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Kicking the Antibiotics

Early last month I posted about trying to get my children off what felt like constant antibiotic use. The post was well received and I was happy to see I wasn’t the only one worried about this. I realize that the weather is starting to warm up and that means less illness, but it is allergy season which has meant illness and infections for us in the past.

Since that post was published I have not taken the kids to the doctor once. They have had the snots, coughs, pukes and fevers since then…but never seemed limp and unable to play, so I held out and they recovered on their own. I still make use of over the counter medication and the kids are both taking an antihistamine to try and prevent allergy related post nasal drips which become monster coughs.

Another thing that has coincided with this is that we no longer have our family pet. I suspected for a while that having our cat was contributing to the problem. The children at the day mother where my children were picking up their germs were not constantly on antibiotics, but recovered on their own. The only logical explanation to me was that something environmental was aggravating my children’s condition to the point where they develop an infection. I am not saying that none of those other children have pets at home, but I was always aware that Elijah is susceptible to chest infections and it made sense to me that something he was inhaling could cause his condition to escalate. Yes, it could also have been grass, dust and a million other things. Testing for allergies is very costly, so finding out exactly what was setting them off was not financially viable.

We had Amber for many years and she was getting old. She had lost both her canines and was struggling to jump out of the window and up onto the bed. Amber was the first in our family who knew I was pregnant. It might sound weird, but she started sleeping by my tummy before I even took a pregnancy test. This was out of character for her. She always slept with Rudi and I found it strange that she suddenly wanted to sleep with me. After I took the test and she did it again, I made the connection. Once we bought the pram, she started having behavioral problems. She urinated in the pram more than once and she started defecating in the house. Since this started happening the moment we brought the pram into the house, we thought she was not having any of this new baby. She had lived through the arrival of one baby and refused to take this news in her stride. We tried to find her a new home for over two years, but nobody wanted her. We put a sign up in the local vet with a picture of her and a short explanation of why we could not keep her. Not one person called. Rudi and I fought about this constantly. I was unhappy, the kids and myself were constantly sick, our cat was acting out, our house constantly stank of cat urine (to the point where neighbours walking past our house commented about it) and we were at the end of our tether. My grandmother suggested we contact the animal anti-cruelty league and said they would likely be able to try and find a home for her. I called them and the lady that answered said we could bring her through and they would see what they could do. Rudi and Elijah took her early the next Saturday morning. Rudi said they examined her and said she was around 12 years old (we never knew her exact age as we started caring for her when she was no longer a kitten) and there was no way they could find a home for her and that they would put her to sleep. Rudi returned home without her. We were very sad. She wasn’t just a part of our family for around 10 years, she was also Elijah and Gabby’s first pet.

So far kicking the antibiotics is going well. I think a combination of a) the medical aid being depleted b) me not panicking at the first sign of a fever c) the onset of summer d) no more pet hair/dander to contend with and e) finding over the counter medication that works for us have all contributed to it going well so far. I know it has not even been 2 months and we have gone this long without antibiotics before, so you may think it is too early to assess. You might be right.  The reason I’m posting this now already is because we have experienced scenarios in this last two months that usually resulted in a visit to the doctor and a prescription for antibiotics, yet here we are. I don’t think they will never need antibiotics again. I’m sure they will. I hope to strengthen their immunity by letting their body fight these germs. It might take them a little longer to recover and it might still be costing me a small fortune in over the counter medication to alleviate their symptoms, but I am sure as their immunity increases this will pay off in the long run.

Have you tried to kick antibiotics? How did it go?


My kingdom for a shower

Our shower was leaking quite badly. We reported it to the owner of our flat and she got some people to come have a look…and then…well…to destroy and rebuild the shower. Last week Tuesday they came to chop the shower up and put the cement in. The cement drying till the next week Monday…
Naked shower

Naked shower


They also removed the doors as the glass that was used to build the shower was the incorrect glass and was cracking. So the doors went as well. Amber decided to inspect whether they’d done a solid job with the cement:


Amber's Inspection

Amber's Inspection


On Monday they came to seal the cement so they could tile on the Tuesday:








I quite like the mosaic tiles in the shower. They are pretty. Nicer than the previous ones, actually.


