look, I know that antibiotics are sometimes completely necessary. I believe in science. I just think too much of a good thing is bad.

A while ago a colleague told me he is not giving his children antibiotics anymore, not unless they are REALLY sick. He wanted their bodies to learn how to fight these bugs themselves. It has been working for them. A friend from Europe also mentioned that antibiotics are overused, he thinks that we are too quick to give antibiotics. He had been ill himself and as an adult had fever, etc and just rode it out. This got me thinking. Maybe I’m too quick to take the children to the doctor. My kids already take a multivitamin every day to help boost their immunity. They are on Zinplex, currently the one with extra Vitamin C, because winter. Our conversation was not even a day old when Gabby got a fever. Over 38.5, so we medicated. Her eyes also started weeping yellow stuff. This usually spells antibiotics for us. We had some eye drops from the previous incident and started administering them. She had another fever the next day and her eyes continued. We kept on with the eye medication and the fever has stayed at bay. Two weeks later her eyes are still not 100%. They still weep yellow stuff if we do not put in the drops/ointment and once the yellow stuff clears one of her eyes tear all the time, which is our first warning sign that things aren’t right and that an eye infection is imminent.

I think I’m going to try this, even though I know I feel like the worst-mother-in-the-WORLD when I leave them to get sick to the point where they just lay down and don’t want to do anything. Has anyone else done this? Tried to avoid antibiotics to improve their children’s natural immunity? I’ve been told often to try homeopathic medicine. Natural antibiotics. We have tried these as well. Not consistently to be honest and we have never taken the kids to a homeopath. I don’t really know if this is the answer.  I have also been told to put the children on Herbalife to improve their health.  Herbalife? Really? I had to take that one with a pinch of salt. No offense to the people that offered that advice, but after my grandfather was made to believe that Barleylife is going to cure his cancer and they swindled him out of how much money and gave him so much false hope I don’t place my trust in products like that anymore. Maybe it works for some for weight loss or whatever they use it for, but I don’t think it is for me. I don’t really have much spare money lying around anyway. After the medical aid I can’t use anymore takes their 4k I’m strapped.


On that note, winter can bugger right off! Here’s to healthy kids!

Breaking Fevers

Sheesh. Gabrielle is really putting us through our paces as parents!


She started with a fever again last week Thursday and on Friday morning it had jumped to over 39°. There was no way either of us could stay home from work, so I had to send her to the day mother and made a doctor’s appointment for her for after work. We toddled off to the doctor and came back with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. Not even a full week back at the day mother and she is sick again. She seems quite prone to picking things up. He also gave us an immune booster (Zinplex) to try and help her fight off the bugs. I asked him how long we should wait before bringing her in and he said if we were worried to always bring her in. If we had waited another two days (after the weekend) she would have been a LOT worse. We stopped to get some take away on our way home and I could see that she didn’t look well at all. Almost like she was about to lose consciousness. I wasn’t 100% sure if she was falling asleep (as we were in the car) or if it was something else. The doctor had not taken her temperature when he examined her and didn’t show any concern. When I took her temp when we got home it was 40°. While we were at the doctor she didn’t even really feel warm, so it must have elevated rather quickly. My thermometer has never shown a temp that high before. Elijah never went there. We worked quickly to get her temp down. Of course she is vomiting up her antibiotics again. She makes herself sick before the spoon even gets to her mouth. I’m not sure what to make of that. It seems like she is being “naughty”. I know the antibiotics taste shit, but puking before you’ve even tasted them? I don’t know.


On Saturday night we all went to bed and around midnight she started getting restless and crying. I tried to feed her, but she didn’t want to drink. I felt that she was quite warm and decided to take her temperature. 40.4°! I’ve never shot out of bed so fast. I stripped her down, gave her a suppository and ran a tepid bath. Her skin was so hot it felt like it was burning my hands when I touched her. She has been screaming at bath time for about a week. I’m not quite sure why, but bathing her has been trying. She stayed relatively calm for this bath though. I wet her hair and kept pouring the tepid water over her. We fed her some paracetamol and ice cream and within 45 minutes we had brought her temperature back down to 37°.  That was freaking scary! We watched her very carefully after that and started medicating proactively. I’m so glad we took her to the doctor when we did, otherwise we would have ended up in the emergency room for sure. 


