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Sleep Training – Nights 11, 12 and 13

It looks like weekends are going to be wonky for sleep training, but Babyice needs to get used to that too, so I’m ok with it.


On Friday we went to my aunt’s birthday dinner. Babyice stayed with his grandparents and we only managed to get there around 20:30 (waaaay past his bedtime). He had falled asleep at their house without having a bottle and looked so peaceful. We took him home and he was semi-awake when we got there.  I gave him a bottle and he dozed off on it quite quickly. I can’t remember 100%, but I think he slept pretty well for the rest of the night.


On Saturday Leebeesa babysat for us as we were going to a braai. She has been reading my posts and I gave her a run down of the method in the madness. She let me know that he went to sleep with no hassles. She read to him while he drank his bottle and when he was done he rolled over onto his side, she turned out the light and sat there for a while. He was out like a light. I must mention that he had barely slept during the day at all. If he had a 20 minute nap it was a lot.  We got home around midnight and went to bed. She said she hadn’t heard a peep since he had gone down. At 3:00 he started crying. We left him, but after about 15 minutes we decided to see if there was anything wrong. As soon as you would sit down next to him/pick him up he would go back to sleep. As soon as you leave the room, the crying would start again and he repeatedly got out of bed. Rudi and I battled for an hour. Rudi left the door open after his last visit to the room and Babyice came to stand next to our bed. Rudi lifted him up and put him in our bed. I immediately got up, picked  Babyice up and took him back to his room. He started crying again. I looked around for his ducky and found that it wasn’t in his bed. I noticed that it was lying on the couch, so I grabbed it and put it next to him, covered him and walked out. He cried for a little longer, but stopped after a short while. Resolved! He never asked for his ducky and I really didn’t realize he was dependant on it. Perhaps it is a coincidence that he finally went to sleep after I put ducky with him, but I certainly won’t forget to put him in bed every night from now on! 


Yesterday we went out after church and only got home around 13:40. Babyice had fallen asleep in the car, so we put him down for a nap and I went to nap too. I was exhausted! Rudi let us sleep till 16:15! I was worried that him waking up so late would make bedtime a hassle, so we extended bedtime to 20:00 to make provision for it. Rudi put him to sleep as per our routine with ease (with ducky!). He cried a little at 04:20 and I said a little prayer that he wasn’t going to make me wake up at this hour on a Monday morning. Thankfully he went back to sleep and slept till 05:50 when the movement in the house woke him up.


I think we’ve progressed in leaps and bounds compared to where we were two weeks ago. I will continue to enforce the rules (on both Babyice and Rudi!) and I’m sure we’ll be happy, rested people soon 🙂