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Sleep Training – Night 3

I went to Pilates last night and when I got home Rudi was sitting with Babyice in his room while he drank his bottle. I still needed to shower and wash my hair and it was already getting late, so I left Rudi to it while I did that.  When I was done Babyice was still not asleep and Rudi also wanted to shower, so I took over. When Rudi had walked out of the room and closed the door earlier Babyice had cried, so he had gone back in while I got dressed.

I sat there for a short while, maybe 10 minutes. I had to tell him to lie down a few times and he would talk to me and I would either ignore him or tell him to ‘Shhh’.  He then stood up for what must have been the third time. I put him down and covered him with his duvet and said ‘Shhh. It’s doe doe time’ and promptly turned around, walked out and closed the door. We heard him stirring a little and he said a few words, but he did not cry and about 10 minutes later when we went to check on him he was fast asleep. We covered him up and walked away.


About 30 minutes later he woke up crying. We left him for a while, but he continued to cry. Rudi went into the room and did not pick him up. He just patted him and comforted him with some ‘Shhh’ until he had calmed down again. He left the room and 30 seconds later the crying started again. Rudi returned and repeated the exercise.


This morning at about 03:00 he started crying again. I waited it out for a while, but he wouldn’t stop. I went to his room and patted him saying ‘Shhh’. He seemed to calm. His head was facing towards the foot of the bed though (where it might be easier for him to fall off since the bumper doesn’t cover the foot of the bed) and he was lying on top of the duvet, so I could not cover him. I turned him around, put his head on his pillow and he cried again. ‘Shhh, doe doe’.  I got up and he turned around, looked at me and started crying again. ‘Shhh. Doe doe’. I then waited, sitting on the foot of the bed until it sounded like he was asleep (deep, rythmic breathing). I got up quietly and left the room. He started crying again, but I did not return. The whole exercise took about 20 minutes. He continued being restless and moaning/crying for a little while, but I left him and did not go back to his room.  He had another restless spell after 4:00, but I did not get up and he settled himself down again. He then slept until we woke him up after 06:00 to leave for work.


I really feel like we are making progress, even though things are not perfect yet. He did not once ask for a bottle or juice. He did not scream or throw tantrums at all. Also, he was completely awake when I walked out of his room when I was putting him to sleep and he went to sleep by himself. I think he is getting the message. I hope he is getting the message.


When he woke up around 03:00, Rudi said I should bring him to bed, but I declined. Just goes to show that he obviously doesn’t get it yet and that I definitely cannot trust him to wake up for Babyice at the moment. Usually I would be irritated and grumpy when Babyice wakes up repeatedly, but while doing this sleep training I don’t mind getting up at all. I think it is because I know that what I am doing is going to make a change and yield invaluable results, instead of being just another time I have to get up.


Babyice is a clever chap. I think this is going to turn out very well 🙂