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Clutter Chaos – HELP!

The chaos which is my house and all the cupboards therein is driving me BATSHIT! It is nagging me and I just can’t face it. Arkwife suggested I should surely be nesting by now…my response? My head is nesting, but my body is protesting! It keeps on mulling around in my mind. Too much stuff. Too much clutter. No space. Where are we going to put the baby? Where are we going to put her stuff? How? WHEN? HOW?! I just cannot DEAL.



I have two friends who would be MORE than happy to organize my shit for me…in a heartbeat, but they are all stuck in different provinces. Peppered around the country. Just my luck! Even when Angel was down from Johannesburg for my baby shower last time, the evening she helped me organize all the clothing gifts into age categories (how GENIUS is that?! ) and I’m sure we even packed some of it away. Angel, by the way, is a fantastic organizer. She has a really logical way of thinking and is able to make the simplest, smallest changes to make a big difference. For example, she turned around all my pens/highlighters, etc so that the points face downwards and they don’t dry out. DUH. WHY didn’t I think of that?! I still do that to this day.



As much as I’d like to say I am a well organized person…I am just NOT. I am disorganized. I make clutter. I HATE it. You should see my bloody dressing table. There are probably 40 bottles of various crap standing on TOP of it. Off the top of my head I can tell you the following items are there that have not been touched in months:



  • Hair mousse
  • Baby powder
  • Sudocrem
  • Hair silicone spray
  • Puma Balm
  • Prodol teething stuff
  • Various lotions


…and…and…and….KILLING ME. Why not pack it away? Because the designated cupboard is also in disarray. There is a table between our lounge and kitchen which is COVERED in crap. Mostly Babyice’s toys, etc…but COVERED. Toys he doesn’t play with, but we have nowhere else to put and PrincessIce will use it too. I have some clear storage containers that stack well…full of stuffed animals…that just never get taken out or played with. Some of them have sentimental value. I was thinking to go through them and donating some to the less fortunate. Then I have a high shelf at the top of Babyice’s cupboard that has a lot of old books and heaven knows what else in it. Babyice doesn’t get to use ANY of his cupboards, the built in cupboards in his room at least. The hanging space is full of daddy’s clothes. Beneath that there two large suitcases with whichever clothes we’re not wearing due to seasonal changes. Okay, clothes I’M not wearing. There are also blankets there so there is no space at the bottom. Above that the books and heaven knows what else. The shelves are filled with towels, linen, more baby blankets and medicine/toiletries. All Babyice’s clothes are in the compactum we got before he was born. Do you remember that Babyice only got his ‘baby room’ at the age of 4 months? THAT is how organized I am. Babyice’s clothes that don’t fit anymore and are now destined to be worn by PrincessIce are vacuum packed in the top of my cupboard. The top of our cupboards are also full. We just took our electric blanket off and put it in the top of the cupboard. One of my kitchen cupboards is filled with forgotten containers, old coffee mugs we’ll never use and again…heaven knows what else.




Every storage space is filled to maximum capacity…another reason I’ve been panicking about where to put PrincessIce’s things. TOO MUCH STUFF! TOO LITTLE SPACE. I’m sure if I were more organized or better at organizing I could stop agonizing as everything would just be lovely. I am just so overwhelmed that I do not even know where to start. I am afraid if I start I will start moving stuff around instead of solving the actual problem. I need to DE-CLUTTER my life! I need to get rid of loads of things. Rudi is TERRIBLE at this. Absolutely terrible. I can still throw things out and ‘let go’. I go through phases where I purge things at a fantastic rate and I can’t remember ever regretting it. Rudi will hold on to the plastic sleeve we bought a blanket in ‘in case we need it someday’. Which why he has a cupboard bulging with clothes he NEVER wears. I just can’t get him to part with the stuff! This is not his fault though. His cupboard full of clothes is just a slice of the pie. There are much bigger problems all over the house.




I want someone to help me fix this. The thought of it makes me crumble into a pile and reduces me to tears. I want to be better. I want to do better. I just can’t get started and clearly need some guidance. This is my cry for help!

