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Staff party 2009

Last night Rudi and I attended my staff party. It’s always a big affair. People usually come dressed to the nines. The ladies choose their outfits, have their hair done and always look fabulous. I had my hair done yesterday, painted my nails and as always Sarah, my “stylist” did my make up for me. She always does a smashing job 🙂


The food was quite disappointing this year, but I imagine it must be hard to cater for around 2 000 people. I sipped passion fruit and lemonade all evening. There were no spirits this year due to budget cuts, but the wine, beer and ciders were flowing freely.


Every year they put on a great show. This year we got to see Heinz Winckler and Biance Le Grange of idols fame. Our host was Trevor Noah – definitely the highlight of my evening. I think he is fantastic! I’m just disappointed that I didn’t get any photos of the entertainment. The dancers were fabulous. I was confined to my seat for most of the evening. Like I mentioned before I cannot walk very far anymore, let alone stand or push through a crowd of people to get close to the stage. 


We left at about 23:30. The show was over and since I wasn’t doing any dancing there was not much else to do there. Here are a few of my favourite photos of the evening:




Rudi and I

Leebeesa looking lovely