The doors only went in yesterday…and then 24 hours for the silicone to dry. I will be having my first shower at home after a week and a half – TONIGHT!


Shower fixed!

Shower fixed!


I hate bathing. With a passion. I don’t feel clean after a bath. If I do feel like relaxing in a bath, I do so and then I have a shower afterwards to actually clean myself. Over and above that I am extremely uncomfortable in a bath. Now that I’m starting to get bigger and it’s harder to move around, it’s quite an inconvenience. 

I loooooong to have my shower back. I am fed up with having to bath. Washing your hair in the bath is also a mission and a half. Fuggit. I’m over it!


…runs in my household.


Our new burglar bars are up, but Amber doesn’t fit through them. It’s the only window in the house she can use to come and go…also the only one that requires burglar bars…and now she cannot fit through them. Everyone I know loves how fat Amber is…but in her defense…the gap isn’t very big…


Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars


Luckily Rudi knows the guy who installed them and made him aware that our cat needed to fit through there. He called him yesterday and apparently they are going to fix it on Saturday. In the meantime I can get the insurance sorted out.


You thought this post was going to be me whining about my weight, didn’t you?

Birthday and Stuffs

Around my birthday I like to reflect on the year gone by and look back at my blog at how I was feeling the previous year around my birthday. Reading over last year’s birthday post, I can safely say things are a lot better this year.  It seems Rudi was at home for my birthday last year too (suddenly I see a pattern) and that we fought…luckily that didn’t happen this year. I was pregnant last year as well, but sick as a dog, which is also not true this year. Also…my grandfather was on his way into hospital to have a portion of his cancerous colon removed.

A lot has happened in my life between ages 27 and 28. I have been changed to the core. I have been through the toughest thing I’ve had to go through in my life so far and I made it through the other side with a few battle scars. I’m kind of in the same place as what I was a year ago, pregnant, unsure of the future, but I’m happy. I finally told My Evil Mother exactly where to get off and it feels good.

We didn’t do much for my birthday. As I get older it’s becoming less and less of a big deal. I still get super excited about Christmas though, so I’m not too worried about myself. Rudi took me out to breakfast. We went to Mugg and Bean and I had some blueberry flap jacks with cream and syrup. Nom nom nom. Directly after this meal the headache from hell (which I’ve had since Sunday) decides to make a comeback…and why don’t you just feel dizzy and disoriented while we’re at it?
So we came home for some couch time. We started watching a movie, but I decided to nap on the couch since my head was feeling as if it had connected with a baseball bat earlier.  Rudi and Amber decided to follow suit:


After watching some How I Met Your Mother we went to my grandparents for supper. My grandmother had somehow overestimated my age and put a “29” on my cake instead of a “28”. She did, however, manage to fix it:
Chocolate Birthday Cake

Chocolate Birthday Cake

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics!
My grandfather gave me the most GORGEOUS gift. I kind of asked for it and am so happy he decided to get it for me. It’s a gold pendant in the shape of our church symbol (in case you’re wondering where you’ve seen it before):
Pendant from my grandfather

Pendant from my grandfather


After we came home, Sarah and Brad came over to bring my gift. Sarah had gotten me some socks (to match hers), beaded hair clips, earrings and a diamante ‘H’ for my keys. My aunt got me small gel candles, rose scented shower gel and body lotion and a small glass grand piano on a mirror. I don’t know. She buys odd gifts. I should probably tell her I’m not into billions of ornaments and already have too much stuff cluttering up my life. I hate clutter, yet I seem to be very good at creating it.