Sadness and Confirmation

Since last week Thursday I have carried Angel‘s family in my thoughts and prayers. Her nephew, Nathan, tragically passed away in a car accident last week. He was not yet 8 years old. Nathan was a special boy and he was very close to Angel. His passing hit me a lot harder than I would expect. I had never met Nathan, but Angel had told me about him. She described his lust for life and what a wonderful light he was to everyone that met him. I remember hearing him on the radio one day. The radio station gave him tickets to see his favourite rugby team with his father (Angel’s brother) and he asked them to play his favourite song at the time, De La Rey. Nathan also represented something special to me in my own life and his passing stirred emotions in me that I did not expect and I found myself crying at my desk at work on Friday morning. Nathan represented to me what Jamie could have possibly been. I know that they are vastly different and that Jamie likely would not have survived to term or long after birth, but when I think of her, I picture her to be like Nathan. A bright spark in a dark world. Now they are together in the same place and I hope that they find each other. This morning we received more sad news at work. A friend and colleague’s father passed away this morning. I hope that this is the last of the sadness and that everyone currently grieving are supported by their loved ones.


On Friday Leebeesa came to babysit for us so that Rudi and I could go and watch Titanic in 3D. We went for a pizza before the movie and I was so full I couldn’t even finish my popcorn 3 hours later.  There were quite a few added scenes at the end after the ship started sinking. 3D for 3 hours gave Rudi and myself a headache though. I also realized how your priorities change in life as you get older. I was a teenager when the movie was released and at that time losing the love of your life was the most tragic thing that could happen to you. I bawled my eyes out when she ‘let go’. On Friday, however, the tears were conjured by the children that suffered and the families that were split up. It really was a terrible tragedy.


On Saturday I wasn’t feeling very well. I did as little as possible, but was obliged to bake cupcakes for the following day. I had a runny tummy with tummy cramps and later nausea. Usually we do housework on a Saturday, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything. Luckily I started feeling better by Sunday.


Yesterday my counsin was confirmed in our faith. My grandmother asked me to bake cupcakes for the tea after the confirmation. I could not think what had possessed her to do such a thing. If you ask me, my attempts at baking and icing have been tremendous failures, but I complied to try and contribute to the event which my aunt was very excited about:


Confirmation Cupcakes


I ASTOUNDED myself! These didn’t turn out too badly AT ALL! 😀 My grandmother purchased the plastic icing decorations, but I baked and iced them all by myself 😀 I guess I have no excuse but to bake for Babyice’s birthday next year 🙂 The confirmation went well and my cousin’s father made a very moving speech at his tea afterwards. My grandmother was sad that my grandfather was not there to witness his only grandson get confirmed, but I knew that he was there. Near the end of the service we sang a hymn which has always been a sign for me. The lyrics of the hymn at the chorus say ‘It is well with my soul’. It is a beautiful, touching piece of music and when that hymn was the chosen one I knew that my grandfather had come to see. It was a wonderful moment.


Potty training went okay this weekend. We’re still having no joy with the poo. Saturday was accident free and on Sunday Babyice insisted on not wearing a nappy when we went to church. We carted his toilet seat ring around with us and took him to the toilet every now and then. Everything was going very well until we left the confirmation tea and stopped at the shop. Rudi found him standing with pee dripping down his leg in the Spar. That was the only accident we had on Sunday though. The day mother says he made a poo in the potty this morning. I hope that he starts getting the hang of it this week. That would be awesome. Babyice also skipped both his naps this weekend. We had quite a miserable toddler on our hands last night and getting him to sleep was no easy task, but Rudi eventually managed to get him sleeping by lying down next to him for a while.



I broke up with my Blackberry over the weekend. I took Rudi’s upgrade phone (A Samsung Galaxy Ace) and am now living in a world of Android and charged data. It is taking some getting used to and I am chowing through data at an alarming rate, but I am sure that I will start managing my data better when I’ve had the phone for longer. Rudi is happy since he now has his grubby paws on my coveted Blackberry and he doesn’t have to constantly monitor his data. Win win.

I’m still here!

