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So much of being busy…

*phew* work has been such a shit storm it has been very difficult to get time to blog. I haven’t even really been taking lunch because I wouldn’t have been able to finish my work. Hecticness.


My Evil Mother has been causing much drama around me. My grandmother has told me that she sounds like she is not happy at the safehouse. The lady that runs the safehouse called my grandmother requesting money the other day. When my grandmother asked her what My Evil Mother needs the money for she said ‘cigarettes’. Wah. My grandmother told the lady she doesn’t condone it and was then told how My Evil Mother is going through a stressful time and she needs something to calm her nerves. Drink sugar water, bitch


I was very upset yesterday. Leebeesa (who is arranging my baby shower) had spoken to my aunt. Leebeesa mentioned to her that I do not want My Evil Mother present at my baby shower under any circumstances. My aunt then told her that My Evil Mother is in a better place now and I might feel differently about it, etc. This seemed to be leading towards her or my grandmother bringing My Evil Mother with. I am having NONE OF THAT! I called my grandmother and it turns out I didn’t need to impress upon her the importance of this. She was already angry with My Evil Mother. Apparently she had been making threats to report me to the welfare or wherever because I intend keeping her away from her grandchild. My grandmother said ‘She can get really nasty hey’.  Yes she can. She is a malicious woman. What have I been telling them?!


So she is staying true to form. I am seriously considering getting a restraining order against her. I have had it up to HERE with her and her crap. *deep breath*


I have a super busy weekend ahead. We had a tweetup last night where I got to meet two people from Port Elizabeth and to see old friends again. It was a lot of fun! We really enjoyed the format of the restaurant and the entertainment provided. Although, I nearly went into labour when we got the bill. I really didn’t expect it to be that much! I honestly wouldn’t have eaten if I’d known. I could have gotten my hair done and had lunch (with a big slice of cake for dessert) at a coffee shop for that kind of money. Hecticness.


Last night we got home after midnight. I’m sufficiently pooped, but this will be a non-stop weekend. This evening we’re going to visit Sarah and Brad to check out their new place. Tomorrow I am working and after work we have Rudi’s Dart League year end function. Sunday I’m working again and after work on Sunday I will most likely be shopping for an outfit for my staff party which is next weekend and then back to work on Monday.


No rest for the wicked!!!!