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Plea for help – Corban Rhode

*His name is Corban Rhoda – spelt incorrectly in the title (my mistake!), didn’t want to change it as the link would change and it’s already published.

A colleague of mine urgently requires assistance. My heart goes out to her and her family. Here is the story (in her own words):




On the 25 January 2011 my  three year old son, Corban, was diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss.  I was advised that he would need hearing aids, and that it will cost me R32 000. I have approached the Vodacom Foundation for assistance with funds for hearing aids as my medical aid does not cover the cost thereof. I have made a loan from my employer to pay the tax on the amount granted from the foundation. Since then I have been struggling to get the rest of the money together, due to financial constraints.   I have updated the Vodacom Foundation regarding the situation and asked them if we would be able to use the money donated already by the foundation for the operation.



Currently he is attending the Carl Du Toit centre in Cape Town for the hearing impaired. The Audioholigist has made alternative arrangements regarding the hearing aids. He is currently wearing a loan pair. He is not doing better with the hearing aids and they have suggested that they do a cochlear implant.  He has undergone clinical tests to determine if he would be a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant.



Way forward

They found that he is a suitable candidate for the operation. We would need to raise an amount of R134 750 000. The medical aid will only will be paying R266 000 towards the operation. The entire operation will cost R399 750.00. A motivation from the Cochlear Implant Unit has been sent to the medical aid to request that they pay for both ears this year. The medical aid has approved the request to have the bilateral implants done simultaneously; the operation will take place on the 22 September 2011.


My colleague has been carrying this burden alone for a long time and I was hoping that I could find some way to help her.


I have attached a letter from the doctor detailing his problem and the prognosis. I have also attached a donation form that you can use to donate to this cause. I am hoping that others will help by blogging about it and spreading the word.


Please dig deep to help them! It takes a village!


Corban Rhoda


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Thank you, friends.