I hate it when I have such a big lapse of time between blog posts. It’s so easy to forget the tiny details of events (or even entire events) while you’re rushing through life. The whole point of blogging for me is to capture these moments in my life so that I can reflect on them again at a later stage.

Anyway, here I am. This past weekend Rudi and I flew to Johannesburg for his cousin’s wedding. We left Babyice at home with Leebeesa since we weren’t sure about him travelling by plane just yet. We also felt we probably wouldn’t get to enjoy the wedding if we had him to worry about constantly. So Leebeesa looked after him at our house, in his own environment, which is a comfort. Blighter barely noticed we were gone!

The wedding was small (around 50 people) and really lovely. We had a good time without over indulging. The couple that married have been together for 6 years and already have two kids. One of their children is just under two and he proved our point about having to run after a baby. The bride and groom could both be seen pushing the pram around at some point trying to get their son to sleep. He is teething and even though he had a nanny there, he just wanted mommy/daddy.

As we got to the wedding I was very disappointed to see that all the photos on my camera had somehow disappeared! We had gone through the photos the previous evening at the airport and the next afternoon they were gone! I had photos of Babyice, Angel’s wedding and others that I can never replace. I hadn’t downloaded them and I’m quite upset 🙁 I am positive that I never formatted the memory card. I don’t think I can save them…it seems they’re really gone.

Angelsmind and Glugster met us at Lanseria airport to catch a glimpse of us before we left. Unfortunately we could only fly up for the weekend, so we didn’t have time to socialize with our friends there. It was so awesome to see them. I dare say a visit to JHB/CT wouldn’t be complete without seeing each other.

Babyice is doing well. He had yet another chest infection towards the end of November and my GP decided that he should be sent for allergy test. I had asked the pediatrician about this at his 9 month check up, but the paed wanted to wait to see how he does in summer. It turns out that he is allergic to something – your IEG (I think) count shouldn’t be above 1.8 and his was 10.7. They tested for regular allergies such as dairy, gluten, wheat, pet hair and pollen, but found nothing. He has been put on anti-allergy medication and we have been advised to monitor. Should he fall ill again, we need to take into consideration what he ate in the previous two days and now follow a process of elimination. Not extremely helpful, but at least we have some direction. He hasn’t been sick since going onto the anti-allergy medication, but it’s a little early to celebrate. He usually gets a chest infection once a month and he has only been taking the medication since 25 November.

Other than that he is now pulling himself up against things and standing. He crawls very fast and is sometimes difficult to keep up with! He says a few “words” like “Dada” (his favourite it would seem), “Ambah” (Amber, our cat) and “Mama” (sometimes). He doesn’t direct these words toward anyone as yet though. He has an issue with his top teeth it would seem. There were four teeth bulging in his gum, we assumed they were ready to decend. Instead, the gum split open across the left front tooth (seemingly relieving the pressure on the gums) and you could see the tooth through the gum. We worried, but the paed said there isn’t really anything you can do but wait it out. Now the gum seems to be thinning around the edge of the tooth, yet the teeth haven’t decended OUT of the gum at the bottom yet. They seem to be pushing forward through the gum (without being skew) instead of pushing down through the brim of the gum (I hope this all makes sense!) So we’ll wait and hope his teeth come out okay. It seems to be bothering us a lot more than it is bothering him. He doesn’t moan or cry and eats normally.

I’m still missing my grandfather. It’s so weird not to be able to pick up the phone and call him to chat or ask for advice. I call my grandmother regularly to check if she is okay and we pop on there at least once a week to see her. When we were flying home from Johannesburg we saw the most beautiful cloud formations (from the air). My grandfather LOVED clouds and would often take photos of them. I find myself regularly saying things that begin with “My grandfather used to…”, showing me that his memory and legacy live on in my memory and life. The grieving process after losing my grandfather is quite different from what I went through when we lost Jamie. I want to say it is harder, but that isn’t really true. It’s different. I have a lifetime of memories with my grandfather. A lifetime. He taught me so much, instilled so many values in me and laid a foundation in my heart that will never disappear. So, it is harder in that way. I didn’t know Jamie, we had few memories together, but I grieved what her life could have been.

