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Run in with the security

Sjoe. We had quite an eventful morning.


I was awakened by my need to go to the loo. After I laid myself down again I noticed a bright, flashing orange light coming in through the bedroom door (most likely from the kitchen window). I was a bit bewildered by it, but it stopped so I decided it might have been the neighbours or something. I heard some shuffling outside our front door (which is also the outside of 3 other front doors). Suddenly it sounded like something had fallen and there was a knock. Rudi jumped up and I asked him if someone had just knocked. He went to check and I heard him loudly clap his hands together as if to chase a stray cat away (sometimes other cats come into our house). Then there were lights and I heard voices. Rudi saying ‘that’s bad’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’.


When he came back to bed he relayed to me what had happened. When he had gotten up a spotlight had been shone in his eyes and there were three men standing at the front door. The front door had been opened. Thank God it was the security of our complex. They were concerned as they noticed that our security gate was open. When they came up the stairs to check they saw that our kitchen window was also wide open (this is always so, for Amber to come in and out. Hence the burglar bar). They tried the front door and realized this too was unlocked. The opening of the front door was the sound I had interpreted as something falling, they then knocked.  They had come to check that everything was okay.


We were quite rattled. It was 2 AM. We couldn’t sleep for quite a while after that. We had something to eat and chatted about what had happened. I remembered that I had not locked the gate thinking Rudi was still going to go out to go and buy wood. I had closed the door behind me and the front door had never been locked. We got such a fright! Obviously we’ll be more careful now. It was really stupid of us not to lock up properly and check before going to bed, especially after the warnings we had received.


It’s comforting to know that the security guards at our complex do not just walk around and not really check what is happening. They came three strong and made 100% sure we were okay before leaving. The flashing orange light I had seen must have been them. 


Thanks guys!