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So you’re all dying to know…

…what exactly happened with My Evil Mother.


As we arrived at the restaurant they were waiting outside in the car. We got out and proceeded to go into the restaurant. My Evil Mother came running asking us to wait, then told Rudi that Coke Head wanted to speak to him. I was on the defensive from the moment we got there, so I wasn’t very happy with this, but I let it slide. I wasn’t going to make it seem like I am domineering or anything. (I’m not am I?)


So we toddled along into the restaurant and she made small talk. I filed my nails. Eventually she said she thought she should go see what is happening outside, so I said ‘Nah, don’t worry. Rudi can handle himself’. Yeah. I know. I can be a cocky little bitch. Anyway…her words were barely cold when they came strolling in, nobody looking roughed up. They came to sit and order drinks (well, Rudi did. My Evil Mother and Coke Head ordered water. Subtle.) I needed to go to the loo, being pregnant and all.


Strangely enough I had the weird notion that she would follow me in there and sure enough when I opened the door to the stall I was in, there she was. Blocking the exit. I had already mustered up all my courage, so I pretended not to be phased.


She accusingly asked why Rudi and I were there. I innocently asked why it was a problem. Of course I knew it was a problem because she wanted my grandfather alone. She knows to corner her victims on their own, manipulation and bullying work well that way. Abusers also isolate their victims, you know.


So I spend most of my night in the loo of the restaurant giving her a piece of my mind. She cried, but I remained stone cold. Not moved by her fake tears. PUHLEEZE! Once she realized it wasn’t working she stopped crying. [Yeah. Suck on that!] I told her a number of things I’ve been meaning to say to her. I told her that she’s almost 50 (she’s 46, but almost 50 sounds so much more dramatic) and that it’s time she looks after her damn self. This was answered by tearful ‘I can’t!’. [Why not? Are you retarded?] She seems to think that she is entitled to live with my aunt and uncle and that they have to help her because she’s a blood relative. As far as I’m concerned she’s entitled to jack shit. I told her as much. I told her that we’ve run out of favours and that she’s run out of time. I told her that her living with my aunt and uncle is wrong and an inconvenience (she said it’s not). I told her that it is wrong they my nephew does not have  his own room and has to sleep on the couch or floor so that she can be accomodated. She argued that he liked sleeping in front of the TV. I told her that it shouldn’t matter what he likes, he is a child and that sleeping in front of the TV isn’t good for children and as a mother she should know that! (who is giving mother lectures?! Me?!) I told her that their son is their first priority and that they don’t have the means to provide board and lodging for him and for her.


She said she stole the credit card because the family pressured her. Because my aunt and uncle didn’t have money for food (maybe because some leech has been tapping their resources dry for over a year and a half) and because my grandmother was saying her husband is a loser and needs to provide for her. She cried about having to stay with Coke Head’s mother and said that she’s starting a new job on Monday blah blah blah (like we haven’t heard all this crap a million times). I made it clear to her that nobody in the family trusts her. That she is not welcome with my aunt and uncle and that if she is so unhappy staying with Coke Head’s mother she has much more motivation to get herself out of there (she disagreed, although I don’t know how she justified that).


I confronted her about the threatening SMS she sent to my uncle. She at first tried to deny all knowledge of them, but after me making it 150% clear that I had SEEN the SMS’ she said ‘It’s a SMS. So? Does it mean something?’. Idiot.


The crux of the matter was that she needed the money to pay the man that she had stolen from in order for him to drop the charges. She wanted to ask my grandfather. I told her that she has sucked us all dry already and that nobody could help her anymore. She said “But oupa will make a plan, he has to”. I told her that I had to give him money for gas for their heater so that they could keep warm (this is the truth) and that he certainly didn’t have R800.00 to be throwing around.


So we returned to the table, her husband wanted to leave, being under the impression that I was running the show and that they were wasting their time. The cunning little minx, however, persisted. She then asked my grandfather if he would walk them out as they were leaving. He agreed and that was all the gap she needed. She turned on the water works and my grandfather caved. I was very disappointed that he just went against everything I had said, but I understand that he does not want to be a villain.


He want to be remembered as the one who never turned his back on her. He said he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he hadn’t helped. Apparently she begged him not to tell me that he had given her the money. She should be ashamed. Her behaviour is shameful.


Anyhoo, on to happier things.


Yesterday we had a half day at work and our team went to Moyo. I was feeling quite nauseous the in the morning, but luckily I felt better by the time we went for lunch. Moyo was wonderful. The food and entertainment was awesome. The ladies providing the entertainment were enjoying themselves so much that their vibe rubbed off on everyone. I’m really sorry I only tried the steak at the end of my meal, it was awesome and next time I’m heading straight for the steak! The only complaint I have is that the dessert was covered in bees. Leebeesa, being the brave lass she is, had to dish my dessert for me. I’m terrified of bees!


Here are some photos:


Sanita and I with our faces painted
Sanita and I







Food and my (virgin) cocktail
Food and my (virgin) cocktail





Ok. This post is long enough now. Will update pregnancy news tomorrow.