Work is stressful and sucks, but it shouldn’t for much longer. As of the 3rd of January I will be going back to my old team and things should be fine.

Should I get stuck in real life and work again, I would like to wish you all a safe, blessed festive season. May you create beautiful memories with your loved ones xxx


Rudi and I wanted to see Avatar in 3D over the weekend and on a whim decided to book tickets on Saturday. Do you think we could find two seats together in any one show? Practically fully booked the entire weekend! Avatar has been playing for a while now. That is quite impressive! So we decided to book for the 17:15 show yesterday. Angel has often mentioned Ster-Kinekor’s love nest seats, but I couldn’t find any open love nest seats on the aisle. I have to sit on the aisle, especially since it is a 3 hour movie and you know I am going to have to pee.

I booked two seats and as I was about to make the payment my Internet Explorer blocked the pop-up. I was irritated beyond belief. When going back in after allowing pop-ups for the site I had to book the row in front of the row I had chosen since the two I had just selected were still temporarily reserved for my purchase.

I forgot that you have to climb stairs to get anywhere in the movies at Tygervalley. Even the loo is down a flight of stairs. Forking lovely. When we got into the cinema I checked the seat layout at the back and determined our seats were on the left of the aisle. We settled in. The seats at Tygervalley are definitely more comfortable than those at Cape Gate! A little while before the movie started some guys showed up and said we were in their seats. Looking back at the seat numbers we were, in fact, in the wrong seats! Our seat was on the right hand side of the aisle! Best part? Our seat was a love nest seat! So by many frustrating (and embarrassing) co-incidences, we managed to get a love nest seat on the aisle. I am pretty sure that the seat was not a love nest seat when I made the booking…and it seems the seat layout at the back must have been upside down. So we win because of Ster-Kinekor’s fail. Nice. I was super chuffed! It really is like sitting on a small couch while watching the movie. I will definitely opt for the love nest seats again! I might even rather go to Tygervalley to watch a movie in general since their seats are so much more comfortable.

Anyway…the 3D effects in the movie were by far the best I have seen so far. I have gone to see Coraline and Ice Age 3 in 3D already and was actually not that impressed. Avatar, however, was really awesome. The 3D effect was carried through the entire movie and even though there wasn’t always something coming towards your face, I really enjoyed the feel of the effects (which is more than I can say for the other two). The story line was also very cool. In general it was a very good movie. Even Rudi gave it 8 out of 10 🙂

The only crap thing about the movie was, well, me. About halfway through the movie I started feeling nauseous and getting hot flushes. I also started getting some cramping feelings in my lower belly. They hurt! I almost thought that Babyice was on his way! I got up to go to the loo and ended up missing around 10 minutes of the movie. I’ve been pregnant every time I’ve been to see a 3D movie and this has never happened to me. I must assume that the superior 3D quality of this particular movie must have caused me to feel this way. I’ve heard of people getting nauseous, etc. I always thought they were a bunch of sissies. Who doesn’t have the stomach to handle some 3D? Life is in 3D, after all. Apparently I don’t. Wah.

I would recommend for anyone to go and see this movie. It really is beautiful and a stunning story. I also could not imagine having seen it in 2D. The 3D rocks the party that rocks the party (and my stomach). Totally worth the price you pay for it!

What a weekend!

The shower:


My baby shower was this weekend. Truth is, I knew when it was happening. If I hadn’t known I would have by the time it did as some people sent me messages on Saturday morning to say they couldn’t make it. Amazing how many people actually didn’t make it. Over 30 people RSVP’d, but there were a total of 12 guests. 4 of which are related to me and 1 of which is my grandmother’s neighbour. My main disappointment is that Leebeesa went to a LOT of trouble and catered for the guests who said they would come and they let her down. I do not want her to feel for one minute that their lack of presence had anything to do with her. They missed out! Not surprisingly the people that really mattered were there. The #pinkdrink crew was out in full force!