So Friday is the scan. Day after tomorrow. I was having a chat to Nellie on the phone last night (if you can call an hour long conversation a chat) and realized I’m a little more freaked out than I let on. I might just go lie on that bed and close my eyes and not look. Who am I kidding? I could never do that. I always look. I look no matter how gruesome something promises to be. I’m going to look. I looked with James. I scrutinized with James. I wanted to know. I want to know now…I need to know, but I don’t want to know.


You know?

You see?

I’m a mess.

Birthday Weekend

On Friday at work I had a lovely back, shoulder, neck and foot massage during my lunch. I also had my eyebrows waxed and tinted. The lady doing my treatments must not have thought it was my lunch hour, as she kept me there for one and a half hours! Luckily nobody really noticed, except Leebeesa, but she didn’t bust me 🙂
After my massage Leebeesa gave me my birthday present. It’s pretty cool! You can check it out here.
Last night we went to News Cafe in Tableview for birthday drinks. It was my birthday, as well as that of @anib, but we decided to also make it a tweet up so we could include our online friends and meet some of them while we celebrate.
A good time was had by all…I stuck by the virgin cocktails…and let me tell you, I did not feel one bit deprived. Sipping on some beautiful strawberry drink with good music and good friends…how can I complain? I also made off with some lovely gifts which were most unexpected! Thank you @al_ice, @camera_obscura, @whizper2me, @anib and @ajventer for the gifts! Also, @Rose_Cohen baked chocolate cupcakes for the occasion! Thanks so much! They were awesome!
Photos of the evening can be found here.
Today Rudi and I are just chilling…as I will be doing for the rest of the week. I’m on leave….yeah baby!
And because I never post pictures of my current baby, here she is:
Catching a sun beam

Catching a sun beam

Not interested in posing for photos

Not interested in posing for photos

My Evil Mother and Grandfather updates

So. Great news! My grandfather’s colon is cancer free. He is so elated by this news that he is even considering another round of chemo instead of the operation on his liver. The chemo will make him very ill, but he feels he will still be able to work when he is having chemo whereas he will be off work for a full month if he has the operation to remove the cancer from his liver. He’ll be seeing a specialist in about a week to discuss his options and take things from there.

I took them out to dinner last night to celebrate his health, their 47 year wedding anniversary, his birthday (which is on the 13th of June) and to thank him for looking after Amber while we were away. We had a nice quiet dinner. It was lovely.

My Evil Mother is up to her old tricks. Her husband let it slip that my aunt could afford to ‘lose her pension’ as she works from home. Just goes to show what they must have been scheming about. My aunt’s pension, which she worked hard for. My Evil Mother is still living with my aunt and uncle, although her husband was kicked out after one too many drunken tantrums at all hours of the morning. She tried to get him back in with promises of money (seeing as how they don’t pay rent or contribute in any way) and some luxury food items. Luckily, for once, my uncle stood firm and kept by his decision. My Evil Mother has been hell to live with ever since. Rudi could not believe the way My Evil Mother spoke to my uncle in his own house. If My Evil Mother is really that desperate to be with her husband, then she should go and stay with him and his mother. My Evil Mother has told us horror stories of how his mother is evil and how she is an alcoholic. I think the actual story is that she is much more demanding about incoming contributions and them pulling their weight than my aunt and uncle are.

My Evil Mother *loves* throwing our religion/beliefs in our faces. She’ll often say things like ‘God doesn’t sleep’ – she seems totally oblivious to the fact that the same applies to her. Sometimes it’s funny, but for people like my grandfather and my uncle who both hold ministries within the church the guilt trip she takes them along for is often effective. Last Wednesday in church she went as far as to keep her communion wafer and to shove it in my uncle’s hand after church saying ‘You need it more than I do’. I cracked up when I heard this. I’m actually quite sure my uncle – who was giving her a lift home from church at the time, the selfish bastard – might have cracked up also. He has a good sense of humour. My grandparents on the other hand, didn’t think it was funny.

It is beyond me that My Evil Mother is still a free woman. The amount of fraud she has committed…and I’m only aware of a portion of it…must be substantial. Her ethics have always come in to question where she was employed. Just recently she went to work for a company. She had been there for less than a week and was given the company credit card to buy coffee, tea and a few other office supplies. She ended up spending R2500.00 and buying clothes and shoes for her husband. WHO DOES THAT?!

