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Rainbow Cake from Denise’s Delights

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago I was very excited to learn that I had won a rainbow cake from Caffeine and Fairy Dust‘s blog. The prize was sponsored by Denise’s Delights in Cape Town. For my 30th birthday I had an purple ombre cake with marshmallow icing, but I’ve never had a rainbow cake before. I was very excited. I wasn’t quite sure when would be the best time to use the cake for and my birthday is still 2 months away, so when my cousin’s 18th birthday rolled around I thought it was as good an occasion as any.

After making arrangements with the bakery, we set off to fetch the cake in Sea Point. There had been an accident on the highway and it was closed. I was so glad that we had left early as they close at 13:00 on a Saturday and it took us close to 3 hours to get there! Stupid traffic. We pulled up to the small shop in the city and I went in to collect the cake. There were so many yummy looking things standing around. There were also loads of decorating goodies for sale, so if you’re in the area and an avid baker, it is worth popping in. You can tell that it is a family business. There were two small boys in and out of the kitchen while I was waiting. Such a cool family vibe. The staff were friendly and helpful and sent me off with my cake in a gorgeous white box with pink polka dots. When I sat in the car with the cake on my lap, the smell was heavenly! I could tell it was freshly baked and I just wanted to tuck in. Our family gathering was only scheduled for the next day, so we all just salivated at the thought of digging in.

When we cut the cake, it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Rainbow Cake from Denise's Delights

Rainbow Cake from Denise's Delights

Rainbow Cake from Denise's Delights

Rainbow Cake from Denise's DelightsLook at those beautiful colours! The cake was vanilla covered in butter icing. It was SO YUMMY! Cake can so easily be dry or taste meh, but this was really amazing. The family LOVED it! There is no such thing as a small slice of cake here, even the thinnest slice is still 6 layers of cakey goodness. I couldn’t finish my first slice, my eyes were clearly too big for my stomach. The icing is quite sweet as butter icing goes, so if you don’t have a high tolerance for sweet you might not be able to finish it either 😉 The little balls decorating the cake had a sherbet centre which was a nice surprise.

If you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend giving Denise’s Delights a try!





*I was not asked to blog about this prize or compensated for this review. I just needed to write about this delicious cake!