She seems to be a bit better. At least when she is at the day mother the administration of antibiotics shifts to her. I seriously dread medicine time. The day mother usually has much better luck than us, but on Monday first thing the antibiotics came back up. She had a little more success the second time around. She also has to eat before she takes the antibiotics and it is always fun wondering if you’re going to see her meal again. Not.  The day mother has also been instructed to give her fever meds on a 4 hourly basis, alternating between paracetamol and ibuprofen. I think we’ll give her a suppository at night when we go to bed until she has completed her antibiotics. I might not have a medical degree, but it feels like I’ve got the hang of this medicating thing. I can tell you breaking that fever of over 40° felt like such an achievement! Scary as it was, we did it! Even though neither of my children has ever had a convulsion from fever, it is always a risk and I am very afraid of it happening. Gabby is clearly in a league of her own with her hotness, so I’ll be sure to be extra careful with her.


I’m really hoping the immune booster is going to make a difference and help her feel better and stay healthy. She’s developed an ugly rash on her face, probably from the antibiotics. Poor baby looks like she has been through the wars with mosquito bites, a bruise on her cheek (thanks to her brother) and now this rash on her face.  I wish I could just make her better already!

The Sicks

PrincessIce has been sick A LOT lately. Since 30 September she has been on four courses of antibiotics. It is one throat infection after the other.


I was taking her to a dispensing nurse since our medical aid has run dry and it is much cheaper than going to the GP, but two days after she finished the second course of antibiotics the nurse gave her she spiked a temp and we took her back to the GP. He prescribed more antibiotics (a different kind). I told him I don’t like putting her antibiotics so much, he empathized, but also said that he suspects she is picking up bugs at the day mother. R500.00 for medication. He noted that the antibiotics the nurse had given her aren’t very effective in our area as the bacteria circulating there have built up a resistance to the meds.


The next day she wasn’t keeping her antibiotics down and we were needing to overlap suppositories because her fever was going over 39 degrees every 5/6 hours. For two nights I sat with a shivering baby in my arms, debating about overlapping suppositories and waiting for the fever to subside. She broke my heart. At this stage we couldn’t administer any oral fever meds as she would just bring them up again. Same with the antibiotics the GP had prescribed, in and straight back out. We gave up trying to administer them again after they came up and tried mixing them in yoghurt. Nothing worked. The GP had said if she gets sick again quickly after this course of antibiotics (a 10 day course, mind you) we should take her to the paed. I was so fraught with worry, that I decided to take her to the paed anyway. How could the antibiotics do their job if she wasn’t keeping them down?


I took her to the paed and he gave her the once over. He then drew lots of pretty pictures for me on his iPad. He used to draw the pictures in blue ink on little blocks of paper, but he is very high-tech now. Has a special stylis and changes colours and everything! He explained to me what was causing the fevers. He said that it wasn’t a clear cut bacterial infection and the antibiotics might not be strictly necessary, so we should continue trying to give her the antibiotics and should not worry if she brings them up. He wanted to prescribe some cortisone over and above her medication, luckily I already had that from one of our previous trips to the doctor. He asked me to call him over the weekend to let him know how she was doing. If she hadn’t improved we would have to have another look. R630.00 for the appointment. Wouldn’t you know that very night she took her antibiotics and kept them down without a fight? Murphy’s law.


So by trying to save money I ended up spending over a thousand rand anyway. How does the saying go?  Penny wise, pound foolish. The paed did seem to agree with the GP regarding her recurrent infections. Without me telling him what the GP said he said he thinks she is picking up bugs at the day mother. He told me that some kids cruise through day care rarely getting sick, while others just get sick all the time. He said that things should get better once the warmer weather arrives. Maybe he should send a memo from his fancy iPad* to Mother Nature, she clearly hasn’t noticed that it is meant to be summer here already.


