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Sleep Training – Night 6

Last night I followed the same process as the previous nights, but I thought I’d try my luck with walking out earlier. He drank his bottle and while he was drinking I read some bible stories to him. He was messing around with his bottle quite a bit (pointing at it, talking to it, etc), so I took stopped reading after I noticed he was just chewing on the teat of the bottle. There was only a small amount of milk left in the bottle, so I offered him his dummy, he willingly handed the bottle to me and I switched the light off. I covered him up with the duvet, said ‘Shhh. Doe doe time, goodnight baba’ and promptly turned around and walked out. He fell asleep on his own with no drama. WOOT! I hope he at least has this part down now. It certainly does save a lot of time and frustration!


Cutie pie
Around 22:00 he woke up crying. I restrained Rudi and told him to leave him. He cried for quite some time, probably around 7 – 10 minutes. Rudi got up and walked into his room. ‘Shhh. Doe doe’ and he went back to sleep. Rudi did not pick him up. He woke up around 00:00 and 02:00 as well, crying, sometimes screaming. We waited it out and both times he soothed himself back to sleep. He woke up again around 05:10 this morning and as it was close to his normal waking time I went to fetch him and brought him back to our bed to drink his bottle (not to go back to sleep!). We discovered that he was wet, he managed to wee through another Huggies Gold nappy! I don’t know how he does it, but our incident rate is lower with the Huggies Gold than the other nappies, so we will continue to use them as a night time nappy.
So, I think we are making progress, especially in the ‘going to sleep’ department. I’m hoping we’ll make headway in the “staying asleep” department. He has a pesky cough at the moment and his chest is starting to sound congested. I know we cannot sleep train him when he is sick, but I think we’ll keep on doing what we’re doing and play it by ear. Hopefully this is just a cough and it will go away soon!