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Sleep Training – Night 9

Last night was a great night! Getting Babyice to go to sleep was painless. Rudi wasn’t home since he plays darts on a Wednesday, so I didn’t have to contend with two stubborn men 😉 Babyice drank his bottle and took his dummy, but didn’t want to give the bottle to me. I didn’t mind though, because the bottle was empty and wouldn’t wet the whole bed if it were to lay upside down, but I did worry that it might cause him discomfort during the night. As soon as he let go of it, I took it and he didn’t protest.


Cue peaceful sleep until Rudi got home and woke me up, despite me specifically asking him not to.  At 04:20 I heard a small voice saying ‘Open. Open.’ Babyice had gotten out of bed and was standing behind his door, asking for us to open it. He wasn’t crying. I went to see what was up (with the intention of putting him back in bed), but discovered he had again managed to wee through a Huggies Gold nappy and was wet 🙁 I’m sure if the nappy hadn’t failed him he would have slept longer 🙁


While I was undressing him he started throwing tantrums. I really just wanted to get the wet clothes off and redress him, but he refused. I had already made his bottle when I went to fetch clean clothes, so I let him have the bottle which calmed him down considerably. I was then able to dress him and he stayed awake and did not try to go back to sleep. I even managed to catch a few more winks while he watched Finding Nemo.


He is also getting rather good at accepting the fact that his dummy is only for sleep time. He no longer cries for it or demands it if he sees it lying on the counter. The day mother also enforces the ‘dummy rule’ during the day (she has for a while). He is also now drinking his bottles by himself and not expecting us to hold it for him. Sometimes I catch Rudi holding his bottle while Babyice plays with his ears and drinks and I discourage it.


I’m hoping that things will go smoothly tonight as well. Wish me luck!