 The friends:


Two colleagues (besides Leebeesa) were there. Laiqah (and baby Isa) and Colleen came through. My grandmother, aunt, great aunt (my grandmother’s sister) and my great great aunt were there. My grandmother also brought her neighbour, Auntie Maria. Of course my mother in law was there also.


Then…the internet girls! @Ann_Wilson, @al_ice, @cc_monkey, @cazpi, @anib and @whizper2me were all there. It was practically a tweetup! @kambabe and @Riven16 couldn’t be there, but both sent their greetings and gifts. @queenofcomplex is from Johannesburg and even though she couldn’t be there, so was roped @al_ice in to go shopping for her so she could also send a gift 🙂


I just realized there is not 1 photo of @cazpi, but she was behind the camera almost all the time 🙂



The Games:


Leebeesa involved all the guests by having games for them to play and prizes for them to win 🙂 Baby showers can be mighty boring for the guests, but Leebeesa made sure everyone was entertained. The first game they played was to pass a dummy from one guest to another using a skewer stick held in their mouths. No hands! Once everyone got used to it she was forced to shorten the sticks to make it more difficult, eventually the two last contestants were too good and had to pick which hand she was holding the dummy in to determine a winner. Colleen came out tops!


Another game played later on involved everyone guessing my current girth. A ball of wool and a scissor was passed around and everyone had to cut a length of wool they thought would fit around me. Only one of my guests underestimated! @cazpi won that one…her length of wool fitted my waist and bump perfectly! I don’t know what the hell my aunt was thinking. She could walk around me about 4 times with the piece she cut! Looking at the pictures later, I also noticed that the some of the ladies had fun playing on the see saw before I arrived 🙂



 The punishments:


A baby shower wouldn’t be a baby shower without some forfeits or “punishments” and a bit of a dress up. I wasn’t terribly good at guessing things, although I didn’t get everything wrong! I don’t mind a bit of forfeiting. I’m a good sport when it comes to things like that and none of them were so bad that I didn’t want to partake. I had to sing for my baby (which I was to hold throughout the shower, but handed over to @al_ice every now and then to babysit). I also had to change his soiled nappy…luckily it was wasn’t dog poop or something. The nappy was filled with peanut butter and a chocolate that was meant to look like poo…it did look pretty gross! I also had to eat prune flavoured baby food, as well as apple. There was also the mandatory sticking of my face in flour…it’s all good though…I enjoyed it! I didn’t have to partake in the punishment alone…I got to feed @al_ice some baby food too 🙂




The surprises:


Now if you’ve been looking carefully, you would have noticed someone in the pictures I haven’t mentioned. Angel flew all the way down from Johannesburg for my baby shower! She had said months ago that she would try to, but I really didn’t expect her to. Her and Rudi arranged everything on the quiet and managed to completely fool me! Rudi SUCKS at keeping secrets. I am super impressed that he managed to get away with it! He had been acting strange with regards to the baby shower, but I suspected nothing. I prompted him and asked him questions, trying to find out what he was hiding, but he managed to convince me that he was telling the truth. After the fact he told me he was relieved I hadn’t asked him to promise that he was telling the truth and in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t 🙂


He told me about two weeks ago that he had accidentally called Angel instead of me (my name is programmed on his phone as Angel Face) and she had apologized and said she wouldn’t be able to make it. Even though I was slightly disappointed I really understood. It seems almost silly to come so far for a baby shower! He then had to find a way to get out of the house to pick her up from the airport. He cooked up a story about having to fetch his cousin who was flying down from Johannesburg. It seemed a bit odd to me since he hasn’t seen her in years…I asked him probing questions about what time her flight was and where he should meet her. He sailed through them. When he came back I was still suspicious and asked him what she looks like now, etc. Again, he was fully prepared and I was totally convinced.


The evening before the baby shower he also insisted that the house be cleaned and tidied ‘in case someone wanted to come back with me afterwards’. I told him I couldn’t care less and gave him a ton of grief about it. He whined until I complied and again, I am grateful that he did!


