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Product plugging/unplugging

I had such a disappointing experience with Huggies Gold nappies the other day I thought I should post about what products I find best from using them.

For Babyice’s bottles we use telemant colic drops to help with winds. We’ve been lucky as he wasn’t a colic baby and didn’t have many problems with winds. If he did have any winds that were still stuck after a feed some Gripe Water sorted him right out. For pain and fever we use the Panado syrup for children. He responds pretty well to it and it has broken a fever before. To unclog his nose I use Salex nasal spray/drops. It’s basically salt water (saline solution) so it is natural and safe to use. We also have pediatric Iliadin – I’m a big believer in Iliadin, but haven’t found it necessary to use as yet, except when he went to the ENT specialist, she required him to use it before she shoved a scope in his nose.

Babyice had a rash in his nappy that nothing seemed to help for. It wasn’t exactly by his bum and it seemed red and slightly swollen. I tried Bennett’s Bum Cream (which I use on a daily basis, it’s great), Fissan Paste and Bepanthen (supposedly the best on the market), nothing seemed to help. It actually got worse. Then I remembered I had received a sample of cream with my gift bag in hospital. It comes in a funny little grey container which looks like it would contain cement or grout or something. It’s called Sudocrem. I put that on and within a few HOURS it started getting better. I’ve been applying it for a while now and it’s almost completely gone. We haven’t determined what caused the rash since I’d also tried changing wipes, changing nappy brands and even changing his bath soap. Speaking of bath soap, I like Elizabeth Anne’s soap free baby shampoo. It’s almost like lotion and leaves his skin feeling soft. I’ve tried the Johnson and Johnson Top to Toe, but it really seems to dry his skin out a bit. I’ve also been lucky enough to have tried Annique Baby Rooibos bath soap and it is AWESOME! (thanks to Rubyletters who gifted it to me). It smells divine and leaves his skin feeling fantastic. I actually think I’ll got and get some more of it…depending on how much it costs. The only small inconvenience with it is that it doesn’t come in a squirty bottle, so I might have to buy one of those and keep refilling it 🙂

Now about the nappies…while I was pregnant we bought predominantly Pampers because the general consensus was that they are the best. At some point Rudi bought three jumbo packs of Huggies Gold – the most expensive nappy on the market has to be awesome, right? We didn’t want to use them full time, because it’s not really affordable, but it was nice thinking we had some of the best to use. Well, was I disappointed! In the first pack I opened I found at least 3 defective nappies. On one of them the adhesive strip came right off when you opened it, on another it wasn’t there at all! I loathed using them. I felt like changing his nappy every hour just to get through the pack. We usually leave his nappy on overnight as not to wake him up too much. Yesterday the Huggies nappy leaked everywhere. This had never happened with Pampers before (only when I was putting a bigger size on him and they were still too big). Yesterday afternoon I finally managed to finish the horrid Huggies Gold nappies. I was so happy. I picked up a Pampers nappy and felt like rubbing it against my cheek. They are so much SOFTER. Personally I’d rather have something soft on my baby’s bum than something expensive. So I’ll be returning the other two packs of Huggies Gold and trading them for Pampers – thank you very much.

I’ve also got two Pampers Sleep and Play packs I want to exchange after reading Louisa’s blog post on them. In my opinion Pampers Active Baby are the best nappies to use. I’ve tried Huggies Gold and I’ve tried Huggies Dry Comfort and I don’t see any reason to change from Pampers Active Baby. They are totally worth it.

I did e-mail Huggies by the way. I wrote to them:

Good day

I’ve had a very disappointing experience with Huggies Gold nappies that we purchased while I was pregnant. We bought three jumbo packs as they have come very highly recommended by a few people. I was very excited to try them and opened the first pack just over a week ago.

I have found at least 3 of the nappies in the pack were defective. One of the nappies didn’t have an adhesive strip on the one side, on another one the strip simply came off when opening it up. We have also noticed that the nappies leak gel. I often found gel crystals on my son’s skin when changing him.

I will be exchanging remaining packs for different nappies as I no longer want to use the Huggies Gold. I have discussed the problem with a few friends and have found some of them concur about the quality of the nappies, despite the fact that they are more expensive than the other brands.

I just wanted to let you know about my experience. Perhaps someone can investigate the problem and prevent future parents being disappointed.

Kind Regards


I got a very quick response from them:

Dear acidicice
I am very sorry to hear that you have purchased Huggies with faulty nappies in the pack. Please could I ask you to contact our customer careline on the toll free number 0800 11 57 11 (this number is printed on all our packs) and the consultant will obtain all your details, details off the nappy, so please have a sample with you when you call, and they will arrange to compensate you accordingly. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards

Yeah. If I had wanted to phone the careline clearly printed on the pack, I would have. Since I don’t feel like repeating Louisa’s experience I’m just going to freaking leave it.

So there’s my 2c on baby products 🙂