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Pinkhairgirl’s Tweetup

On Friday I was feeling well enough to attend Pinkhairgirl‘s Tweetup. She is visiting from Pretoria for a while and it was awesome getting to meet her! I got to meet a lot of new people as well! New people I met (Twitter usernames): GrumH, donald_jackson, MajorProblem, DTragedy and another girl whose username I can’t remember (shamefully). The usual suspects were there too: whizper2me, anib, Anne_Wilson, al_ice (organizer), kambabe, ajventer, blindcripple, shawnjooste, Squid_Squirts, andrevr and Leeza_Brazier. Sjoe, I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone!


We started the evening at Wakame and later on moved to Forries in Newlands. We had a ton of fun, but as I was working the next day we couldn’t stay too late. Rudi reckons Forries is much better than Wakame and we should start the tweetups there in future…I’m sure the sushi fans would have a heart attack! I must say…the Forries pizzas did look a lot more appetizing than the asian food. I’m not into asian food. Italian food is more my thing!


I can’t wait till the next tweetup, it’s always such a lot of fun. I’m quite fond of the regulars. I’m hoping next time it’s a bit closer to home! I’ll have to organize one in the northern suburbs so all the Twitter peeps can see what it is like on this side of the proverbial ‘boerewors curtain’ 🙂


The highlight of the evening? Pinkhairgirl letting me feel her boobs:


Pinkhairgirl being fondled
Pinkhairgirl being fondled


P.S. They are fantastic! I want my own pair!