Did I ever tell you that she faked her suicide once because I refused to draw R500.00 and ‘lend’ it to her? This was before my eyes opened to her ways and I was in a total panic. I even phoned the police. She came home with a total BS story that didn’t even make sense about how she had parked her car on the side of one of the national roads and put a pipe from the exhaust into the window (nothing blocking the open gaps in the window to prevent ventilation – DUH), she also claimed the pipe and everything were already in the car. Some ‘valiant’ man pulled over, took her to hospital and paid the bill apparently. What a load of bull.


I’m working in another portfolio today. I hate this portfolio. More often than not the feedback I have to give customers is negative and they usually get angry. It’s not a nice way to spend a day. I’m the only one in my team who hasn’t had a turn yet, so by default I have to go over today. Suck!


I already regret coming in to work. I am feeling very nauseous. I think there’s a bug going around. Other colleagues are also complaining about not feeling well. I’m sure the aircon is conducive to spreading this bug too, but bless the aircon. It’s going to be over 40 degrees again today. Pffft. I’m feeling truly horrible and today I’m probably going to have to do the horrible work I don’t like doing. Maybe I’ll throw up on my desk and get sent home. I’m not kidding. I might just.

Amber’s nose wasn’t looking good this morning. It started weeping and Rudi had quite a bit of trouble holding her down to clean it. She doesn’t like being confined. He put some antiseptic cream on it as well, as much as he could get on with her wriggling around.

I forgot to mention that I received a post card from France the other day! My friend from Belgium went there for the weekend not too long ago and he thought to send me a post card. He’s such a sweetheart. I love getting random post from all over the world. I still have to send him the bottle of Amarula I bought for him about 3 months ago. Rudi even aquired special foam containers to protect the bottle on it’s journey overseas. Quite strange since Rudi is a bit jealous of my friend, who I will be calling Brain. He has a pet mouse called Brain. He doesn’t quite understand our relationship. I suppose he just doesn’t like the fact that I speak to another man. It’s all very innocent, I assure you. I would never ever cheat on Rudi. Emotionally or physically. I would never be able to live with myself. I simply love him too much.

Speaking of loving Rudi…

…my microscope is definitely starting to show some ferning! There was a spot of ferning this morning. It’s not yet fully ferning – so it is currently in the transitional phase. Moving on to ovulation. I was quite excited to see the little ferns this morning. Somehow I had convinced myself I wasn’t ovulating. I’m crazy that way.

The obsession has tamed itself of late. I’m no longer VERY upset if I see other pregnant people. It still makes me sad, but I’m no longer as unreasonable about it as I previously was. I don’t necessarily want to hear about other people’s pregnancies yet though. I’m not completely preoccupied with getting pregnant anymore either. Sure I want to be pregnant and I’m using my microscope, but I don’t completely freak out when it’s time for my cycle to start. Somewhere deep inside I’m still dying to be pregnant. On the surface I’ve given up. I don’t know if that makes any sense.


I’m not feeling so well today. I didn’t go in to work. I think I’m coming down with something. I feel all congested at night and nauseous during the day. No…I’m not pregnant. My readers would be amongst the first to know. I got up this morning and prepared breakfast and lunch for Rudi and I, like I do every morning…but I just didn’t feel right. I bit the bullet and phoned Jubba (something I loathe to do, although he has always been reasonable when I’ve been ill) and took a sick day.