She has improved in leaps and bounds since then and is very pleasant, smiling and laughing. I phoned him on Saturday to give him the news and he was happy. She has been sleeping better for the last two days and hasn’t had a fever since Thursday. I’m completely shattered. The entire weekend I was like a zombie. I just wanted to sleep! I worked the weekend before last and I’m working this coming weekend too. I can’t wait till we go away the last weekend in November. Hopefully I can relax!


We also had a minor choking incident yesterday. Somehow PrincessIce managed to get a thick, long strand of tinsel stuck in her throat. I hadn’t seen her put it in her mouth, but realized she was choking on something. I positioned her over my arm and slapped her on her back to try and dislodge whatever it was. After a few tries she finally vomited out the tinsel. Luckily she could breathe, the tinsel wasn’t obstructing her airway, obviously just irritating her throat. By the grace of God I stayed calm and knew what to do.


Onwards and upwards!


*I know I sound a bit bitter, but I really love our paed (and his iPad).

Sick kiddos

I worked last weekend and as is custom, PrincessIce started running temps and getting gooey eyes. This is the 3rd time in a row that she has started getting sick just before I have to work the weekend. On Friday Babyice also started coughing and it was time to play ‘Are the kids sick enough to go to the doctor?’ before the weekend. I went to the pharmacy after work and spent R400 on over the counter medication for them. Babyice seemed OK and PrincessIce’s fever was under control by Saturday morning.


By the time I got home from work on Saturday I could hear that Babyice was quite unwell. His chest sounded terrible and he had started getting a fever too. We nebulized him and medicated him for his fever. PrincessIce’s fever didn’t come back and she was doing OK. Before I left for work on Sunday morning I had a small cry. All I wanted to do was cuddle my sweet boy and make him feel better, instead I had to leave him. When I got home after work  Babyice was ASLEEP! He never ever naps with us on a weekend (although he naps at the day mother in the week). Rudi had given him a suppository at about 12:30 and after that he went to sleep. He slept for almost 4 hours! While I like for him to sleep because I know it is good for him and will help him fight off the bug, it was alarming for me because I realized just how terrible he must be feeling. He had also been refusing to eat so I picked up some ice cream and custard on the way home which he gladly gobbled up after his long nap. All the barking he had been doing must of made his throat really sore.


On Monday after work I took them both to the doctor. Apparently PrincessIce had slept for the majority of the day. I was so proud of Babyice. He told the doctor he isn’t feeling well, got up onto the doctor’s bed all by himself. Let the doctor check him and asked the doctor where the thing is that the ice cream gets put on. He did the whole check up by himself! It is the first time he hasn’t been examined on our laps. My little baby is all grown up 🙁 Both kids have bronchiolitis and PrincessIce has an ear infection on top of that. Both got antibiotics and cortisone to clear their chests. My poor babies 🙁 Another R600 on medication for both of them. Trying to get them to take antibiotics was an uphill battle. Babyice took one spoon and then refused to take the next and wanted to make himself sick. No amount of bribery or threats of hospital would make him take the next spoon. He took another dose into his mouth and promptly spat it out into the toilet where we had positioned him in case of emergency as he had vomited up meds on Saturday.  After about an half an hour of negotiation and tantrums, he took the next spoon. PrincessIce gagged at the first taste of antibiotics and vomited all over herself and me. Luckily it was before bath time and my shower, so it was no big deal. I actually laughed a little. You have to see the funny in these things otherwise you will drive yourself nuts!


I’ve had to ship them off to the day mother, despite them being sick. Neither Rudi or I are in a position to take off work at the moment 🙁 I hate when people send their sick kids to the day mother because that is just a recipe to spread the illness further, but I really don’t have much of a choice 🙁 I have nobody else that can look after them. It is a crappy position to be in.


