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Proper scan post

So time for a proper post about our scan. The last one was kind of rushed because I was at my grandfather’s house, scanning the pictures in and posting them as fast as possible so that you all could see. After the post we watched the DVD again…my heart swells with pride!


We literally got a full show when we went. He did everything cute. He pursed his lips, he smacked his lips, he sucked his thumb and he even had hiccoughs! It was all so cute! He is literally bent over in half at the moment. Rudi commented that we have a little gymnast growing inside me! His feet are literally touching his head! I know space is limited in there and that they are generally folded up in all funny positions, but damn it looks uncomfortable!


He is already bigger than he is meant to be. At first the doctor was confused that she was seeing me at just over 20 weeks. Apparently she usually sees her patients at 22 weeks, but once she started scanning she said ‘Oh. Your doctor probably realized your baby is already big enough for a 22 week scan’. Hectic. He is around 23cm long – Baby Centre puts 20 week babies at 16cm! That’s a HUGE difference! He also weighs almost 500 grams.


She said that my due date is starting to look sooner because of the size of the baby. Where I was previously due around 11 February 2010, it’s looking more like 1 February. That’s almost a full two weeks sooner!


I am so overjoyed that our baby is healthy. Everything looks perfect on the scan. She checked the heart chambers and the aorta. She also checked that I was supplying enough blood to Babyice through the placenta. His tummy has fluid in, which means he is swallowing and his bladder also has fluid in meaning his kidneys are functioning. All fantastic news!


I’m so happy that he was cute for us. You hear about parents seeing their baby sucking their thumb or waving on the scan, but I always used to think ‘What are the chances of catching the baby doing that at the same time that you happen to be looking?’. Apparently the chances are good! I’m super stoked! For a little while I after the scan I started to think about how incredible it is going to be holding this baby in my arms. I am sure that my imagination cannot even stretch to the absolute awesomeness of it. I cannot wait!