It’s very hot today…I’ve already gone and cleaned the kitchen and put things straight and all sorts of things I should rather just leave because I’m not feeling well. Now that everything is done though I’m going to rest. Maybe it’s just all the stress at work lately. There’s been tension in the air at work for the past two weeks. For a change it’s not Jubba that’s driving me crazy. The whole department has been in shambles and trying to bail out one of the portfolios and I think everyone is feeling a little thinly spread. Management doesn’t think we’re performing at our optimum levels and decided to just pile more work on and shuffle us around. It makes complete sense from a business perspective, but we are people and sometimes companies forget about people. I must say The Company isn’t heartless and doesn’t treat us badly and pays us well. I don’t blame The Company…I just think there are some structuring issues and perhaps some strategies need to be put in place to prevent the portfolio in question from falling behind like they have again. It’s not the first time it has happened, but it always seems like it gets left till the last minute and then everyone panics.

So. I’m resting today.

I bought myself a very pretty dress yesterday. It’s officially the only one I own. I own skirts that I rarely wear, but I have no dresses. Just this one. I saw it in a mall close by quite a while ago, but they didn’t have my size. Yesterday I saw it in a different mall, in my size AND on sale. I had to get it. Rarely does a dress catch my eye, but this one did.

So last night I put on my new dress and my heels and I went to church. I felt so feminine and pretty. It’s the perfect dress for special occasions and I received lots of compliments last night.

Check out Amber’s battle scar:

Silly cat.

I just finished watching P.S. I love you. Very good movie. It just brings me back to that place where I remember that I need to appreciate what I have. It’s a beautiful movie and I would recommend you see it if you haven’t yet.

I looked at my microscope long and hard this morning and I just checked it again. I think I’m starting to see signs of ferning. Very slight, but it’s starting to show up. Rudi reckons it still looks the same, but I don’t agree. Maybe tomorrow it will be clearer and he can see.

I might have gotten myself out of fishing on Saturday with Fence and Lindor. It all depends on whether or not their partners are going with. Even if I don’t go fishing, there’s no escaping the braai (BBQ) afterwards. On Sunday apparently we’re going to Franshoek. Rudi’s brother, Derick, wants to do something for their mom and we’ve been invited, but it’s not yet confirmed. I must take my camera if we go. It’s beautiful there. I hope I’m not still feeling ill this weekend.

Amber’s Antics

She looks like a little angel doesn’t she? Well she’s not all the time! Peacefully taking a nap next to us on the couch yesterday evening…but this morning at around 4:30, she was howling like a banshee. I practically had to roll Rudi out of bed to go and break it up. He thought that hissing from bed would help, but the wailing continued and eventually he got up. Amber has a big scratch on her nose. I’m worried the neighbours might complain, but there are a lot of cats in the neighbourhood and hopefully they can’t pin point the noise to Amber.

Last night we went to visit Sarah and Brad in their new place. It’s quite a nice place they have. It’s so strange that they are finally on their own. It almost feels like they are house sitting for someone and that it’s not quite real. They are really happy and we are really happy for them. We took a bottle of champagne to celebrate and had quite a nice evening.

There’s no ferning on my microscope yet, but Rudi observed this morning that the pattern is becoming more dense. He estimates it will fern by the weekend, Monday the latest he says. I must say, even though he was not keen on me purchasing the microscope he has taken quite an interest in monitoring what it is doing. I think it’s the first time since we have actively been trying to conceive again that he has speculated as to when I would be ovulating. Very cool!

Spoilt Amber

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned how spoilt Amber (our cat) is. Mostly by Rudi. He is always referring to her as ‘beautiful’, ‘sexy’ or ‘gorgeous’ and insists on pampering her on a daily basis. We cannot sit or lie down without her being called to join us. At times I get irritated with it, but she’s just a cat. He completely went over the top the other night though. We usually buy Whiskas with meaty nuggets for her, but often find that she leaves the meaty nuggets behind and eats the pellets around them, leading us to believe that she’s not fond of the meaty nuggets (ironically the selling point of the brand). While feeding her Rudi actually sat and seperated the meaty nuggets from the rest of her food! For goodness sake! I thought this was both disgusting and hilarious.

It makes me wonder who is going to spoil our child more – me or him? Right now I think I’ll probably be the more strict parent and he’s going to be the ‘good cop’ all the time. Somehow I’m always the bad guy…

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