I understand from Facebook and Twitter that lots of families have sick kiddies (and parents) at the moment. Even Rudi had a stuffy nose this morning. Change of season seems to be hitting everybody hard. Good luck to you all! May everyone get better really soon!



After waking up to PrincessIce with a fever of 39.5° this morning, I decided to stay home with her. Work will have to survive without me. They were at the day mother yesterday.

Growing up!

So on Friday, not long after I posted my last blog post, I got a call from the day mother saying Babyice’s fever was back, he was ‘pap’ (no energy) and that he was talking ‘deurmekaar’ (not making sense). PANIC STATIONS. I felt even worse for not giving him medication earlier and immediately phoned Rudi and told him to drop everything to take Babyice to the doctor. I called the doctor and advised them he was coming in and called the day mother back to ask her to administer a suppository. I was very upset. Feeling guilty and quite helpless sitting at home without the car. Worried sick. He had never spoken funny before. I didn’t realize at the time that he has only recently started speaking coherently and we probably would not have noticed it before. Rudi got to the day mother very quickly and ended up waiting about an hour to be seen by the doctor. When he went into the doctor’s office I called him and asked him to put me on speaker so I could also hear what the doctor was saying. Babyice was diagnosed with a severe throat infection and given antibiotics. Rudi decided to bring him home to me and I was glad to have him with me, even though I was sick and was supposed to be resting. When he got home his temperature was down and he was tired, so I gave him a bottle and put him down for a nap. He took a long 3 hour nap and I allowed him to sleep so his body could rest and fight the bugs inside him. On one hand I was a little surprised that it was a throat infection because he hadn’t had trouble eating or drinking. The fever was the first sign. On the other hand it isn’t very surprising since he had no other symptoms it was likely to be a throat or ear infection. I’m glad we caught it. My cousin had a convulsion from a fever caused by a throat infection. Not something you toy with. The doctor prescribed Babyice some throat lollies, but he wasn’t very keen on them. I have also learnt that he doesn’t like jelly, but he’ll eat all the ice cream you can dish.


By Saturday I was feeling a lot better (thank you Echinaforce!) and Babyice was showing signs of improvement. He was a little miserable throughout the day, but not unbearably so. On Sunday we stayed home from church and Babyice dragged me out of bed to come and sit on the couch while he watched his movie which we have both seen a gazillion times. I didn’t understand why he insisted on having me there, until I realized that he was scared of certain parts of the movie. For instance, in Toy Story he is afraid of the pit bull and clings to me whenever the dog is shown. He has never responded to movies with fear. I have actually looked at children’s movies from a different perspective since having him around and some parts of the films are always downright scary! I’m not sure WHY they do that. At least Barney isn’t scary. I was afraid to put underpants on for him and I delayed it for as long as I could. I figured that the antibiotics might of affected his tummy and a poo accident was just going to be one big mess. Rudi asked me if I would clean the kitchen (which looked like a hurricane had run through it)  if he took Elijah to a nearby shopping centre to play on their jungle gym. I agreed on the condition that he would also clean up any poo accident that might occur that day. *evil laugh*. He agreed (the kitchen was a really big mess, see?). Some time after he had come home Babyice started letting off some really stinky farts. We decided to put him on the potty every 10 minutes or so ‘in case’ and encourage him to poo. It finally paid off! Babyice made his first poo in the potty at home! Rudi lucked out and didn’t have to clean any messy clothes. I didn’t mind too much though, I was too happy and excited about the potty training breakthrough to care 🙂


Babyice playing on the jungle gym:




Taking 'ga ga' out from between his toes (fluff from his socks)


