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Pregnancy is not for sissies

Pffft. This is going to sound like a post where I’m complaining. Please understand that I am super grateful for my baby and that I wouldn’t exchange the opportunity to be his mother for anything, but you got to know these things man.

I remember how I bitched about morning sickness when I was pregnant with Jamie. The morning sickness was easy in this pregnancy in comparison. During my pregnancy with Jamie I also had incredible back ache that started around 4 months. During this pregnancy I have been relatively comfortable until recently. I count myself lucky for that.

There are things that I am glad I am not saddled with. My ankles swell a little, but not nearly as badly as I’ve seen. That is a blessing. I can still wear my wedding ring, which many woman at this stage of pregnancy can’t anymore. My skin is relatively healthy and I haven’t broken out in terrible acne like some women do. Even though I feel very big and heavy, I’m not ridiculously huge. A few people have actually told me that I’m carrying “small”. My baby moves around sufficiently for me not to panic about him still being okay. I also have a healthy baby and have suffered almost no complications throughout this pregnancy and for that I am grateful.

I got a phone call from my gynae’s office yesterday. At my last visit they took blood to check my blood sugar levels. Apparently they were higher than he would like and I need to come in for a glucose tolerance test on Tuesday next week. I’ve had to go for a test like this before. I’m not as freaked out as I was last time it happened (I wasn’t pregnant at the time). Everything turned out fine that time. It could be that I have gestational diabetes [OMF, just read that small article. OMF]. I really hope its not. It is possible that the levels in my blood were affected by what I had eaten that day. Hopefully that is the case. Babyice is a big boy, but my gynae has not been concerned about his size throughout the pregnancy. If he had been abnormally large he would have checked my blood sugar sooner. Babyice is pretty average and I hope that is a good indicator to gauge by.

On Thursday evening we went out to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. I took a nap before we went and woke up feeling nauseous. ┬áThe place we were going to eat was closed so we needed to walk to another restaurant. I just ordered a baked potato since I had no appetite. When we left we had to make the trek back to the car. My pelvis was not co-operating. It probably took me a good 10 minutes to shuffle along the 500m to the entrance where we had parked. I had to stop quite a few times because of sharp stabbing pains. I think Babyice has descended down into my pelvis, causing this. Some babies don’t engage (or descend) until labour, but some do. It hurt so much I wanted to cry.

Luckily this morning after some much needed rest it feels slightly better. I asked Rudi to bring me to work anyway since I’m not sure I’ll be able to drive when it feels as tender as it did yesterday. In a way I am glad because it means my body is preparing for natural birth. That is (to some small extent) mentally preparing me. If my body is preparing, it should be ready.

I just hope I am going to make it through the next two weeks of work. I don’t want to chow into my maternity leave too much. I’m already going off two weeks before my scheduled due date. I just need to hang in there. Please pelvis…be merciful. Just a bit longer….