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Sick kiddos

I worked last weekend and as is custom, PrincessIce started running temps and getting gooey eyes. This is the 3rd time in a row that she has started getting sick just before I have to work the weekend. On Friday Babyice also started coughing and it was time to play ‘Are the kids sick enough to go to the doctor?’ before the weekend. I went to the pharmacy after work and spent R400 on over the counter medication for them. Babyice seemed OK and PrincessIce’s fever was under control by Saturday morning.


By the time I got home from work on Saturday I could hear that Babyice was quite unwell. His chest sounded terrible and he had started getting a fever too. We nebulized him and medicated him for his fever. PrincessIce’s fever didn’t come back and she was doing OK. Before I left for work on Sunday morning I had a small cry. All I wanted to do was cuddle my sweet boy and make him feel better, instead I had to leave him. When I got home after work  Babyice was ASLEEP! He never ever naps with us on a weekend (although he naps at the day mother in the week). Rudi had given him a suppository at about 12:30 and after that he went to sleep. He slept for almost 4 hours! While I like for him to sleep because I know it is good for him and will help him fight off the bug, it was alarming for me because I realized just how terrible he must be feeling. He had also been refusing to eat so I picked up some ice cream and custard on the way home which he gladly gobbled up after his long nap. All the barking he had been doing must of made his throat really sore.


On Monday after work I took them both to the doctor. Apparently PrincessIce had slept for the majority of the day. I was so proud of Babyice. He told the doctor he isn’t feeling well, got up onto the doctor’s bed all by himself. Let the doctor check him and asked the doctor where the thing is that the ice cream gets put on. He did the whole check up by himself! It is the first time he hasn’t been examined on our laps. My little baby is all grown up 🙁 Both kids have bronchiolitis and PrincessIce has an ear infection on top of that. Both got antibiotics and cortisone to clear their chests. My poor babies 🙁 Another R600 on medication for both of them. Trying to get them to take antibiotics was an uphill battle. Babyice took one spoon and then refused to take the next and wanted to make himself sick. No amount of bribery or threats of hospital would make him take the next spoon. He took another dose into his mouth and promptly spat it out into the toilet where we had positioned him in case of emergency as he had vomited up meds on Saturday.  After about an half an hour of negotiation and tantrums, he took the next spoon. PrincessIce gagged at the first taste of antibiotics and vomited all over herself and me. Luckily it was before bath time and my shower, so it was no big deal. I actually laughed a little. You have to see the funny in these things otherwise you will drive yourself nuts!


I’ve had to ship them off to the day mother, despite them being sick. Neither Rudi or I are in a position to take off work at the moment 🙁 I hate when people send their sick kids to the day mother because that is just a recipe to spread the illness further, but I really don’t have much of a choice 🙁 I have nobody else that can look after them. It is a crappy position to be in.


I understand from Facebook and Twitter that lots of families have sick kiddies (and parents) at the moment. Even Rudi had a stuffy nose this morning. Change of season seems to be hitting everybody hard. Good luck to you all! May everyone get better really soon!



After waking up to PrincessIce with a fever of 39.5° this morning, I decided to stay home with her. Work will have to survive without me. They were at the day mother yesterday.