We’re all doing much better now. We need to get back to gym. We really do. I need to go. Feeling so fat again 🙁 I haven’t been wanting to go, but I really must. Rudi also wants to go back, I somehow always get the blame for us not going, despite not saying no when he suggests we go. We were planning to go yesterday, but Rudi worked late and had a dart league meeting last night, so time did not allow (not my fault!). Hopefully we’ll pluck up the time/courage/energy to go tonight. I simply must get my fitness levels and strength up. Babyice is now weighing in at 17 kg and I can hardly pick him up anymore! He certainly still expects it and I still want to pick him up every now and then, even though I know it won’t be possible forever.
My baby is growing up so fast! 🙁

Catch up

I really wish I could blog more. I really do. I have zero time at work any more. I’ve now moved over to the portfolio I was dreading going to. It’s not all that bad. I have to call more customers, usually very angry customers. It’s stressful, but the happy pills I’m taking right now are calming me down considerably. Yes. I’m taking something. I only have two months supply and once they’re done I’ll see how I’m doing. Otherwise I’ll have to go to a doctor and ask for more. I kind of got these “under the table”, just to see if they would work. They really do seem to be helping me.

Babyice is sick AGAIN. He’d been coughing and snotty for a while, but we assumed that it was because his second bottom tooth was coming out. Yes! He has TWO bottom teeth now! (I’m ridiculously excited and in awe of these two pearly whites. Ridiculously.) On Tuesday, however, yellow stuff started oozing from his eyes. A lot more than ever has before. We went straight to the doctor. That is Babyice’s infection indicator for us. As soon as his eyes start oozing yellow stuff, we know he has an infection. So we got antibiotic eye drops for him, antibiotics and some Flemeze to let him cough the phlegm off his chest. I also got a SMS from a doctor we saw in February yesterday, requesting that I pay my account within 7 days. I never received an account from them! I assumed the medical aid had paid! I’ll have to put a call in today since the number was unavailable to find out how much we must pay and what the banking details are *sigh*

With all these doctors bills and expenses…I’m really starting to wonder if it’s a good idea to have another baby, but I really do still want to. Perhaps I’m jumping the gun. My friends with kids keep telling me it will get better once he builds up his immunity. Perhaps we’ll wait and see when he is a little older (like 1?) and then start deciding whether a second one will really be that bad. Poor Cazpi’s little one is in hospital now. Just like Babyice was. With the same thing. I hope he gets better soon. Sending love and hugs her way!

My grandfather is no better and not really much worse. He is busy organizing what he wants to leave to whom. I’ve been requested to write down what I want. He says he feels really good letting go of these worldly things he has hung on to for so very long. He is, quite frankly, pissed off that he is still alive and suffering. He starts morphine today. He has been afraid to take the morphine. Even though he says he wants to die (and I’m sure he does), there is a stigma attached to the morphine. The stigma that it is the beginning of the very end when you start taking it (isn’t this what he wants?). I sat him down and explained to him that it’s really not the morphine that is going to kill him. It’s the cancer. The morphine is just there to take his pain away and make him feel better. I just hope he doesn’t have bad hallucinations. I’ve seen him on morphine before when he went in to have the operation on his colon. It makes him quite dopey. His eyes are glazed and he isn’t quite all “there”.

I’m feeling rather negative about my body at the moment. I really want to change it and I *know* I’m going to need to exercise. I’m always really tired and exercise is supposed to give you energy. I’m struggling to find time for anything right now. Babyice is our first priority and our time with him during the week is so short and precious. I need to do something, but it’s difficult. Before I got pregnant with Babyice Rudi and I went on an eating plan and walked briskly 3 times a week. I lost 9 kg in about 3 months. Losing the weight was awesome, but the exercise still sucked donkey balls. I hated doing it. It never got easier for me. It was just as hard the first day as it was after 3 months. I didn’t feel more energized. It was really demotivating. I realize that exercise is the missing link for me. It’s the reason that I don’t keep off the weight that I lose and that I lose weight slowly (when I don’t do it). I just don’t understand why I can’t exercise (if I ever find the time) and get better at it…get less out of breath and enjoy some endorphins (never got that benefit either). If I could only do that…it would change my life…but HOW?

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