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Sleep Training – Nights 4 & 5, Speed Bumps

Friday night was quite an epic fail. The kids had had a birthday party at the day mother that day and Babyice had apparently eaten a lot of ‘kak’ (meaning cake, his own words). He was also coughing quite a bit and I was worried that he might be getting sick. You can’t sleep train when they’re sick and I had already gone through a couple of tough nights and I’m not really up for repeating the process.

I followed the normal procedure and while Babyice was drinking his bottle, messing around quite a bit, he decided it would be a good time to projectile vomit in his bed. He wasn’t coughing when he started vomiting, it just happened. I snatched him out of the bed and put him on the large thick towel I had laid out in preparation for a moment such as this. Shame, the poor baba really brought everything up, I’m sure he reached right into his intestines. Gross, I know.

After all the drama, changing the bedding, bathing Babyice again and drying bedding with the hairdryer, it was time for round two. I gave him another bottle (yes, I was scared he would throw it up too, but couldn’t send him to bed with an empty tummy) and walked out shortly after he had finished it and he went to sleep by himself quite easily.

At about 2:30 he woke up crying. This eventually led to a screaming tantrum. Rudi tried to put him down a number of times and each time the screaming and tantrums would start again. Rudi and I had just had a huge fight, so I thought this punishment was rather apt and let him get on with it. I only just found out that he had gotten into bed with Babyice until he fell asleep. Grrrrr. IDIOT. Anyway, he slept through for the rest of the night until about 06:45.

Saturday night would be a challenge. We had planned a braai with some old friends for the afternoon. For some reason Babyice refused to nap the entire day. I tried putting him down a few times and walking out, but he just got out of bed and fiddled with the door every time, until it was time for us to go. By 15:30 he had still not slept (he usually naps from 10:30/11:00) and someone at the braai needed to go to the shop and I offered to drive so that he might fall asleep in the car. He actually did sleep in the car for around 25 – 30 minutes, but as soon as I took him out to put him down he woke up and it was tickets. He also did not eat lunch (he refused) and had very little to eat for dinner.

Our hosts allowed us to bath Babyice there with their kids and we made him one of their formula bottles. We hadn’t prepared for staying past bath time and for some reason Rudi brought everything except formula back when he went to fetch what we needed. Babyice completely refused the bottle and was throwing tantrums and asked for daddy. I called daddy inside and Babyice fell asleep in his arms within minutes. We put him down on their bed and carried on with the evening.

A few hours later we had eaten, the women were sleeping on the couches and the men continued to drink outside. I think they even made a trip to a pub at some point. The men eventually came inside to eat and as they finished up Babyice started crying (just before midnight). We left him for quite some time. We decided to seize the opportunity to leave since we wouldn’t have to wake him up again should we let him fall asleep again and leave after. I was a bit confused as to whether or not to give him a bottle since he had eaten very poorly during the day and had not had one before bed. He didn’t ask for one and by the time we got home he was fast asleep again. He slept through until this morning around 06:50.

So we hit some speed bumps this weekend, but it’s Sunday evening and we’re back to normal. Babyice’s coughing seems to have subsided (not stopped) and no other signs of illness so far for the rest of the weekend. We assume the throwing up on Friday had to do with all the ‘kak’ he ate at the birthday party.

Here we go again…

P.S. Babyice was on the floor this morning and at our friend’s house when we went in to fetch him. Not sure whether he prefers sleeping there or what.