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So, weeks in advance of Rudi’s birthday I hatched a plan to surprise him. I ordered him a batch of cupcakes, decorated in his favourite colours. I ordered a dozen and in hindsight should have ordered more since everybody wanted some.
Here they are:
Surprise cupcakes
Last Friday (same day as cupcake surprise) I went out to lunch and my friend told me about a special they had on biltong. I decided to buy Rudi some since he LOVES the stuff as an extra surprise. Totally last minute. Guess what? He was totally underwhelmed by the cupcakes and over the moon over the bloody biltong. MEN! Yes, he doesn’t like sweet stuff like cake or whatever, but I thought he would at least appreciate the gesture. I won’t make that mistake again!
I am still waiting for my test results. I have phoned the doctor’s office yesterday and the receptionist said she will ask the doctor to call me as she thinks my results are there, but he was in theater. So no news as yet. Yes, people say no news is good news and I used to believe that. Doctors did, however, make my grandfather wait 2 weeks for a 3 day test result and the diagnosis was ‘sorry we can’t do anything for you, go home and die’. I assume this is not the case with my results, but it would be nice to have confirmation!