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Potty Training V 2.0

Potty training has started in our house again. Round 2! I skimmed over some blog posts from 3 years ago when we were potty training Elijah and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me. It was our first time around and it wasn’t the mess necessarily that made me crazy. It was frustrating. I didn’t know what I was doing and it was hard. After a week of potty training at the day mother Gabby didn’t want to be on the potty at home. She would sometimes ask to sit on the big toilet, but she will just tear off toilet paper all the time and throw it in the toilet behind her, no other actions. We put her on the small potty, the typical one you would think to buy and it’s almost like it is too small or uncomfortable for her, so she gets off. We then purchased her a throne. Well, a plastic chair with a removal potty below. She doesn’t seem to like that either. She is regularly using the potty (also a chair type setup) at the day mother, but simply refused at home. I’m fairly used to the day mother getting things right with the kids that I simply can’t, but this is kind of something that needs to be done everywhere.

Cue week 2 at the day mother. Potty training was a little inconsistent at the day mother for that week as the day mother went in for an eye op and it was really just easier to use nappies and potty train off and on as she could while she was recovering. One night Gabby asked to sit on the big toilet again and I put her on the toilet and handed her some toilet paper to play with. After giving her the “last piece” I said to her in an exasperated tone ‘Gabby, you need to PEE in the toilet!’. She complied! I made a huge fuss, clapping, singing and smiles all around. She loved that. Over the weekend I again had success with her on the toilet. Lots of “hooray!” and arms in the air. I noticed that she really loves it when you get to the ‘hip hip hooray’ part after you sing happy birthday, so I thought this would make her happy and it did 🙂 I noticed that Rudi had never been present when she actually had success on the toilet and wondered if that was a coincidence. Turns out it was. He managed to get her to go to the toilet while I was at work. Progress! We still have several accidents a day at home, but the successes are so exciting that it really doesn’t matter 🙂 I spoke to the day mother yesterday and she was really impressed with how fast Gabby is progressing. I’ve also been impressed that Gabby asks to go pee in the evenings even though she has a nappy on!

Just like everything else with Elijah I was in a hurry for him to reach each milestone. I wanted him to do everything fast. I’m not sure why. Perhaps because I was excited for each new phase with him. I’m in no hurry to get Gabby to do anything. She can take her time. She is my last baby and is growing up way too fast. It’s amazing how everything differs the second time around from your perspectives to your practices. I’m also astounded how different my kids are. Yes, I didn’t think they would be exactly the same, but I didn’t expect them to be so vastly different either. For example: Elijah was never really interested in colouring in or drawing – he still isn’t. Gabby, on the other hand, woke me up at 3 AM the other day to “draw”. Luckily their table and chairs are set up in the lounge right by the couch and as it is still warm I grabbed my pillow and snoozed on the couch while she drew. It is really awesome since she already has a good pencil grip, whereas Elijah still needs a bit of help with that. I wonder if Gabby has inherited her mother’s artistic streak? I remember loving to sit down and colour in or draw when I was very young. Rudi also used to enjoy drawing when he was younger, although he hasn’t picked up a pencil and paper for the longest time. At least I still get to express myself through my nail art.

I digress!

I foresee that we will still be potty training for the next 2 – 3 weeks before she really hits her stride, but this time…I’m just going to go with the flow 🙂

Do you have any potty training stories? I would love it if you shared them with me below!