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Rings and chocolate

On Saturday morning I cleaned like a demon. I scrubbed the bathroom, vacuumed the entire house, lifted the two carpets, moved the couches and mopped everywhere. My back KILLED me that evening and even more so the next morning. It hurt from top to bottom. MAN I am getting old! By Sunday evening the lounge looked like it could use another vacuum. ARGH! At present there are dirty footprints (little ones) leading from the bathroom to our room, so the floor could use another mop too. It really never ends.


While we were cleaning Babyice was watching TV. I wanted to move the furniture around and mop the floors, so we put him on our bed with a DVD playing  (getting a second TV wasn’t such a crappy idea after all) and continued to busy ourselves with the chores. Next thing we knew he had put himself to sleep! I was flabbergasted and elated. It is the first time in many months that we haven’t had to stick him in the car to put him to sleep. No matter how tired he gets he refuses to sleep on weekends. He sleeps on the day mother’s bed during the week and I wonder if he doesn’t just prefer sleeping on a ‘big bed’ during the day. We were unable to test the theory on Sunday since he fell asleep in the car on our way home from visiting a sick family member. We will definitely try it again this weekend though!


Rudi was on kitchen duty last week and somehow managed to busy himself in the kitchen the entire time I was doing everything else on Saturday. He also hinted at me doing all the ironing, but I fought hard against it since he had skipped his ironing earlier in the week and I had done all the ironing the week before. I had planned to take a nap with Babyice, which is exactly what I did. When I woke up Rudi was standing ironing. I was so pleased with him that I packed all the laundry away 🙂 Major brownie points!


After all the housework was done it was finally time to go and collect my wedding ring. I had my entire ring reset last year to put my grandmother’s diamond from her engagement ring into the centre. Not a month after I got the ring back, one of the stones popped out. This happened on the 6th of September:




And finally, eventually I got my shiny back…good as new!




I was so happy I practically skipped away from the jeweller. I also got the valuation certificate and contacted the insurance to specify the ring this morning. I have already sent everything through to them and it has been added to my policy. WOOT. I’ve always been worried about something happening to it and not being able to replace it. It does have great sentimental value, especially with my grandmother’s diamond in it now, but having NO wedding ring would be terrible.


Yesterday, Valentines. We don’t normally celebrate in a big way, but we made a small effort this year. I asked Rudi what he wanted, he opted for biltong. When asked I told him that I would like some Lindt chocolate balls. I really love those! We also agreed that he would make us a nice dinner and I would prepare a dessert. He made us steak, egg and chips (at my request). I put some melted blue cheese on my steak. YUM. I made us meringue nests with nougat and chocolate sauce. There was supposed to be cream in there too, but I whipped the cream into butter. Total fail. I also won a Valentine’s prize at work, so awesome!


I won!
Present from Rudi <3


All in all it was a nice evening.


I wish it was Thursday, or better yet, Friday!