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So…I’m kind of limbo at the moment. There are pressing issues in my life that I am trying to sort out. Personal stuff. Medical stuff, concerning myself. Until I know exactly what I can say, there isn’t really much to say other that they are still investigating to see what is wrong with me. In the interim I am battling with doctors and medical aid and it looks like I will be sitting with quite a bill, despite forking over thousands of rands to the medical aid every month. This makes me so mad. Thanks to a friend I have managed to save *some* costs, but it looks like I’ll be liable for a lot of the account. Bloody doctors. WHY charge 200% of the medical aid rate? Why is the medical aid rate so low that doctors need to charge 200%? Whateverthfuck.  I’ll be going in for an investigative procedure on Tuesday next week. I managed to ask the doctor for discount, despite being terribly afraid to do so (again much cheering on here from friends). He agreed to a 20% discount. Not much, but I guess it is better than nothing.


So…since this is mentally consuming me at the moment there isn’t really anything else to say. I snapped a before GHD/after GHD pic of my hair the other day. Fluff much? Here it is:


It’s a thing of beauty!