When I walked into the venue I had to do a double take to realize that Angel was there. I squealed with delight! I couldn’t believe it! I felt so special! As if having her there wasn’t enough she brought with presents and CUPCAKES! Angel is renowned for her cupcakes. I’ve been ragging on her for months and months about how I’m sick of drooling over her Facebook pictures of all her stunning cupcakes and how I will never ever get to taste one. You’ll remember she also baked cupcakes for Jamie’s first birthday, which I didn’t get to have any of 😛


Angel stayed over at our house the Saturday evening. We got to chill together (Rudi went over to Fence for a braai – the ONE time I didn’t mind!), eat pizza…talk for ages and ages and fail at watching The Proposal (we tried, but it just wasn’t meant to be). Having Angel here was such a blessing, in more ways than one. She loves to organize and gave me some great ideas for organizing Babyice’s things and helped me get started with organizing the gifts that we got. I showed her all Babyice’s things and she helped me to set up the cot and stuff. She kicked my ass into gear a bit! 🙂 Thank you millions, Angel…for everything. Love you muchly! xxx




The loot:


Oh my. Where do I begin? I was SO thoroughly spoilt!  I receive so many gifts. More than I could have asked for! To list all the things that I received would triple this post in length. I got a range of lovely things. Not only clothes, but toiletries, toys, blankets, towels, nappies, wipes and even appliances!


Some of the bigger things included a humidifier, a voice activated musical night light, a microwave bottle steriliser and two handmade quilts. One isn’t exactly a quilt…it’s called a quillow I think. It’s a quilt…that folds into a pillow. Ingenious!


We really got very many beautiful, wonderful gifts. Thank you so much to everyone for the things they brought/bought/made. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate each and every item!


Thank you to everyone who made my day special. Thank you to Leebeesa for all her hard work and effort she put in. Thank you to @cazpi and Angel for taking photos.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!



P.S. You can click on the collages to englarge them.

Congratulations Fairy Girl and Baldy!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Fairy Girl who gave birth to baby Logan today! Her husband (@baldy_za) alerted us to her arrival via Twitter. This has made me quite grateful that Rudi is becoming familiar with Twitter so he will be able to let all our friends know about Babyice’s arrival and how things are going with us.


61 days to go before Babyice is here. Two months exactly. I’m not quite in a flat panic, but I’m sure I soon will be. I’m trying to chill until my baby shower as I’ll only really be able to determine what I need once that is over. There will be so much to do still I’m sure. We haven’t really set up the baby room yet…and I just realized I don’t even have curtains. At least curtains aren’t the most important thing.


I did get all the Christmas gifts wrapped this morning. It’s such a small pile. I still have to get something for Rudi and Rudi will still buy a few for his family, but there really isn’t much under the tree this year. The angel on top of the Christmas tree has gone missing. I need to call the housekeeper to ask her where on earth it has gotten to! Such a strange thing to go missing!


I just watched the movie ‘My sister’s keeper’. Predictably I bawled all the way through it. It is a beautiful movie. It got me thinking about what our lives might have been like if Jamie had been born. Honestly I don’t know if Jamie would have survived to term, but if she had made it she would have required many, many surgeries. The least of which would have been for her legs and feet, but there would have been a lot of more serious surgeries that would have taken priority over those. All of our time and money would have been spent in hospitals and on hospital bills. Jamie would never have been able to enjoy ‘normal’ life and would have been on drugs and in pain most of the time. When it comes down to it, I am glad we spared her, and selfishly ourselves, from that.


Anyway…I wish Fairy Girl and Baldy all the best and hope that baby Logan brings them much happiness and joy!

I’m entering a competition!

Angel is running a competition on her blog with prizes! Since the time for Babyice to arrive is quickly approaching…I figure I am going to need all the help I can get!


Angel has asked for the entrants to write a blog post about an old wives tale and whether they think it has any relevance today. I was a little stumped and went along to the page of parenting myths she pointed out to help us along a little (find it here). Finally I found one that I thought I need to talk about since I could have made a mistake with this one myself (being a naive first time mom!)


Myth: A mobile infant walker will help your child learn to walk faster.


