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To my inner circle of polish buddies it is no secret that I desperately want a crelly polish with glitter floating in it. My understanding of crelly is a creme/jelly polish. Basically, the final product looks like a jelly sandwich, without all the layering. I often salivate over Jindie and Lynnderella polishes. The problem with these polishes is that they are mostly handmade and practically only available in the US. They are also available on Etsy, but the exchange rate is killing me! Ninja Polish sells Jindie polishes, but at double the price the maker does!  Ridiculous! So, the conclusion is that I’ll have to keep mopping the drool up off my keyboard (unless my ship comes in) OR, make my own. Making your own polish might seem simple, but it’s not. You need special ingredients. You can’t just use regular glitter as the colour might come off in the base. Your base also has to be the right consistency to ensure that the glitter doesn’t all sink to the bottom. Then you also need something to tint the base with if you don’t want a clear base. All these ingredients are not as readily available as you would think. I heard Siobhan tried to make a glitter polish with red and black glitter in a clear base, but ended up with silver glitter and a brown polish as all the colour came off the glitter and mixed into the clear polish.


Do I have blog readers in the US who love me lots? It’s almost my birthday. Just saying đŸ˜›


With this in mind, Ordinary Misfit, immediately thought of me when she picked up a bottle of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia. She found it on special at Clicks. The last bottle. Revlon polishes are usually a little expensive for my taste, but at 25 bucks a bottle they are hard to resist. I immediately decided I needed to hunt one down for myself. I popped into my local Clicks and found the polishes on special, no bottle of Facets of Fuchsia. My friend Sanita is regularly my personal shopper. She spends loads of time in the shops and often looks for things for me or even purchases things on my behalf. Just yesterday she picked up a gift for tomorrow’s kiddies party. I’m not a mall crawler, but I have one at my disposal đŸ˜‰ She really enjoys it. I told her about my lust have and she said she’d look around if she could find one. I saw a Revlon Celestial FX while I was looking for the polish and got it for her as she loves stars in polish. It’s lovely when you know what your friends like, makes them easier to shop for. She hunted at different stores and even asked at Clicks. They told her that Facets of Fuchsia had been discontinued and a rep from Revlon had been there earlier that day and had collected all the bottles. Bummed.


The next morning she dropped a bottle of polish on my desk. It had purple glitter in it and she knows I like glitter and purple, so she picked it up for me. The last bottle. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was the polish I wanted! But the name said Scandalous on the lid :\ Misfit and I were talking about it and we compared swatches from the internet:


Facets of Fuchsia - Image Source
Facets of Fuchsia – Image Source
Scandalous - Image Source
Scandalous – Image Source


They look pretty identical to me! I wonder if Revlon didn’t decide to change the name of the polish since there isn’t any trace of Fuchsia (or pink) in this polish? So thanks to a little help from my friends, I found something I had been wanting for a LONG time! I’m so happy. I had to wear it, IMMEDIATELY, even though I have other new polishes I haven’t tried. I also realized yesterday it looks really nice with my wedding ring:


Revlon Scandalous
Revlon Scandalous
Scandalous with my ring
Scandalous with my ring


I did notice a few ‘dead glitters’ in my bottle and when I painted my nails. A few large hexes that are dull and grey as if the colour has come off. I mailed Revlon about it and am waiting for feedback. Misfit said she didn’t come across any in her bottle. I just painted over them when they came out on my nail.


The formula on this polish wasn’t very hard to work with. The first coat looks ghastly as the black is quite transparent, but once you put on the second coat the black is opaque and the glitter payoff is awesome. I didn’t have to blob and spread or fish for big hexes at all. Just two easy coats. It also wasn’t too difficult to clean up my mistakes. I’ve got a feeling it is going to be a bit of a nightmare to remove and that I’ll need to haul the foil out…but it is totally worth it!


What do you think of this polish? If you were to find it would you buy one? I am willing to admit that I probably would of paid full price for this one, I love it THAT much!