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Random updates

I know that I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. I just really haven’t been able to blog at work. It’s strange really. It’s not like the volume of work has increased at all, it just seems to be taking me longer to get it done. I suppose it doesn’t help that I’m super tired. It’s difficult to focus or to get through work quickly when you’re exhausted.


My Evil Mother has been quiet of late, for me at least. I’m happy that I haven’t heard from her or about her much. I’ve had too much work pressure to have that added stress. I took a day’s leave tomorrow and I’m really very glad I did. I’m just going to spend my day sleeping, reading and relaxing.


We had some car trouble recently. The car started making a noise, so we took it back to the dealer. Rudi had me on a goose chase saying that they had said the car was overdue for a service. We only bought it around 3 months ago, WTF? I was really to brawl when I walked in there, but it turns out that it wasn’t the case. They made the repair free of charge. They found that the oil level was really low and have asked us to bring the car back in after 500 km so that they can check if there is something wrong.


I can’t lie. I’m getting forking uncomfortable! I really, really can’t walk very far anymore. My pelvis hurts like a mofo when I do. I’m okay when sitting or lying down for now, but the walking thing is killing me.


After work today we went shopping for Christmas gifts. Like I said I stuck to Clicks and got everyone something small. Perhaps I’ll take some time to wrap gifts tomorrow. Christmas is in two weeks and my tree is still bare underneath! Rudi also bought me a hair straightener (the exact one he bought). Don’t worry. It will be wrapped and parked under the tree with the other gifts until Christmas. They didn’t have the more expensive Toni & Guy when we went to look. A colleague has this brand and says it really isn’t bad at all. I just have to find/get some hair serum to protect my hair when using it.


I am super excited about my baby shower. I am also very curious. I’m dying to know who is going to be there, how many people will come and what is in store for me. I simply can’t wait!!! I’m pretty sure Leebeesa will have some very creative punishments in store for me and I’m also quite sure I’m going to suck at guessing gifts if that is what is required of me!


The cutest thing happened today. My tummy was bouncing rythmically…and I started to wonder what on earth is going on in there when I realized that Babyice had hiccups! How cute is that?! Total “Awww” moment! 🙂