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Sleep Training – Night 15

Another beautiful night for Babyice! Despite him having a snotty nose and coughing quite a bit, he slept through and didn’t cry or get out of bed. He has in the past been good with sleeping through coughing and is proving no different at the moment 🙂 That’s my boy!


I’m not sure exactly when I’m supposed to stop blogging about this. Someone commented that when you’ve had 5 consecutive nights of sleeping through it is classified as a habit. We’re two in now, but I’m not sure he’ll go for 5, especially now that he may be getting ill. I can only hope and pray!


So perhaps it is time to put the sleep training posts to bed, or would my readers prefer to keep reading until we have reached 5 consecutive nights of sleeping through? It is blog fodder, after all.


I’m taking votes!