I mentioned on my blog previously that I wanted to get a walking ring for Babyice. I was surprised by the comments I received! I had no idea that walking rings could be so dangerous! So dangerous in fact that they have been banned in Canada! They can even impair your baby’s learning to walk as explained in this article. Since being enlightened to these facts (thank you for the links, Angel!) I have heard one horror story after another about accidents that have happened to infants in walking rings.


One mother told me how her son pulled a kettle full of hot water over onto himself! This was obviously something I had not thought through. I guess I assumed that walking rings are safe because they are so widely used and sold freely. Why would they sell things in baby stores that aren’t safe for your baby? It doesn’t make much sense!


Walking rings give your child almost unlimited mobility. Every tired, overworked mother knows you cannot watch your child each and every second…and that is all it takes. One second for disaster to strike. There are just so many dangers in and around our homes. My home is not even nearly baby proofed and once Babyice starts crawling we’re going to need to make some serious changes around here. I can only imagine how many children have walked into swimming pools in a walking ring *shudder*


I have since decided that I do not want to get a walking ring for Babyice and also advised a few people who have asked if they could buy me one that I would prefer it if they considered a different gift as I do not want one. I hope you’ll read the articles and reconsider getting a walking ring.


I’m sure all the very clever moms that read my blog already knew all of this, but maybe I have helped teach someone something.


Disclaimer: Please do not think I am saying you are a bad parent if you want to get a walking ring or have used one. I am sure many mothers have used walking rings safely and without incident. This is an individual choice each parent has to make. Personally,  I would rather be safe than sorry.

Panic at 22 weeks

So I had a complete freaking meltdown yesterday. Melt.Down. I won’t go into the graphic details on here blog…as well…there might be boys that read this and even some squeamish girls…but I thought I had reason to worry about Babyice. Strange things happen to your body when you are pregnant and some things that didn’t happen before, even with Jamie were happening. Also, Babyice had been quieter than usual. His movements were less frequent and weaker. So I panicked.


Thanks to all the lovely hormones coursing through my veins I can no longer ‘keep it together’ when I am scared or worried. I turn into a frazzled mess. I cry. I bawl, actually. Not pretty. Although I know without any doubt that Leebeesa would have let me wet her shoulder, I didn’t want to talk about it. I frowned on Twitter and got poor Angel worried about me too.


ExMi popped up on gchat and having unlimited characters and her not being able to hear or see me sobbing allowed me to tell her what was wrong. She assured me that everything was OK…and calmed me down to the extent that I was able to call my gynae’s office from the toilet (to which I had retreated to bawl in private). They also assured me that everything I was going through was completely normal and that I need not worry about anything.

Thank you ExMi, Leebeesa, Rubyletters and Angel for your concern and support. I love you guys.

Then I just felt like a right tit for turning into a frantic mess over something completely normal. I’m so terrified that something will go wrong again. Petrified. Even though everything has been perfect up till now I cannot take for granted that everything will be fine. I made that mistake once. I was ignorant (oh what bliss!) and naive before. Having had the experience we have had has made me super paranoid and on high alert.


Babyice was kind enough to kick me lots yesterday (after abovementioned fanny wobble) which really made me feel a lot better. Thank God. He may kick me on my bladder if he wants. As long as he lets me know he is okay. I give him permission.


So. Here I meet the mark in my pregnancy where I step over into uncharted territory. I’ve never been more than 22 weeks pregnant. In less than a month it will be a year since I was last 22 weeks pregnant. It seems like such a long time ago…but it isn’t really. She would have been 7 months old already.


….and I can’t write any more than that…because I’m already a puddle again.


Angel, I’d like to get off the hormonal rollercoaster ride now and go on the hormonal ferris wheel instead.


