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Spiritual Experience

Written on: 2008-12-11

I had an experience in church again. It’s truly amazing.

The first time I fell pregnant there was a lot of confusion about whether or not I was pregnant. The urine tests were negative and a doctor had told me I was probably having a phantom pregnancy.

One night before church I asked God for a sign. I said if I heard the word ‘mother’ and ‘baby’ at some point while at church I would know I was pregnant. I didn’t hear it that night, but when I went to choir practice the next night I heard both words. Sure enough we later found out I was in fact pregnant.

Last night I asked God for the same sign. They mentioned the word ‘mother’ often in the service, but never the word ‘baby’. They said ‘child’ and ‘kind’ a lot, but that was not what I had asked for. The word (bible text) for the service was ‘watch and be sober’. I thought that was slightly indicative, but still not what I had asked for. By the time we were going to go for communion I had almost lost hope because the speaking was pretty much done, only prayers were left. After taking communion I prayed and told God that I am putting my trust in him as we heard in the service. Even though I felt like it was hopeless and my sign was not coming, I told him this and believed it. The prayers were finished and still the word ‘baby’ had not been mentioned.

After service the congregation sang. Usually we are asked to sing the first and last verse of the hymn, but our District Elder asked that we sing the first and second verse of the hymn. The hymn was ‘Away in a manger’ and oddly enough the second verse had the word ‘baby’ in it. The whole congregation said the word ‘baby’ simultaneously!

The next morning I felt nauseous while brushing my teeth. I couldn’t help but feel like my prayers had been answered!