As I mentioned yesterday I got a huge bag of goodies from Nellie. She sent me a parcel with present for me (for my birthday) and some things she has collected for Babyice. I know for a fact that this isn’t all the stuff she’s bought for Babyice as she has mentioned something else she bought that wasn’t included in the package. I <3 presents!
In the huge box that she sent me was the following bag:
Awesome Bag

Awesome Bag

The bag is surrounded by pockets and the inside of the bag is also lined with pockets:
Inside the bag

Inside the bag

The bottom of the bag has a firm support in it so the bag is stiff at the bottom. Nellie says this is her latest discovery for babies. She says it’s not the type of bag you take to the shops, but is excellent for carting baby stuff around when sending them to a day mother or going on play dates.
Each one of the pockets (inside and out) had something in it. Below is some of the loot I made off with:
Stuff for mommy

Stuff for mommy

  • Dove cream oil bar
  • Vaseline intensive moisture lotion
  • Bennet’s baby aqueous cream (for myself and Babyice)
  • A scented candle and candle holder
  • A telephone book with butterflies on (I <3 butterflies)
  • A pair of earrings
  • A card
  • A mug
  • Two brushes in lipstick holders (one for powder and one for blush – she thinks of everything)


Can you tell I’ve complained to her about my dragon dry skin?


Stuffs for us

Stuffs for us

  • Slippers for mommy for hospital
  • A plastic train that squeaks when you squish it
  • A Winnie The Pooh back pack (for Babyice’s toys)
  • A Santa Clause door decoration


Pressies for Babyice

Pressies for Babyice

  • A babygro with farm animals on
  • Baby hedgehog shoes
  • A Winnie the Pooh hat and shoes – the hat says ‘Hello! I’m new here’ 🙂


Reindeer pen

And a reindeer pen because she knows how much I love Christmas.
So there is all the loot I made off with! I’m so lucky. I am blessed in that people seem to love giving me gifts…and that I love receiving them 🙂
Fork it. I better go work!
One last thing….
Angel and Glugster got engaged this morning! She cryptically said that she said yes at 12 000 feet, but didn’t say whether I was right about the hot air balloon or not! Can’t wait to find out!

My Angels and Angel

Well last night I got some more washing done. It looks like ironing is unavoidable, even if you take the clothes out of the tumble dryer! I must say though that most of my clothes are okay right out of the tumble dryer. It’s Rudi’s clothes that need the ironing. Pffft.


Rudi was super excited yesterday. One of the companies he delivers to has been dropping hints at employing him for a very long time. More recently (at the end of last year) the company started expanding their business to the line of work he is currently in. There have been delays with financing issues and of course it doesn’t help that the economy is in a slump. Also, the equipment required had to be ordered from abroad and took quite some time to arrive. Yesterday he went to speak to the owner of the company and they have confirmed they indeed want him to work there and that he could resign in about a month or so. He was so excited about this he couldn’t even sleep last night, despite having played darts the night before and being exhausted.


This will be very good for us. He will be earning more money…hopefully a lot more than he is earning now. It *might* even push him into the same earning bracket as me (if his projections are not too optimistic) and that would be incredible. They will discuss salary the next time he goes there.


I am a little sceptic (being such a pessimist and all). Not sceptic really, more concerned. I’m hoping the 3 month probation which is inevitable will go well and that this guy is for real. Rudi will work his butt off for him. He already does, but is underpaid and unappreciated where he is now. He is also understimulated and the owner of the company he is going to work for now has mentioned things like sending him for training and/or to college to qualify him. It sounds so awesome…too good to be true…hence my apprehension. I am a worry wort though. Rudi is not in the least worried and trusts this man completely. He has been making deliveries to his company for 5 years, so I take it they have gotten to know each other over that time.


Leebeesa found the cutest outfit for Babyice, check it out:


Fishing Buddies

Fishing Buddies



I also received a HUGE parcel from Nellie today. It’s got a ton of gifts in for me and for Babyice. So awesome! I want to take pictures of all the stuff she sent so you can get a good idea of how much stuff I got! I am truly so spoilt! I can’t wait to see her again. She’s trying to make a plan to come to Cape Town after Babyice is born. I really hope she manages it. She has family down here so she’ll save on accomodation.


Also…very exciting news….Angel and Glugster are getting engaged this weekend. He’s been very hush hush about it and everything except the fact that they’re getting engaged is a surprise. The how, where exactly and when exactly is all a big secret. The blogging/Twitter world is holding it’s breath for the blog post!

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